10 Hardest Pushups In The World

Pushups are one of the most relied upon exercises to build strength in the upper chest region. Though if you have been diligent with your pushup routine for any length of time, you start to notice that the standard pushup loses it’s difficulty. Luckily, we have different ways of doing pushups that make them much harder. The human body is amazing in how it can perform some incredible feats of strength.

Hardest Pushups Ever!

Below you will find ten of the hardest pushups in the the world. Some are based on the normal pushup but using plyometric movements. Others rely upon balance and coordination. And still others will make you cringe in pain because all the pressure is on one or two fingers.

*Bonus Article: I am a huge proponent of compound movements. That’s why I love Pushups so much because they strengthen the entire body. I found a great article that clearly lays out the basics as to age-old argument of Body Part Isolation vs. Complex Movements in Strength Training, I highly recommend checking it out.

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Hardest Pushups In The World: Top 10

10. Walking Jump Pushups

This is a sweet video of two guys doing some of the hardest pushups across the floor. The walking jump pushup incorporates both plyometric and strength.

9. Muy Thai Pushup

The Muy Thai Pushup uses tremendous explosive strength in order to stay in the air long enough to clap your hands behind the back. It almost looks like he is levitating briefly at the peak point. A list showing the hardest pushups wouldn’t be complete with out Muy Thai Pushups.


8. Triple Clap Pushups

Triple Clap Pushups are even more difficult than Muy Thai because you have to stay in the air long enough to clap three times.


7. 2 Fingers Pushup

The 2 Fingers Pushups was made popular by Bruce Lee. It takes tremendous strength in your fingers as well as your pec muscles.


6. 2 Fingers Handstand Pushups

This push is extremely difficult. I cringe every time I watch this video. This guy has to be insane.


5. Superman Pushup

The Superman Pushup is intense. It takes strength not only in the chest but also in your abs and back muscles to lift your body off the ground while your arms are fully extended.


4. Flying Superman Pushups

I love this one. It is crazy to watch this guy do this intense pushup. I am definitely working up toward this one.


3. Planche Pushup

The Planche Pushup takes great strength in the shoulder region to do. You can work your way up this hard pushup by doing the normal pushup but bringing your body up further. This will put more emphasis on your shoulders.


2. 90 Degree Pushups

The 90 Degree Pushup is a gymnastic pushup and is intense. It not only incorporates tremendous strength but also great balance in order to do this.


 1. Aztec Pushup

This is my favorite and super intense. The Aztec Pushup is wickedly cool and really hard. I give this the number one spot not only because of how extreme it is but also because of it’s uniqueness.


Above listed some of the hardest pushups on earth.

I’m trying to create a list of the hardest pushups ever, feel free to list yours’ below.


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  1. Gerbs says

    Very impressive! I have to call the technique on those Muy Thai pushups though – backside way too high.

  2. Afonso says

    I’m 14 and I’m almost able to do every push-up, only ain’t able to do planche and 90 degrees pushup. (At 13 I was able to do 30 push-up with 20% fat, it seems my body capacity comes in the family)

  3. says

    Hey Todd,
    A fine display of some brute and manly “relative strength” with all the varieties of push-ups. Aside from how cool the human body looks doing these kind of exercises, I’m just wondering if you put out any regression exercises leading up to the big ones. Although cool looking, most men would fall short in performing perhaps two regression levels below what you’ve shown in the videos. Just wondering if there are progressions leading up to these exercises?
    Otherwise, a fabulous display of body weight mastery and relative strength. Well done!!
    Spectrum Therapy & Fitness

      • says

        Sorry, by regression I meant an easier version, or exercise variation one should do to prepare for the more difficult one.


  4. António says

    there are missing at least 2, the “one arm tiger bend superman push-up” and the “one arm planche push-up”

  5. says

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  6. Rohit says

    Please advise: I always feel very insecure and scared to do the handstand. Afraid I will fall or something. How to overcome this?
    B.t.w: instead of the handstand pushups I do the pike pushups.

  7. Tom says

    I would have the Kuki pushup on this list instead of the jump walking ones, it’s a combo of the flying superman and behind the back clap.


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