3 Month – Extreme Body Weight Exercise Training Plan

3 Month Body Weight Exercise Training Plan

Why’s it so great anyway?

There are 3 major benefits to this extreme exercise training plan

  1. Intensity– This program delivers results VERY quickly. It will help give you the body of a Navy SEAL- chiseled abs, ripped shoulders and a tight chest.
  2. Variety– Since you are doing only one set per exercise, you will not get bored.
  3. Results– This program utilizes both Angular Training (targeting the muscle from different angles) and compound sets (fatiguing the muscle with no break in between).


Keys to this Training Plan

    1. No rest in between each exercise. You move right to the next exercise as soon as you reach total fatigue with the previous exercise. You don’t stop until you are totally done with the exercise session. You can stop briefly to drink water but that is it!
    2. Make sure to have plenty of fluid handy. You will sweat a ton with this training program.
    3. Keep track of your total reps. You must keep a detailed log of how many reps you do of each exercise. The goal is to break that number each time you exercise. For example: Say you were doing a Dolphin Pushup and you did 20 of them. The next time you do your exercise session you must try your absolute best to break that number without stopping. If you do have to stop because you have reached total fatigue, then take a couple seconds and finish up so you do more than 20. Then move on immediately to the next exercise. A pdf and excel training plan is provided for you before for FREE.
    4. I know many of you are doing this program to get ripped. I highly recommend you read this article by Jason Ferruggia called “1 Key To Fast Muscle Growth“. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did. 😉

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Important Recommendation!

Many people enthusiastically jump into an exercise routine thinking that they will end up looking like Brad Pitt after a few months. Sadly, this just doesn’t happen. I know because this was me for much of my life. I worked out a ton and didn’t get the chiseled looks I was looking for. What you put into your mouth is just as, if not MORE, important for developing a rock-hard body. I learned some important truths about this and I recommend you check out this article I wrote before performing this training plan: 3 Simple Truths to Getting A Rock-Hard Body.  Knowledge is power. Equip yourself with the right tools to getting ripped and it will happen much more quickly.

How do I do it?

The full 3 Month – Extreme Body Weight Exercise Training Plan is outlined below. Follow the guide. Do each exercise only once then immediately move onto the next exercise. Do NOT take any breaks.

Month 1- What was I thinking! Month

This week is intense even though it is your first month. It is geared to give you results quickly so you will stay through the program. Weeks 1-3 will be your active weeks and Week 4 will be an active recovery. This means that you will NOT do any type of weight training or body weight exercises. Use this week to job, play tennis, swim, or any other activity you like to do. This is important! Don’t break this rule. Your exercise sessions will be 3 X Per Week. For example: Mon/Wed/Fri or Tues/Thurs/Sat. Once you are done with Month 1, move on to Month 2.


Exercise Schedule

Week 1

3 X Per Week

Week 2

3 X Per Week

Week 3

3 X Per Week

Week 4

Active Rest Period


Exercise Routine

5 Upper Body Exercises

Barbwire Pushup

Condensed Pushup

Deep Pushup

Diamond Kiss Pushup

Frog Pushup


5 Lower Body Exercises

Hindu Squat

Crazy Lunge

Falling Tower Exercise

Karate Squat

Bear Squat


3 Core Exercises

Dolphin Pushup

V Up Exercise

Side Plank Exercise


2 Misc Exercises

Gracie Drill Exercise

Plank Runs Exercise



Month 2- Crazy Intense Month

Month 2 is Crazy Intense. I hope you enjoyed your active recover month because you will be glad you did it now that this month is starting up again. You will be working out 3 X Per Week just like Month 1 but you will be adding 1 Upper Body Exercise, 1 Lower Body Exercise and 1 Misc Exercise. Follow the below routine. Again, this week you will get an active recovery week.


Exercise Schedule

Week 1

3 X Per Week

Week 2

3 X Per Week

Week 3

3 X Per Week

Week 4

Active Rest Period


6 Upper Body Exercises

Earthquake Pushup

Grand Canyon Pushup

Heart Pushup

Helicopter Exercise

Spider Pushup

Stretch Pushup


6 Lower Body Exercises

Hindu Squat

Crazy Lunge

Bear Squat

Duck Walks

Karate Squat

One Legged Squat (both sides)


3 Core Body Exercises

Mummy Sit up

Imaginary Walking Exercise

Kissing under the Arch Exercise


3 Misc Exercises

Bear Walk Exercise

Full Bridge Exercise

Pyramid Exercise


Month 3- Navy SEAL Hell Month

This is Hell Week for sure. You will be doing the below exercise routine 4 X per week. For example: Mon/Tues, Thurs/Fri. Make sure you get through all the exercises. Remember, you are only 4 weeks away! Weeks 1-3 will again be the training weeks and Week 4 will be your active recovery.


Exercise Schedule

Week 1

4 X Per Week

Week 2

4 X Per Week

Week 3

4 X Per Week

Week 4

Active Rest Period


7 Upper Body Exercises

Bouncy Spring Pushup

Falling Pushup

Helicopter Exercise

Diamond Kiss Pushup

Barbwire Pushup

3 Prong Pushup

Condensed Pushup


7 Lower Body Exercises

Hindu Squat

Sunken Squat

Falling Tower Exercise

Catcher’s Squat

Duck Walks Exercise

Karate Squat

Crazy Lunge


4 Core Exercises

Dolphin Pushup

Frozen V Sit Exercise

Horse Pushup

Side Plank with Leg Lift Exercise


3 Misc Exercises

Wall Walks Exercise

Squat Thrust with Pushup

Spiderman Walk Exercise




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  1. Grant Dumas says

    Where are the pulling exercises like chins and pullups. A completely unbalanced routine. I wouldn’t recommend it.

    • says

      Hi Grant,

      Great comment and I hear what you’re saying. The philosophy of thought that every routine needs to have “pulling” and “pushing” exercises should mostly be applied to weight lifting, not body weight exercises. The point of the philosophy is to maintain balance (like you said) between chest/tris and back/bis. The exercises in the routine such as Barbwire Pushup, Condensed Pushup, Deep Pushup, Diamond Kiss Pushup, and Frog Pushup all work the whole body in it’s entirety. For example, the Barbwire Pushup puts the lats and traps (back muscles) through a great workout, whether on the eccentric or concentric movements. And the Diamond Kiss Pushups and Condensed Pushups work the triceps a ton. Try the routine yourself and let me know if you think it is still unbalanced.

      I appreciate your comment and looking forward to hearing from you.



      • Nate says

        So how many sets/reps do you recommend then? If you wouldn’t mind posting for this routine. I’m in the military and trying to go special forces in a few months and need to be in shape. Thanks

        • says

          Hi Nate, Its only one set all the way through and for reps you need to push until full fatigue. So for some people thats very few. For others its more. Good luck with goal of getting into special forces! That’s awesome!! Here’s an old Navy Seal article that you might enjoy.

      • david says

        Hi todd,great program i just didnt get one thing do i have to do all body routines on same day or one day i do upper body and day after that i do lower boddy? Thanks :)

  2. Roland says

    Hi Todd

    Can I add a 1 day whole bidy weightraing to this programme or stick just to it as it is thanks a lot

    • says

      Hi Roland,

      Depends on your fitness level. The idea of the program is to get progressively more difficult as the weeks/months go on. If you are already super fit than it shouldn’t be a problem. Though you might want to try out the first week or so before you add days.

      Feel free to drop me an email with how things are going: todd@extreme-exercises.com.


  3. Roland says

    Thanks so much Todd
    In fact my fear as follwoing I am 5″11 with 46 shoulders 13 biceps 15 calves and 44 yrs old

    So need to gain an inch or 2 overall and 1 day weightlifting might help but you have more experience than me and if you advice me to stick to your programme as it will allow me to make t hose gains I will happily follow your advice

  4. Dean says

    I’m starting this tonight and i am going to try and get through it. There is a lot of variety so i don’t think i will get bored like others i have tried.

    Wish me luck and i’ll see ya in 3 months.

    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Hi Dean,

      Good luck man. Yes, there is a ton of variety so you definitely won’t get bored. But keep me updated along the way. I am here to help. No need to wait 3 months! :)


  5. Dan Lyons says

    Thanks for the ideas, here! I am ramping up my workouts. I use free weights and machines, 3 days per week. I also do cardio, 3 days per week!
    I’m getting kind of “stuck” or hitting that wall.
    I’m going to try your 3 month plan and see if I can get through! I want to take my workout to the next level!
    Quick question, what do you know about “work down sets?” You do your regular reps and sets. Then, you take weight off, do another set. You keep going this way.

    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Hi Dan,

      Yep, I know them as “drop down sets”. They are extremely effective for tearing muscle tissue and if you haven’t done them before, it will be a great way to get past the plateau you are in. Since the 3 month routine is body weight based, taking “weight off” as in a drop down set won’t work. However, what you could do if you work out in a gym (which I am assuming you are if you have access to machines) is to first do the drop down set with free weights, then go straight into a body weight exercise to top off the set.

      For example, do drop down sets with bench press (or even chest press with the machine) then go straight into push ups when you reach total fatigue. You can repeat this same idea with all your body parts. It’s a great combination.

      Let me know how it goes!


  6. Dan Lyons says

    I will! I’m starting with some of this as I hit the gym tomorrow!
    Thanks, Todd! Thanks for all of your resources. I think, they are just what I need.

  7. Dan Lyons says

    Hey Todd,
    For the 3 month extreme challenge, how many of those exercises are you supposed to do each day and how many days during the week?
    By the way, I did the frog push ups and the inverted push ups with my weights today.
    My arms are still burning and I did this at 5:00 am. Its about 4:30 pm.
    Thanks again, Todd

    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Hi Dan,

      Yeah, the frog push ups are a doozy.They work the shoulders and arms a ton.

      The most important aspect of the training program is intensity. You only do one set per exercise but you immediately move from one exercise to the next with absolutely no rest in between sets. For example, say I did 30 Barbwire Pushups, after I did them I would write down 30 on my sheet then immediately go into Condensed Pushups, do those and then on to the next. That’s where the burn out comes from. Do that all the way through the 19 exercises. If you want to, you can feel free to go through them again but the main point is to get to the point where you can’t do a single rep more. Then the next time you go through the routine, push yourself to get at least one more rep of each exercise.

      In the first month, you’ll be doing the routine 3X/week. There’s a guide on the post.

      Keep me updated on the progress Dan! Glad you’re enjoying it!


  8. S Naqvi says


    I am a bit confused as to how many reps have to be done in each set of each exercise. When I go to each exercises webpage to see how they’re done, most of them say 6-8 reps for muscle growth. Is that how many are supposed to be done? This looks like a great workout otherwise. Thanks.

    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Hi S,

      Great point. Here’s what you want to do.

      Go through the first day’s exercise plan and do as many reps as you can of each exercise. Really push yourself as hard as you can until you reach fatigue. Write down how many you did of each exercise. This will be your baseline. Then the next time you do the workout try to beat your record (without stopping to rest). This way, you’ll always be pushing yourself as hard as you can.

      Let me know if this makes sense.

      And let me know how you progress on the program!


  9. brian says

    I want to know is there a specific food plan I need to follow with this program it looks exciting but I know diet is super important any suggestions before I begin? I have one more week in my current plan n I think I want to try this one next

    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Hi Brian,

      Great question. Yes, diet is super important. First off, what are your goals with the plan? Are you looking to build mass, get toned, etc? Diet is such a tricky thing because so many factors influence what and how we eat. I would be happy to look at your diet if you would like and make recommendations. Write down everything you eat for the next 3-4 days and the times you consume them. Include even small things like a stick of gum. Post it under here and I’ll make recommendations. Many things we regularly consume hinder our muscle building capacity such as processed and high-sugar foods.

      Glad to have you a part of the SOA community Brian!


  10. S Naqvi says

    Uh ohhh……

    Thanks for the reply. But I have only been doing pushups (following the 7 weeks to 100 pushups book) and I get tired after doing the first exercise and by the time I reach the third or fourth I can hardly do 2 reps.

    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Hi S,

      Totally understand. Here are a few options: Try doing the exercises on your knees. This will allow you to do quite a few more reps and continue to build strength. Once you can do 12 or so on your knees, come back up and do them normally. Also, you are welcome to take more rest in between sets. The goal is to stay consistent with the plan. Don’t get frustrated that you can only do 2 reps. That’s a great starting point.


  11. brian says

    I want to get toned and.cut, my diet everyday goes as follows

    Breakfast: 1/2 cup 2% cottage cheese n diced peaches, 1/2 cup of oatmeal, 1 slice whole wheat toast
    Snack: 3oz of tuna(usually about 5 or 6 crackers) 1/2 cup of broccoli, apple
    lunch: 3 oz steak, 3 oz sweet potatoes, 1/2 cup broccoli,
    Snack: 3 oz chicken breast 1/2 cup broccoli
    Dinner: 6 oz chicken or fish 1/2 cup of broccoli

    I usually get super hungry right before bed so I usually might either eat more tuna, eat a half a peanut butter n jelly sandwich, or some cottag
    e cheese

    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Hi Brian,

      Seems like you’re getting enough protein. Are you eating the same vegis everyday or do you have variety? Taking any supplements?

      Also, your carbohydrate intake seems on the low side. Do you typically have enough energy for your workouts? Remember that your muscles break down carbs for energy easier than protein.

      I think for the most part your diet seems pretty good!


  12. Rachel Matthews says

    have you got any before after pictures of this programme? Is this ok to do in conjunction with Insanity workouts? (HIIT training 6 times a week) ?
    as much as i hate to say it, looking to “tone”. loose fat, whiel keeping muscle. reckon it can be done?

    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Hi Rachel,

      Great question. Yes, the program would be fine to do in conjunction with Insanity. My program doesn’t incorporate the cardio and HIIT like Insanity. You may want to use the Body Weight Training program as a cross training regimen.

      And yes, toning/keeping muscle can be done. You’ll really have to focus on your diet. I’m happy to make recommendations.

      The only before/after pictures I have is on this page: http://ashotofadrenaline.net/how-to-get-a-rock-hard-body

      Thanks for comment!


  13. Sanda says

    I am starting this workout today and plan to stick with it for the time period i’ll keep you posted on my progress

    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Hi Sanda, That’s great! Please keep me updated. Sorry for the slow response. Just got back from a trip to Central Asia. Todd

  14. Danny says

    Is there somewhere where I can find an explanation of these exercises because I find that the same exercise often has numerous names but many of the ones you’ve written are unfamiliar. I’m not necessarily looking to do THIS routine as I am trying to incorporate different exercises into my current routine which is satisfactory aside from a monotony of exercises. Thanks

      • Danny says

        Wow thanks! Ya, working in the Peace Corps I get tired of just doing cardio and calisthenics. So I made up a routine of spontaneity involving drawing from a deck of cards. That list’ll keep me busy. Keep up the site. Much appreciated from Rwanda.

        • Todd Kuslikis says

          Hi Danny,

          Thanks so much for the compliments and thank you for your work in the Peace Corps. I’ve have a couple of friends in PC that I met when I was in the Red Cross Disaster Relief for Hurricane Katrina.

          Let me know how I can support you with your workouts.


  15. Jessica says

    Im 23 just had a baby boy 2 months ago via c section having trouble loosing the wieght im gonna start this tommorrow hoping this will do the trick before vacation in september im desperate before baby i was always in top shape i want my body back. will this help me loose 20lbs to get back in shape???

    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Hi Jessica,

      First of all, congratulations on the baby boy! My wife is pregnant for our first.

      The plan will help you strengthen your body which increases metabolism and will help you burn fat. A bigger point (in addition to the plan) is nutrition. How is your diet? If you were to do a 7 day diet log (where you track everything you are eating for 7 straight days and the times that you ate them) I’d be happy to take a look at it and make recommendations. Sometimes simple changes can make a huge effect.


  16. peter says

    one question real quick.. im not quite clear on the exercise for each day. lets say first week . monday. what are the exercise for monday. is it gonna be this five?

    Barbwire Pushup

    Condensed Pushup

    Deep Pushup

    Diamond Kiss Pushup

    Frog Pushup

    or is is gonna be those five plus the other below these.. can you answer me this question please.. thanks

    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Hi Peter,

      Yes, It will be those five plus the five from lower body exercises, 3 from core exercises and 2 miscellaneous ones.

      Good question!


      P.S. Keep me posted on how you’re doing!

      • peter says

        thanks for your answer i was lost on that. im going to start today with those exercises but i wasnt clear and i needed an answer for today. but thanks for your reply and yeah im gonna keep you update it with my result.. “if i have some” lol

          • kate says

            Hi Todd,
            I typically mtn or road bike 2-3 hrs/ day 4 days/wk. Swim 45 mins 2 days/wk. Also do circuit training 2 days/wk. I have also been trying to do your 3 month extreme exercises program along with all that. Well, I think my body kinda told me it’s too much. Immune system shot after being sick a few times. Soooo, question is, what is a good balance? I love doing BW exercises, but also need to keep up the outside fun biking stuff cuz that’s what we do here in the mtns! I’ll probably need to do “double sessions” but what is a good mix? ie. bike and BW on M, W, F , then swim and circuit on T/Th? That 3 month extreme plan is killer. Thanks for any advice.

          • Todd Kuslikis says

            Hi Kate,

            Wow! You are very active! Depends on your goals. If you are looking for great overall fitness. Trying doing just a couple days of BW and stick to your cardio 3-4X per week. If you are looking for more body definition I would increase the strength training: BW – M/W/F and decrease the cardio (like T/Th/Sat or T/Th).

            Glad you like the program. Yes, definitely listen to your body. It is easy to over do it but our body will tell us what it needs. If you start entering into workouts already fatigued and exhausted, you are probably over doing it. 😉

            Hope that helps.


    • Todd Kuslikis says

      That’s great Andre! Yes, no excuses.

      Feel free to fire off any questions or let me know if you need an extra boost. I’ll give you a good kick in the butt! 😉


  17. Ally says

    Great program, very varied! I’m considering starting this next week, i notice it doesnt include pull ups or dips which i am quite partial to! :) Anyway i could throw them in or would you advise against it?


    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Hi Ally,

      No you can DEFINITELY throw them in. Pull Ups and Dips are a great addition to the program. I actually just put a unique way of doing pull ups in the workout 3 of the IBC 700 Workout Plan. Also, put in Hanging Monk which is kind of a unique exercise. 😉

      Thanks for reaching out. Keep me posted on your progress!


      • Ally says

        Thanks for your response! That IBC 700 workout looks like really hard work! :) I decided to switch from weight training to bodyweight training for a while to see what kind of results i can get! Always enjoyed push ups, dips etc and at least if I can’t manage that last rep i wont drop a barbell on myself! :)


        • Todd Kuslikis says

          LOL! :D! Yes, that is certainly one of the many benefits!

          Stay in touch as you go through the program and let me know if you have any questions.


          • Ally says

            I’ve just done the first day even though i’ll start properly on Monday, thought i see what i was letting myself in for! :) And WOW!! My reps were low but man did i feel it! More so than weight training i think!! Training to failure is toooooouuuugh!! 😮


          • Todd Kuslikis says

            That’s right Ally! Great job on pushing through. Training to failure is REALLY tough but you’ll see the fruit of your labor faster. :)


  18. Sean says

    Hey Todd,
    I am 18 years old, 6’1 and about 150lb. I’ve been trying to gain weight for the past couple months with no luck. The hardest thing for me is sticking to the diet and finding a good workout routine. Will this workout honestly work if I stick with it as well as how much protein should I be consuming? Also do body weight exercises work better than weightlifting?

    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Hi Sean,

      Great questions. I am assuming your goals are to gain muscle mass (not necessarily weight) right?

      If so, what exactly does your diet look like now? You may be running into some simple problems that can easily be fixed. One thing a of people forget is to load up on the carbs and protein right after a hard workout. People forget that and then the body breaks down protein from muscle tissue. Nutrition is key.

      If you do a 7 day nutrition log I’ll be happy to look at it for you and see where you might be having problems.

      Also, about 1g of protein per lb of body weight is enough. Possibly a bit more depending on goals.

      Let me know…


      • Sean says

        Yes my goal is to gain muscle mass! I try to eat healthy but I can’t control my dinner sometimes. When I work and don’t get off till late I may sometimes eat a burger or eat grilled chicken. It really all depends but during I usually eat out two times during the weekend.

        My diet is usually the same for breakfast, either Bagels, cereals or eggs with yogurt.
        Lunch- Tuna, fast food, turkey sandwich with chips and fruit
        Snack- Protein shake
        Dinner- Burgers and Grilled Chicken(from work), Cereal, Anything my parents make

  19. Himanshu says

    Hi Todd,

    Thanks for sharing the amazing resources. My situation is similar to Sean’s. I’m 25yo, 5’11” and weigh 130lbs. I’ve been going to the gym for about 3 months now and have experienced a good change. However, with weight training I feel that my effort is restricted to specific muscle groups. I would like to follow a workout that would help me develop overall strength and improve my core. Hence my question, is this workout appropriate for me? If this would cause me to loose weight, I’ll unfortunately not be able to follow it.


    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Hi Himanshu,

      No, this workout will help you build strength but if you are also looking to increase your size you’re going to have to increase your intake of food. How much are you eating? That would be my number one question.

      Thanks for the comment and the kind words.


  20. John says

    Hey Todd,

    What’s your opinion on alternating body parts between exercises for this workout? For example, do one upper body, one lower body, one core, then one misc before returning to your second upper body exercise? I’m no expert, I was simply thinking of maximizing reps for each exercise.

    Thanks for your help,

    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Hi John,

      Definitely worth a try. Though when I designed the plan the intention was on totally fatiguing out each major body part between moving on to the next. That way, you break down the muscle tissue fully. Though with that said. I have created workouts where I alternate body parts frequently and still get an incredible workout.

      Give it a try. Remember that intensity is key. If you are killin it on each set, shouldn’t matter too much. :)


  21. Ryan says

    Todd I am trying to lose belly fat want lose the gut that hangs over and love handles. I am going to start tomorrow. but the hard part is for me eat healthy or be on a proper diet. I am 17, weighting at 160 i haven’t gain weight at all. just want to know what you would suggest.

    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Hi Ryan,

      Yes diet is CRITICAL to losing body fat. No amount of exercise can replace someone’s eating habits. Essentially, to lose body fat you really need to decreases total calories and decrease processed carbohydrates. These are the main contributor of people adding body fat. Get your carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables. Also try to get about 18g of protein with every meal (5 meals a day).

      The sooner and more completely you cut out processed carbs the faster you will see that beautiful six-pack shining through! :)


  22. Rajath says

    hello todd,
    m starting routine from tomorrow…. can u just tell me whether these workout will help build muscle as m a sort of skinny.

    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Hi Rajath,

      It will build muscle but you have to make sure that you go to full fatigue on each set. It’s the tearing of the muscle tissue and subsequent repair that will make your muscles larger. And getting enough protein.

      Keep me posted!


    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Go to absolutely full fatigue… where you are yelling in pain because you can’t do another rep. 😉

    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Sweet potatoes are better. But really you should be focusing on protein after the meal along with simple carbs to help refill glycogen stores. Do a protein shake mix in some honey and raisins.

  23. Rajath says

    thanks todd i just finished that routine by adding chinups and pull ups and it really kicked my ass:-) m doing whole set thrice is it k?????

  24. Rajath says

    n ya i heard that sweet potatos are low in glycemic index where as potatos are high in it…can i take foods with high glycemic index right after workout

    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Hi Rajath,

      I just looked at the product and it seemed fine. Though you really have to contact the company and scrutinize them closely. So many nutritional products don’t even contain what they state. Here in the U.S. it is not regulated and is kind of like the “Wild-Wild West”. Ask them if there are doctors/researchers on staff, what studies have been done on their products, etc.


    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Great question Arjan. This type of soreness is called DOMS or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. It means that you have caused micro tears in the muscle tissue. It happens especially when you begin a new program or have a really intense workout session. Although you will probably not feel it every time, if you are not having any soreness at all over the next 12 hours to 2 days you are probably not putting enough intensity into the exercise. With each exercise you need to push yourself to the absolute maximum. Go to full fatigue. Go to the point where you yell in pain (muscle exertion not injury based).

      Thanks for the comment.

  25. Ali says

    hey todd, good article. I’m started my workout this week and wanted an intense plan, I think I will stick with this one. Couple questions:
    – I feel nausea when i start working out after 30 mints or so, I do eat before I workout and I don’t close my eyes or leave my eyesight loose on the ceiling as I’ve heard this might cause it. Any comments or solutions would be great, if you know of a specific food or drink that might help.

    – Do I really need to drink protein shakes and bars or any of those stuff I see people taking in the gym before working out? I mean how useful are they, I’m a little skeptical?

    – Also, I don’t see any dumbbells involved or heavy equipments in your plan, all of them can be done at home! How different or how effective is that compared to gym equipments plans?

    Thanks a lot man, I really appreciate it.

    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Hi Ali,

      Interesting on the nausea. This could be any number of things. Have you talked to your doctor about it? There are some blood tests they should do to check your levels. That’s good that you eat before hand. You might also want to try eating a protein bar (one with some sugar in it) about 20 minutes into the workout.

      You don’t normally need to take them EXCEPT you should be consuming protein right after your workout as well as carbohydrates (non-processed, whole). When you workout you deplete muscle glycogen levels and tear muscle tissue. You will want to replace these glycogen levels with carbohydrates and start the repair process of muscle with nutritional protein.

      The plan is “body weight” so no equipment is needed. It is extremely effective for developing a lean body. If you want to look like Arnold, then you’ll have to hit the gym and lift heavy. 😉

      Great questions!


      • Ali says

        Thanks for the response, I went ahead and bought this protein, let me know if that’s enough:

        Also, the reason why I would like to follow a gym plan that involves gym equipments is that my wife likes to go to the gym with me and not alone, and she wasn’t happy when she found out that I can do those at home 😐

        In addition, when I use gym equipments (not necessarily lift heavy weight I’m not a big guy, I weigh 150 lbs with relatively medium bones) but dumbbells, Lat Pulldown, Hyperextension, Pec Dec, Leg Press…etc my muscles get really tight in short time and I feel the results as well as it motivates me more to workout at the gym.

        Is it possible to follow your plan using gym equipments? if you’ve, or could recommend, an intense workout plan at the gym I would really appreciate it.

        Thanks again.

        • Todd Kuslikis says

          Hi Ali,

          That protein looks fine though I haven’t done any research on that company to check on the quality of the products.

          I can totally understand that reason for going to the gym. Bonding with your wife at the gym is one thing that my wife and I did before we got pregnant. Now it’s home based workouts which I love even more. :)

          You can certainly do my plan at the gym but you won’t be using the equipment. Here’s a great resources for some good workout routines: http://weightlossandtraining.com/freeworkoutroutines-men.


  26. keith says

    This might be a silly question, but reading and looking at the schedule, it doesnt say how many reps for each exercise. it says do each without rest. Do i do each exercise 1 rep each like a circuit and if so, how many circuits? or do i do each exercise to max rep failure without rest between each exercise? thanks in advance.

    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Hi Keith,

      Great question. You will do each exercise until full fatigue. That means you push yourself until you are totally blasted and then move on to the next exercise. I designed the workout to give you no rest in between sets so you can totally fatigue the muscle group before you move onto the next muscle group.


  27. Anthony says

    hi Todd. This work out looks great and I can’t wait to get started. But I’m wondering, realisitcly, what kind of gains can you expect after 1 month, 2, and when you finish?

    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Hi Anthony,

      Great question. It totally depends on what you mean by gains. Are you looking to build size? Then nutrition is going to be key.

      It also depends on where you are starting. Beginners will typically gain faster than people that have been strength training for awhile.

      Hope that helps answer your question.

  28. Steve says

    Hey Todd, I’m interested in this program but I don’t know if it is what I want, I obviously want the big arms big chest wide shoulders and abs and overall fitness, I workout with bodylastics resistance bands and I was woundering if I could incorporate them somehow in it, another thing im a vegetarian and I want to gain muscle and lose fat but I find it hard to due to my limited protein choices, help!!

    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Hey Steve,

      Great questions. If you want to build size you must provide resistance to your body. You can do that with body weight, resistance bands, or with weight training. The key is to make sure you are fatiguing around the 8 rep mark. Once you get into high reps you won’t be causing hypertrophy but muscular endurance.

      In regards to the vegetarian question: You need to get enough protein to build muscle. About 1gm per lb of body weight. There are people that do a great job of building muscle on a vegan diet but it is more difficult. See: http://www.veganbodybuilding.org/personalities.htm

      You either want to get a good protein powder: Check out Sunwarrior or consume enough nuts and seeds. Make sure to cycle them though so you don’t develop an allergy.

      Hope that helps.


      • Steve says

        Thanks Todd,
        So would you say this program would help me with my goals? Will I get nicely shaped arms a wide chest and shoulders and legs or is there something else that you have that will work. If you say that I should go to 8 reps for muscle growth his can I do that with push ups if I can do more then 8? Also another thing with size I want to make strength, can that happen at the same time?
        About the vegetarian thing, I try to get protein from beans and lentils, I also drink whey protein after workouts, I find that I should eat more carbs then the average guy since I need more calories since I don’t eat meat but I find that with more carbs I gain more weight, but I don’t think it is muscle weight, I get a little thick around my waist.. Please help!!

        • Todd Kuslikis says

          Hi Steve,

          Depends on your starting point. This workout is more of an intermediate plan. The 700 Workout Plan is a bit more advanced.

          To answer your other questions: If you can do more than 8 push ups than it’s best to adapt the angle so you fatigue at 8. Meaning… put your feet on a chair or spread your hands out wider. This will make it more challenging. And yes, size and strength will happen at the same time.

          Your nutrition problem comes from eating too many process carbs. Try to eat really clean carbs like sweet potatos, yams, brown rice, etc. Stay away from noodles, breads, and other things that are processsed. If your great, great, great grandpa couldn’t eat it… you shouldn’t eat it either. Think whole food. This will help with your thickness around the waist.


  29. SJordan says


    Thank you for this information. Starting tonight!

    Seems the video for Condensed Push is missing: hhttp://ashotofadrenaline.net/condensed-pushup/


  30. Ozzy says

    Hey Todd,

    So I’ve been working out for quite a while and have gained some muscle. I was wondering if with this program will I not only gain some muscle but as well lose any fat left to help get “ripped”. Also how much gains could I possibly gain after 1 month or 3 months? I know nutrition is key and I’ve adjusted it to get more protein and everything I need overall. I’m just have trouble losing fat losing my abs. Any suggestions?

    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Hey Ozzy,

      See my answer above to Steve. It will help you with the abs problem. In terms of gaining muscle. It will increase faster for beginners but slower for more advanced people. Follow these muscle building techniques and make sure to keep measuring. If you are stagnating, change up the routine.

      Hope that helps,

  31. Ryan says

    Hey, this workout looks great I’m going to start this week I’m super excited. One question though, I’m doing this workout to get stronger before basketball season starts, and I was wondering if I could add in a small plyometric circuit to this workout to increase my jumping ability? And if so, on what day would I add it (I don’t want to mess up my muscle recovery)? Thanks in advance

    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Great idea Ryan. Yes, definitely! Plyometrics would be a wonderful addition. Incorporate it 2-3 times per week Mon/Wed/Fri or Tues/Thurs. :)

      Good luck!

      • Ryan says

        Thanks for the help! And one more question, for the workout do we do the exercises in the order that you listed them in? Like do all the upper body ones, then finish the lower body, then abs then misc? Or are we supposed to mix them up? Thanks again

        • Todd Kuslikis says

          Hi Ryan,

          You can do either. I outlined it for you to do them in order so you fatigue each body part before moving on to the next but if you want to mix things up a bit shake it baby!


  32. CJ says

    Hi Todd,
    I’m a 17 year old guy, 5’8″ tall weighing roughly 130 lbs. Would you recommend this workout for me, or perhaps delay it until I am older? I am unsure if I have reached my full height, in fact I almost definitely I haven’t, and I don’t know whether or not this will stunt my growth in any way?
    Your advice would be greatly appreciated as I’m quite a skinny guy, I eat pretty healthiy but I think I need to bulk up and get in shape!!

  33. sam says

    Hey Todd I play rugby I don’t know if you’re familiar with the sport but it’s quite physical I have trials at a professional club coming up and I would like to know if this program will give a good boost to my strength and power also I was wondering if this program can help me gain muscle mass I would like to go up by about 5 kilos I don’t know if this will help but I’m 6 feet tall 85 kg (187 pounds) and I’m 17

    • Todd Kuslikis says

      For sure Sam. I am very familiar with Rugby. You are an animal for doing it. I watch it on TV and am always impressed with the athleticism and guts of these dudes. It will boost your strength. In terms of power I would recommend plyometrics or pushing tires in the street. That is good for power.

      You need to eat right and train right in order to gain mass. Check out the articles I linked to.


  34. Jose says

    This looks like an awesome workout. I am 28 yrs 5’7 weighing 240 lbs. I really want to concentrate on losing weight and leaning up. I can build mass later. Can I achieve good weight loss with this routine without cardio or should cardio be done on days I do not do this routine?

    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Hey Jose,

      Yes, cardio is a great tool for increasing cardio vascular health. Find an activity you enjoy and can commit to doing on the off days and stick to it. :)

      Let me know how it goes.


  35. Nikolas says

    Hey Todd,

    Love what you’re doing here, thanks!

    Anyway, I’m 26, living the office life. All my life my posture has been bad (not terrible, just not good enough). I’m wondering how this workout would effect my posture.
    I noticed when I do the plank exercise (regular plank, not side plank), it really helps.
    Should I insert a few sets of the plank on my rest days, or is this workout plan enough?

    P.S. I haven’t exercised in a looooooooong time.


    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Hi Nikolas,

      Well there is no time like the present! :)

      Yes, planks are a great way to strengthen your back and improve your posture and great addition to the program. Also, here’s a great routine for improving your posture at work. Do this twice a day.

      Let me know how it goes!


      • Nikolas says

        Hey Todd!
        Haven’t started this program at the time I asked the question, but hey…better now than never.
        I’m just worried about one thing. My core is weaker compared to the rest of my body (consequence being poor posture) and I want to develop this part more. Sort of, put an emphasis on it by doing more exercises, or changing the sequence by doing the core first.
        What do you suggest I do? I’m very keen on starting this program, but this is my main worry.

        • Todd Kuslikis says

          Hey Nikolas, no need to readjust the workout. Just do your best to get through each exercise in the correct sequence. All of the exercises work your core to some degree so it will get stronger very quickly. :)

  36. John says

    Was planning on starting this workout today. I have a question regarding two of the exercises. The majority are pretty much straightforward with counting reps and going to fatigue. However, I’m curious about the Karate Squat and the Side Plank. In the Karate Squat, are we to alternate sides or go to fatigue on one side then switch and do the opposite? My question regarding the Side Plank is similar… since there are no “reps” to count, do we simply just go for time on each side and record that on our worksheet?
    Thanks for putting all of this together! I can’t wait to get started!

    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Hey John,

      That’s great!

      For the karate squats stay on one side until you totally fatigue, then switch sides. That way you blast each muscle fully.

      And yes, for the side planks just could total number of seconds and try to break that record each time. :)

      You got it!


  37. John says

    Hey Todd!

    Ive read your program and i want to ask you for advice, im 18 years old and im a skinny guy. Im planning to start working out in the gym tomorrow but i honestly dont know what plan or what excersices i should do.. My goal is to gain weight, muscular volume and have a good cardio, as soon as possible! So if you recommend doing your plan for my goals ill do it!

    Thank you!

    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Hey John,

      Glad to connect. If you are looking for plans to help you at the gym I recommend my good buddy Hugo Rivera. Hes extremely knowledgeable.

      If you want to workout in your own home, then my plan will definitely help you achieve your goals. Also, make sure you are getting the right nutrition.

      Hope that helps.


  38. Ivan says

    I’m quite intrested and i like the description of this workout, so I wanna know example for Karate Squat should i do it just with one leg or score bouth legs, and for side plank, how should i messure it (by timing or what, bouth sides or just one), thank you

  39. Jose says

    Hey Todd,

    October 1st I started the 3 mo body weight program. I am eating frequently but smaller meals and lots of fresh fruit. When I cant get a full meal in I supplement with a 30 gram protein powder and some fruit and it holds me pretty good. I do the workout plan mon,wed,fri. First two weeks i was unable to workout on friday due to lots of homework. I was set on working in cardio on my off days to help torch extra fat and calories but will probably start that on the active recovery week. Any ways, I started on october 1st at 243lbs and weighed in at 237 at the start of week 3. 6 lbs in two weeks! So I cant wait to work in the cardio and see how much more I can lose. The program really kicks my ass being so heavy but it seems to be working. I will be shocked if at the end of the first month I hit a total of 12-18 lb weight loss but hope it happens. TY!!!!

    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Jose, This is SUPER inspirational! Way to go!!

      It shows you what true motivation and effort can do. Keep going my friend. I hope you are taking before/during/after pictures!!

  40. max says

    I am 14 and in pretty good shape. I would like to gain at least five pounds of muscle and lose the last bit of fat on my body. And i was wondering if this would be good for that?

    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Hey Max.

      Certainly, though nutrition is really important too. Eat small, frequent meals, LIMIT processed carbs and get about 1gm protein in. Also, 5-6 servings of vegi’s per day too.

      Train hard!


  41. jose says

    Hey Todd its me again, had a quick question. I work in the restaraunt biz and usually dont get home untill between 1030pm and midnight. Thats when i have my last meal, dinner f u would call it. Is that too late to be eating? I have read different opinions on this matter. Thanls

    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Nah, don’t worry about that jose. None of us live in an ideal world. Keep going with your plan of action just make sure you don’t eat processed carbs just before bed. This will spike your blood sugar levels and your body will story it as fat. Eat lean meats and vegis as your last meal. :)


  42. Chris says

    Hi Todd,

    I’m a freestyle BMX rider, would you recomend this “BW workout until failure” for me?
    I want to start this 3 month workout next monday. It will help me prevent injury and I will recover faster and have more strenght right?

    Thank you for your time

    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Hey Chris, Sorry for the slow response. For sure. You definitely need to go to failure in order to build muscle. Don’t worry about getting big and bulky. You need to live really heavy weights to do that. With this workout you’ll gain muscle but still stay lean for your BMX tricks!

  43. Eduardo says

    This all looks quite complex and otherwise promising but will this help me towards building muscle and gaining some sort of mass? That is my overall question. i just want to know if through this alone if i can gain a lot of muscle mass through this routine. i know, however that i would need to eat a certain amount of grams of protein and carbohydrates and what not on a daily basis but would this be worth my 3 months? I’m 6 foot 155 lbs and hoping to finally find a plan that helps me achieve my goals and wont leave me feeling full of questions about whether or not this will end up helping me achieve my goals in the long run. Please answer the most honest and thank you in advance for your cooperation.

  44. Eduardo says

    I forgot to say that I am a track and field athlete that is looking to become a college decathlete in the future. i want to gain muscle but yet sort of be lean

    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Make sure you are eating enough. If you are burning off your calories on the track than you won’t build size. You need to consume more than necessary in order to gain size.

    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Hey David, Yeah, I’m having problems with the download feature. If you subscribe to the program via email (upper right hand box) you’ll get the program in the book.

      Hope that helps. Trying to figure out the code malfunction.


  45. jose says

    Whats up Todd,

    so a few posts up i said i had started this program October 1st weighing 243 and three weeks later weighed in at 237. During active recover week i ran on a treadmill for 45 min 3.days on that week and today i started month 2 of the program weighing 235. 8 lbs in a month, not bad. Just keeping you posted

    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Jose that is AWESOME!!! Way to go man! Keep rolling buddy. Exercise and good diet practice is the only way it happens. Congrats to your success!

  46. Olavo Oisi says

    I’m going to start this in november. Sharing results by the end of the summer here ( about January 31th). Just one question: I’m acctually going to the gym also 3 days a week, and is that a problem to follow ur training also (in between days)? Thanks.

    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Hi Olavo, That’s totally fine. You can definitely incorporate gym training with this plan. Keep me updated.

      • Olavo Oisi says

        Thanks Todd! I’m really glad to find a website like this with an active trainer haha! Ok then, I will keep you updated. Thanks.

  47. Brad says

    Hey, I am going to start this workout today to supplement the weight lifting program I’m doing. I weigh 165 at 5’8″ with 12.5% body fat. I was a swimmer in high school last year but now in college I just workout on my own and was looking for a super intense calisthenics workout because it seems to me weightlifting is hard to make more intense w/o risking injury. So I am curious if this workout will get rid of the excess fat on my body when I’m already following a good diet with 5-6 small healthy meals a day and drinking a gallon of water.
    Thanks for the workout, super excited.

    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Hi Brad,

      If you are already following a good nutrition plan (which it sounds like you are) then yes this workout will help you lose body fat. Nutrition is always first priority when losing body fat and exercise is second. :)

      Good luck!


      • Brad says

        Finished the first workout. The workout destroyed me, I have not felt this sore since the 12 weeks to BUD/S workout. Great workout, definitely going to get my friends to try it! Thank You!

  48. Olavo Oisi says

    Hey Todd! I did my first workout today! All I gotta say is that this thing is crazy haha
    feels like it really works! I just need help with something, how can I train myself to get passed by that ” I can’t beat myself ” phase ( when you know you gotta do more but you can’t just do it)? Thanks!

  49. Ted says

    Hey, jus decided to start working out a little bit and used this 3 months workout schedule. I got 2 questions regarding this:

    1) Should I carry out this workout before or after my breakfast? coz i researched a little bit and it is said that is is better to workout before breakfast as it helps to burn more fat…etc. But i really feel lethargic working out without my breakfast.

    2) With regards to nutrition, what food would you recommend me to consume after workouts?? I do not intend to purchase any forms of protein powder. Is it alright if i just consume food like wholemeal bread, peanut butter, tuna and eggs and stuff like that??


    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Hey Ted,

      1. If can’t get a good workout in because you feel tired without your breakfast… than eat your breakfast. Intensity during a workout is WAY more important than burning a tiny bit more of fat on an empty stomach.

      2. Definitely not the bread. If you are looking to lose fat, bread and other processed, low fiber, low water content carbs are horrible. Eggs, tuna, chicken, nut butters (no sugar added) are all great options and will help to replenish protein levels.

      Here’s a good article that will help. http://ashotofadrenaline.net/what-to-eat-in-order-to-gain-muscle-mass-an-easy-to-follow-guide/


  50. John says

    Can I crosstrain with 2 days of Martial Arts and still
    Also, what if I work up to 50 reps of certain exercises will
    high reps build?

  51. Albert says

    I am 41. I play indoor soccer on Mondays (very high intensity sport) and I practice Martial Arts on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I can also follow this routine and get benefits?

    Thank you.

  52. Ted says

    hey, i have jus completed the 1 month training in this program. the exercises are rather effective in training most parts of my body. however, i feel the lack of biceps training in it. am i doing anything wrong or will the next 2 months of training include exercises that focus more on biceps?

    also, regarding the exercises in the 2nd month, is there an alternative exercise i could do instead of the full bridge exercise and pyramid exercise due to neck problems?


    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Hi Ted,

      Yes, you may certainly add pull ups and chin ups. Both of them are great for developing biceps.

      In regards to alt exercises for neck- Lay on the ground and lift just your head. You will be tucking your chin into your chest. Also, bend your head side to side while laying down. This will help strengthen your neck.

      Glad to connect!


      • Harish says

        I also want to tell about Biceps Pushup exercise.

        Generally, while doing pushups the fingers are facing away from us and there will be gap between every finger. To do biceps pushups, the fingers will be in opposite direction which means we have to change our wrist position so that fingers are facing the body. The thumb position also plays a vital role since the thumb will be at 90 degress which means it is neither facing away from the body nor towards the body. But, the thumb will be in horizontal position.

        This exercise I learned from Jason Klein’s workout. Try to do 25 repetitions and you can feel the pressure on your biceps.

  53. Cas M says

    Hi Todd,

    I want to follow you program and I have downloaded your PDF-file.
    I like the fact that it has many push up en squat variations, but as an unexperienced fitness guy, I don’t know what all these variations meen. Do you have like a manual which describes what I need to do with al the different push up variations?

    Greetings from Holland

  54. Miguel says

    Hi Todd,

    Im 14 and I’ve been active all of my life. Right now I’m doing this every other day and the other days I’m doing your “Hardest 3 Minute Bodyweight Chest Workout”, “Quick & Brutal 5 Minute Body Weight Leg Workout”, and your “The 7 Minute Ab Workout From Hell (Using Ab Exercises You Have Never Seen Before)”.

    I was wondering if you could e-mail me or post the pdf for this 3 month plan as a exel spreadsheet or word document. I tend to loose papers like this pdf after I print them.

    anyway happy holidays

    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Hey Miguel,

      Congrats on being so active! Wow! It sounds like you are kicking on all cylinders!

      If you subscribe to the site (via the email optin box at the top right) you’ll find a lot of the workouts in pdf form.

      Hope that helps!


  55. Raminta says

    Hi Todd!
    I am a woman and I am very interested in starting your program. I have an idea to combine it with high intensity cardio training, cause I also want to loose some pounds. I just wanted to ask you how I should combine it and make a schedule correctly to not overload my muscles? I also would like to know if it’s necessary to use some supplements after your workouts.

    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Hey Raminta,

      Great questions. No need for supplements. Just eat healthy. There are a lot of nutrition articles on the site.

      In terms of HIIT, I would recommend doing 2 days of HIIT that go for no longer than 20-30 minutes each session. That will be a good balance with the 3 month program.

      Thanks for the comment!


  56. Federico says

    Hi Todd,

    Due to a very complicated schedule between work and university, I decided to do bodyweight training at home since I don’t have access to gyms o free weights. I came across this website and this program, and last night I gave it a try. I couldn’t believe how weak I am regarding my upper body, since last month I was working on Bill Starr’s 5×5 with some success (160lbs bench press, 90lbs millitary press). I’m gonna work my way up to finish this routine like a soldier, I’m really excited about what I could achieve by following the plan and being strict about my food intake (been working on that in the last months).

    My question is regarding the program itself: Once the 3 months passed, what should I do? Could it be good to start the workout plan after 1-2 weeks of recovery and try to improve the numbers, or would it be better to move to another plan? Please tell me your opinion.

    Best regards,

    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Hi Fede,

      Great question. Either are good options. I would focus on getting through the 3 months first. Then take a short active recovery week off and hit it hard again.


  57. Aaron says

    Hi todd. Quick question, you say that the optimal rep range to build muscle mass is 8 reps and yet in this program you say you should work to fatigue every excerise but i can do alot more than 8 reps. Should i try really slowing down every excerise or do something different ive been traning for years now at the gym but hit a plateu and was wondering if your excercise techniques would push me past it. Im already quite lean so would this routine be any good for me? Also can any one tell me if theyve had good results/gains off this routine. Btw im lookin to gain muscle mass/size/strength. Thanks

    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Yes, good point. That’s why you need to make sure you fatigue in the right rep range. Adjust your body weight distribution when doing the exercises so that it forces your muscles to work harder.

      Yes, it will help you build size if you fatigue in the right rep range and are getting enough high quality food.

      Thanks for the question!


  58. Gerrard says

    Hey Todd,

    I was just wondering if your 3-month workout plan will help me build muscle mass while shredding fat because that’s my aim at the moment. Or is it just going to get me toned ? I’m a 6-footer so it wouldn’t look nice if I’m skinny toned, if you know what I mean.


    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Hey Gerrard,

      See a comment just above yours. Essentially you need to fatigue within the right rep range. That’s they key.


  59. Aaron says

    Also im thinking of incorporating some of these body weight exercises into my weight training do you think this is a good idea or should? If so do you think its wise to slow down every weighted move to 5 secs down 5 secs up for maximum muscle tear? Sorry for firing loads of questions at you. Hope to here from you soon. Aaron

    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Hey Nick, Its one set and full fatigue with the reps. Each exercise is one set then move on to the next one without rest.

  60. Steve says

    Hey, this workout regimen really looks great and interesting! How many reps and sets should I attempt to perform for each exercise though?

    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Hey Steve, in terms of reps go to full fatigue with each set. In terms of sets you’ll do one set and then move immediately on to the next exercise. Let me know how you like it!

  61. Sam says

    Looks great starting tomorrow but I am going to add some bicep work to it eg.

    Under grasp heaves
    Over grasp heaves
    Wide set heaves
    Hammer grip heaves
    Heave holds
    Rope heaves .. Ect

  62. Jack says

    Great website Todd!
    I am going to begin this routine after the weekend.
    I have one question though; is there any diet guides or plans that you would recommend to go along side with this routine?

  63. Chris Lancaster says

    Hey Todd! I’ve been looking over this workout and it definitely looks intense. I’m about to turn 17 on the 5th and really need to lose weight badly. I’m 5’11 at 230 and by the looks of my body around 25% bodyfat. I can’t really control my diet due to a lack of money in the house and school. I’m just looking to lose fat. Do you think this would still produce results considering I can’t really control rather or not i’m getting protein over carbs and fats? I can eat whole grain cereal in the morning with a low amount of milk, or just dry with a glass of water. Lunch at school is completely different every day, and dinner is out of my control. So I know I can do portion control just not quality. Do you still think this is something to give a try at considering the above? I definitely need to lose weight. For health and well yes for the more shallow reasons as looks.

    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Hey Chris,

      Thanks so much for the comment. I totally understand that it is extremely difficult to control your diet due to other people controling the meals. I am happy to help guide you through the process of losing weight but we definitely need to figure out a way to control your diet. Can you convince your mom to buy extra food for you and bring a bag lunch to school?

      The program will be a great start in terms of fitness but you really need to control your diet and get QUALITY foods in order to lose weight.


    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Hi Gintoki,

      Here’s an example, Push ups until I reach total fatigue (say 30) then the next time I do it I strive to do 31.

  64. Jack says

    Holy Sh*t…That kicked my ass…
    God I was rubbish! Due to the speed of it (no breaks) and the fact it’s one upper body exercise followed by another until all 5 are done, makes it so that exercises I could usually bang out 20 or 30 of have me screaming at 10…
    Hopefully I will get more proficient as time goes on.

    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Hi Juli,
      By all means feel free to do workouts on the other four days. You don’t have too but its certainly a good thing if you do.

    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Hi Juli, My recommendation would be to follow the program as closely as possible. If you wanted to do something on the other days, that’s perfectly ok but the program is designed to be enough for people that are relatively fit.

  65. Some guy says

    Hi Todd.
    Currently I am doing Krav Maga classes 3 times a week which overall could be classified as cardio+ a whole lot of bodyweight training. What I want to do is use the rest of my free days (with Sunday off ofc) to do strength training. Would you still recommend this workout or should I go for one that keeps everything in the 6-8 range of repetitions?

    Thank you.

    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Hi Some guy, 😉

      Its a great program for strength program. Just do it on the days you don’t have Krav since I know that classes can be exhausting. I have done Kenpo for several years and know how difficult this type of training can be.


  66. John says

    Hey Todd I started the 3 month extreme soa program today. The way I understand it you are trying to reach maximum reps on each exercise. So on this program you are pushing for High reps as possible going from one exercise to another with little or no rest.
    This is different from the Overload program rep protocol of 6-8 or 10-12. I have read that high reps is only good for muscle endurance but does not aid in strength or muscle growth because your body adapts. Like to hear your thoughts. What I found was that I did good on first exercise of Barbwire push-ups but next exercises the reps where lower. Just wanted to make sure I was on right track.

    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Hi John,

      That’s exactly right my friend. Overload is more of a muscle growth like a body builder. This routine is still strength building but won’t get you really large. It will help with getting cut (of course you have to follow good nutrition).

      You are on the right track! Keep me posted!


  67. Mario says

    Hey Todd,

    I was wondering, how exactly does the 15 minute chest burnout work? Because If you go to fatigue on each execise, wouldn’t that mean you’ll barely be able to do the rest of the exercises, in the same set itself?


    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Mario, great question. It certainly is a touch routine. The goal is to work different aspects of the chest muscle group. For example, if you were to just do standard push ups over and over again, you are right that you wouldn’t be able to finish much of them. But if you change up to decline push ups and then dips, etc. it totally fatigues the muscles in an intense way.

      Hope that helps!


  68. Dennis says


    You seem to have forgotten the “Plank Runs Excersice” on month 1 for the pdf file.
    Other than that, great workout. Tried it today!


  69. Sterling says

    Thanks! Great workout have been looking a comprehensive bodyweight workout to build strength and lean out. What is the best why to incorporate pullups into this routine? So I do multiple grips per workout or do different grips on different days. I am probably intermediate level.

    Thanks again

    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Hi Sterling,

      Thanks man! I would choose two different styles of pull ups and incorporate them when you are doing the other upper body exercises.

  70. Justin says

    I am very happy with my results after week three of phase two. I lost all my hunting weight/turkey day/Christmas dinner and not to mention I am a cookie monster. Nom Nom Nom! All kidding aside I am very happy I found your website. Although I added pull ups to the routine and I am running on my off days, I managed to get down to 170 from 204 and I am putting on lean mass and back up to 179. Thanks for helping me get back on track.

    Very Respectfully,

    • Todd Kuslikis says

      LOL! I don’t eat them very often any more but I used to devour cookies!

      Great job on the pull ups and HUGE congrats on losing over 30 lbs!! Wow buddy! You rock!


  71. Lewis Correia says

    Hay Todd great workout, I just wanted to ask where are the exercises that will also target my back, as this is the only one that seems to be left out?



    • Todd Kuslikis says

      Hi Lewis,

      You can definitely add them in. It was originally created to be a “travel” routine. I recommend adding pull ups into the mix. :)


  72. says

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  73. says

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    If enzymes are added to it, it can prove to be a welcome alternative to
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    them. Scientists have also found several compounds within avocados which might help prevent cancer.

  74. Anon says

    Hi there,
    I’m a 15 year old skinny teen. How effective can I make this workout, and what kind of results should I expect in the time? Not looking for a six pack, but definition in abs, arms, bigger chest, etc. Is there a better program for the circumstance? And do diet rules change for me? Thanks!

    • says

      Hi Anon,

      You definitely want to make sure that with each exercise you are fatiguing within a low rep range (6-12). If you can do above that with any of the exercises than you will be working muscular endurance instead. For diet info here’s a great article to read that will help you build muscle.

      • Anon says

        Thanks! I have a few questions about the actual workout. So I just run through the exercises one time? So by the end of all the upper body workouts, I should be as exhausted as possible? Also, knowing me, after the first few types of pushups I feel like my arms will give out sooner than my chest will. How can I avoid this or work around it? Going to start tomorrow, hopefully will get results in three months!

        • says

          Hi Anon,

          Great questions. Yes, run through it one time. If you are not fatigued after that time than you can run through it again. That’s ok about your arms giving out before your chest. Over time your arms will get stronger and your chest will begin to fatigue.

      • Anon says

        Oh sorry one more thing. I was curious how the active recovery week worked. Does it just allow the muscles to grow/repair more? And can I still do activities like tennis during the weeks I am still doing the workouts?

  75. Holly says

    Hey! Sooooo I m an overtrained ex-crossfitter….the past 8 months have been horrible for my body (bronchitis four times, sprained ankle, anxiety, weight gain….not much but a little) all signs point to overtraining. Crossfit definitely encourages the perfectionist competitor to kill themselves every day which leads to feeling horrible all the rest of the time!

    I have taken the last month easy to let my body repair itself and have become interested in bodyweight movements and am not sure exactly how to start. I guess fat loss would be my immediate goal. I am strong and athletic naturally but am scared of overdoing my training. Do you think that training to failure as you suggest for these workouts would exacerbate the issues that I have?

    Also do you have any tips for women specifically? I see that most of the comments on here are from the male population but it would be cool to hear what you have to say in regards to women and this type of training.



    • Holly says

      oh also! I had been crossfitting for about a year and a half prior to the issues flaring up. I was pretty good honestly….its hard when you are already athletic going into something like crossfit….you are pushed to try things before you have the strength to really support yourself properly (muscle-ups, kipping pullups, burpees) . Not trying to say i was or am awesome just wanting to let you know i wasnt a beginner to working out or sports going into crossfit

      all the crossfit crazy was awesome and then…it all just hit me like a ton of bricks

    • says

      Hi Holly,

      Welcome to the site! I am actually writing an article now on women and strength training so keep checking back to the site. I do recommend this routine. It starts off slower so it will give your body a chance to recover some more then it ramps up. If you are finding that it is too much than you can always back off a bit.


  76. Mark says

    Hey! I just finished my first run at this workout and was also confused about the amount of reps to be done. I did the 8 rep range and barely broke past 10 minutes. Next session I will be doing to my max! Dying to take another run at it as I have been out of commission for a couple months. Also, I totally suck at the Gracie Drill and seem to have lost all my coordination. Is there a substitute I can do while building my balance back or should I just go slow and learn the foot placement? Overall this seems great but am a little concerned as I would like to build muscle. I am just so used to using free weights and fight myself to try something new, always seeming to run back to the weights though. Guess it’s a comfort zone for me.
    Do you have a routine like this with pullup/chin exercises incorporated?
    All in all, awsome!

  77. Ani says

    Hi Todd,

    Quick question. I recently quit Crossfit after a year of intense training due to lower back injury(rotated hip) and I really want to stay fit but without using free weights (deadlifts caused my lower back injury). Would you recommend your program ?
    Also even after Crossfit where we workout till muscle fatigue, I haven’t been able to loose my belly in over a year!
    Any advice would be great!!

    Thanks for your time!


    • says

      Hi Ani,

      I certainly recommend the program. The 3 month plan is a great plan to help you stay fit with body weight exercises. It will also help strengthen your back. Do you want advice on losing belly fat? Sounds like you already achieved your goal. :)

  78. Mark says

    I have one other question about rep ranges. Say if Im doing barbwire pushups and I exceed the 15-20, how would I make that more challenging? Would it be best to move onto the month 2 workout plan? Or at a minimum, replace certain workouts with month 2?

    • says

      Hi Mark,

      Nah, stick to the plan best you can. You can always make exercises harder. For babrwire try putting your feet on the couch or if you have a weight vest (or back pack with weight) than that will add intensity and help you fatigue in the right rep range. Though don’t take too much time in between sets. The goal is to go from one to the other quickly.

  79. Mark says

    I am just full of questions today. I meant to ask you about cardio. I enjoy running but want to be able to use this as a tool to maintain while I build some muscle. I have a tendency to run too often as it becomes addictive. What would a good amount be for someone who just wants to keep the extra fat off? I was thinking 2 – 3 a week at 2.5km. I found that running 5k, 3 times a week created muscle loss. Can be a difficult balance at times.

    • says

      Hi Mark,

      If you enjoy running then go for it. It is healthy and it sounds like it is fun for you. Running is not a “fat-loss” activity. It actually burns very few calories. Though I definitely recommend it for cardio health. :)

  80. Mark says

    Hey Todd, I took a look at your link and found it very interesting. I am planning to make my own weighted vest. It’s not needed quite yet but will come in very handy as I progress. Until then, for certain exercises I’ll throw some weight in a backpack and strap it on tight. LOL that should help me keep under my rep range.

  81. david says

    “No rest in between each exercise. You move right to the next exercise as soon as you reach total fatigue with the previous exercise. You don’t stop until you are totally done with the exercise session. You can stop briefly to drink water but that is it!”

    Does that mean I should do the 5 upper body exersizes in a row, then rest, then do the 5 lower body exersizes… or that I should do all 15 exersizes in a row without resting in between? I’m kindof confused with the ‘exercise session’ part.

  82. Roger says

    so, after the three months, what am i supposed to do? go back to month 1? im still at the first week but i was just wondering

  83. Ajay Martis says

    Dear Todd,
    I am a 14 year old guy. I am 5 feet and 7 inches tall. I’m looking for a workout routine that would help me build muscle and strength. I want to have bigger arms, legs, and chest. I want to get some of my abs to show (I am not overweight). I was wondering if this workout could help me get to these goals? My other question is that is the rep range until failure?
    Thank you for listening,
    From Ajay

    • says

      Hi Ajay,

      Nice to meet you. Yes, certainly this routine is very good for building strength. If you are just starting out than you can use it for mass gains but if you are more advanced than I would recommend either Bodyweight Overload or Iron Body.

      Yep, the rep range is to failure. :)

  84. Chuck says

    Hi Todd,
    I just wanted to answer your inquiring email. It’s cool that you want to be in touch with your trainees. I finished the 6 WEEK BODYWEIGHT OVERLOAD program a couple of weeks ago. I took a week off and went scuba diving in St Lucia. I did a week of misc. Bodyweight exercises last week while I looked for a new workout routine. As an aside I will be 65 in September. In December of 2009 I was 5’ 10”, 230lbs, obese couch potato taking over $800 of prescription drugs. Now I am down to 178 lbs , 12% BF and prescription drug free.
    Your bodyweight overload program is the best program I have ever purchased. When I stared the program I was not sure I had made the right decision but I kept going. I was so sore I could hardly move. I still can’t do 1 legged squat without a small stool prop but my legs are much stronger than when I started. I think what has impressed me the most about the program is how much more size and strength it has given me. I finally understand what to failure means.
    My goal is to get to less than 10% BF, so that’s why I decided to do the three month program, along with the 7 minute Love handle workout as a finisher. I plan on doing it 5 days per week rather than 3. I started the program yesterday 6/11/13.
    If you have any suggestions feel free to share them.

    Thanks again
    Your SOA family member
    Chuck C

  85. Billy says

    Hi Todd, good to know your website. First, sorry if my english is not good. I still don’t understand about how many reps that i have to take. You said that just do it until reach max fatigue. But for example if i do barbwire pushup until 50 times and then i get tired and can’t continue my workout, how about that? What do you mean about reach max fatigue? Please give example. And also, i don’t understand about step to step to do it. Do i do upper-lower-core-misc and back to upper again, or do the upper until finish then continue to do the lower until finish, do the core until finish, and finish it with misc? Also if i do upper exercise, what step i take? barbwire-condensed-deep-diamond kiss-frog and back again to barbwire, or do and finish the barwire first, then continue the condensed? Hopefully you reply my post. Thank you Todd

    • says

      Hey Billy,

      You definitely want to go to full fatigue. That’s the key. Read the latest article on exactly how to max out on a lower rep range.

      For the second question: do all the upper exercises then switch to lower, etc.

      Hope that helps!


  86. Vivek says

    Can I do cardiovascular exercises such as running and swimming during the none body weight exercise days? Will that affect the training program?

    Alternatively I also have a marathon training program which is also 3 days a week. Can i do body weight exercises on mon/wed/fri and marathon training on tue/thur/sat?

  87. Josh says

    Hi Todd,

    I am very interested in starting your 3 month program and even continuing past 3 months. I work outdoors walking in the woods cruising timber almost each day of the week. So I do get some physical exercise that way. So I usually have a peanut butter/jelly sandwich for lunch and some cheese crackers. As far as dieting, I never have and don’t know where to begin. Do you have some recommendations on a good diet plan, keeping in mind that I have to continuously stay hydrated and keep calories flowing in to replace the ones lost throughout the day all the while doing this workout before or after work, I haven’t decided which time is best either. Thanks Look forward to your response.


    • says

      Hey Josh,

      Great question. What specifically is your goal? If you are looking to decrease body fat than you really need to reduce processed carbs and stick with lean protein, vegis and some limited nuts/seeds. If you are looking to build mass you need to up the Calories and include more sweet potatoes, brown rice, quinoa, etc. as well as nuts and seeds.

      Never consume processed sugar or anything else that’s processed. It will cause inflammation and decrease your gains.

      • Josh says

        Thanks Todd, I will research this and get started on doing that. I want to decrease body fat for sure. Then in the future work on muscle mass. Thanks for your suggestions.

  88. jJustin says

    the program works. Been at 165 pounds since completing this in beginning of May. I ran the tough mudder and completed it with my co-worker at the Philly tough mudder event. Although I am going to admit I had added pull ups into your routine, it woud work well without them as it is as good as any three month program I ever completed in the past. Thanks to your work out, your encouragement, and guidance. Now I am going to be running in the Runners World Half MArathon in Bethlehem, PA in October. As of right now I am rotating several of your workouts into my split training days and love them. Thanks!


    • says

      Hey Justin,

      Wow! Congrats man! Way to go on completing the Tough Mudder and now you have your sites on a half marathon??? I am very impressed! Keep up the great work and thanks so much for the encouragement! I very much appreciate it!

  89. Cristian says

    Ok I’m gonna do the 3 month exercise plan but all I want to to know is how many calories should I be getting in?Im trying to get toned,I weight 172lbs and I’m 5’10(average body).I will try to get in my protein which would be 130-175grams.Also what’s your thought on intermittenting fasting?im also 17.I am super dedicated to this cause I want to have a good body by my friends bday which is Thanksgiving day.Thanks if you do reply :)

  90. Kawrno says

    Hi Todd!

    This is my second day of the first month of your three months’ plan.

    Before I ask you some questions, I want to give few details. I have about 20% body fat, calculated by two/three online body fat percentage calculators. I went to gymnasium for the first time in my life in January this year and quitted in March for I had a problem with my university schedule.

    Now here are my questions.
    1) I learnt all the exercises mentioned here from this website. In those pages the repetition prescribed was 6-12 (almost every exercise) or 20-30 (Hindu squat, bear squat) or 60 sec (plank run). But on this page you wrote that each exercise should be done until the person reach total fatigue with each exercise. Which one should I follow?

    2) What should I care about more – repetition (to me more repetition means more intensity) at any cost, or perfectness at any cost? If I tell you to compare two 100% perfect push ups with ten 20% perfect push-ups, which one you will come up with?

    3) I read about your 3 weeks to 2% body fat loss plan, but decided to stick with this 3 months plan though I have 20 % body fat, as I think HIIT training will help me lose fat faster than steady long term cardiovascular exercise. And doing some math, I got that I need about 27 weeks, which is almost seven months, to lose 18% body fat. Doing 10 sets of 200 rope skipping and 15 burpees for seven months seemed boring to me. So I chose not to follow that plan as I’ve got your 3 months HIIT training plan which is full of variety.

    But I am not sure about my this idea. Am I right? Or should I lose fat first and than start your 3 months plan?

    4) I told you at first that today is my second day. The first day I did all exercises 6 times (and 20, for where applicable). Today I did 10 each of them. The problem was, I needed to take rest several times and during Gracie drill exercise my hands started to tremble, but with mental strength I did it ten times, and then plank run; no need to mention, imperfectly. Is that acceptable? Or will I just injure myself doing exercise like that way?

    Thanks in advance for reading such a large comment and answer the questions with patience!

  91. Najee A says

    Hey Todd I am about to start this 3 month program. Is there any way you can send me a link where I can see what each exercise looks like. Greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

  92. Jack says

    Hey Todd, I am 16. 5″7 and 140lbs. Healthy Diet. would this routine be ideal for shedding fat and building strength and lean muscle (not necessarily size). Thanks!

      • Jack says

        Haha! I eat lean meats, fruits, veggies, nuts, some bread and dairy. no fast or processed foods. one “cheat meal” a week. 1800 calorie diet. you have any suggestions?

  93. Kurtis says

    Hey Todd this program sounds awesome I’m going to start this week!
    But what would you recommend eating, do u have any books on diets?
    And good job on sharing your faith with others :)

  94. Jesse says

    Hi Todd,

    I’m 14, and I’m a wrestler. I was looking for a workout to get in shape for the season, but do you think it would be a bad idea for someone my age to try this, or is age not really an issue with body weight workouts?



    • says

      Hi Jesse,

      I’ve had people even younger than 14 do well with this workout. You may not get a ton of muscle growth because of lower testosterone levels but it will still help you get in really good shape!

  95. Andrew says

    Hi my name is Andrew. I am so thankful to you that you are giving away such a great workout plan. Its the best resource for losing fat and getting six pack abs. But i am more concerned about my outer and lower chest muscles because a bit of so called ‘Man Boobs i have. I do lots of intense exercises like bodyweight circuits but i dont see any results till date. I only achieved muscular endurance by doing these intense workouts. So please help to how to bring my chest into shape without weights?

    • says

      Hi Andrew,

      You got to focus on your diet. Cut WAY back on carbs except for right after your workout. You can exercise til the cows come home but if you have higher body fat percentage than you’ll not be able to see the muscle definition. Let me know if you need help with specifics.

      • Andrew says

        Hi Todd! . Good to hear from your end. I have started cutting carbs intake. My height is 5ft 9 inches weighing 70 kgs. my diet is like i wake up 9 am and have 2 boiled eggs,a glass of milk and 1 banana. After that at 1 pm i have two raw eggs , then at 3pm i have 2 wheat flour rotis and gravey of any kind like of chicken or vegetables. Then at 5 i again have 1 roti and grevy. At 7pm in the evening i eat 1 raw egg and wait for it to get digested. Around 8:30 or so i have 1 banana but only in workout days before starting for getting energy during intense workouts. Just after the workout i have 3 eggs or so for muscle repair. Last meal i take is at 10:30 . It consists of rice major.

  96. jon says

    Hi Todd,

    thank you for making this program, I am excited to try this workout routine!! I just have one question, would I do the 5 upper body exercises 3x in that one week or would I do it on Mon then do 5 lower body exercises on tues, etc??.

      • Ike says

        Hi Todd,

        Just stumbled upon your site by goggling “ripped in 4 months bodyweight only”. Noticed you posted this training plan 2 years ago and to date you are still replying to comments which most fitness enthusiast wouldn’t do. Shows how dedicated you are and I can tell from reading your other replies how humble and passionate you are about fitness. Planning to give this routine a shot tomorrow. Just want to give you props for you dedication and humility. Cheers!

  97. Bill says

    Hi Todd,

    I have elbows which tend to get sore lifting weights. Myofacial release helps but it is an ongoing process. I have read that bodyweight training will not only put less stress on my elbows but will actually provide some healing. Any comments?

    Also, is there any advantage / disadvantage to do one upper body exercise then lower body, then core and cycle through that way or does that defeat part of the purpose?

    I have had the program for a few months but planning to start it soon. Looks very good so far!

    God Bless!


    • says

      Hi Bill,

      Yes, that would defeat the purpose. You have to overwhelm the muscle by doing multiple sets in a row and cause tearing. That’s the key.

      Bodyweight exercises won’t necessarily heal your joins but they will be less likely to injure them. I recommend using cold therapy like its your best friend, along with oscillation (back and forth no-weight movement).


  98. sidhanth says

    Hey Todd is it like I do max
    Reps per exercise and just go through 1 round even if reps varies from 5 to 10 will it b effective and Todd can u please provide a diet or tell me how to.make one please I really wanna transform

  99. sidhanth says

    Todd please make it quick I have become too overweight m starting ur plan from today and urgently need to loose fat please give a diet

  100. sidhanth says

    So its like a series we keep doing d 15 exercises reps up to failure for 1 circuit and beat it each time we do and Todd I mailed u my diet

  101. Ginny says

    Hi Todd. I am going to try the workout starting today. I plan on doing some hill sprints, speed skating, cycling on off days (T TH). Is that too much on top of the 3 month workout?
    Also, do the biceps, forearms, and any pull muscle groups get worked in this routine?


    • says

      Hi Ginny,

      Great idea to add additional workouts on off days. I don’t think its too much.

      The bis, forearms, etc. do get worked out but as support muscles. Its totally ok if you want to add pull ups and chin ups.

  102. Merious says

    Hi Todd.

    I’m in the month three now. But I don’t get the fun like the early two months. Every time I am on the 10th or 11th exercise, I get the feel that I should quit!

    What should I do?

  103. kevin linne says

    i think i understand, but is it that you do as many reps as you can for each exercise, only once per exercise? like you don’t do the same exercise more than once per session?

  104. Jacob says

    When going through the exercises do I do them in the order of which they are shown?
    First all upper body then lower body and so on? Or is it okay to switch between them?

      • Jacob says

        Dammit, well I have been switching between upper and lower now simply to be able to do them 😛
        Should I start over then? Like take the last excersice day for week 2 and then simply start over?

        And then a few questions more:

        Is it a mistake that Diamond Kiss Pushup is in month 1 and then Heart Pushup is in month 2? Because under the video description you write:
        Heart pushup is a great exercise for strengthening the triceps and is the precursor for doing the diamond pushup.

        What would you recommend doing after this program, I am just getting ahead of myself with this question because I have thought about it.

        And lastly thanks for this great program and this great website! You rock 😀

  105. Anand says

    Hi Todd,

    Was just going thru your site. Im 33 and I used to work out about 10 years ago during college. Left exercises after and grew a generous flab round the middle which Im desperately trying to get rid of (sedentary job). Dont really have time for gym. I have zero cardio health and would probably pass out on the treadmill if I try any harder. I can get my heart rate to 145 for about 15 seconds max – its that bad!

    What do you suggest ?



  106. Vasilis says

    Hi Todd,

    I really like your 3 month programm and i am thinking of starting it.
    i have two questions, if i can mix up the exercises; meaning if i pair one upper body and then one lower body exercise, which will be followed by another one upper body and a lower body exercise?
    also if i can change the sequence of the exercises? so instead of starting every time with barbwire pushups to start one time with barbwire the next with bear etc.?

    keep on the good work !

  107. Sean says

    Thanks so much for this man. I plan to start this workout today to get ready for my track season. If you could email me about a specifically tailored workout i can do with bo weights to get better as a 400 runner id greatly appreciate it. If not i understand but the email is jaseanfiggs@gmail.com

  108. sapan says

    starting this type of workout first time in life… out of 15 mentioned exercises, is it 5 exercises a day for 3 days a week or all 15 in a day ? please suggest

  109. Ari says

    Hey Todd,
    I’m currently training with weights at the gym for the Shayetet 13 in Israel…I decided that I want to start getting into swimming and bodyweight training, so I came by your website and your workouts. Anyways, if I stop with weight training and go straight to your program will i lose muscle? Also, will my physique change in a positive way?

    Thanks man!

      • Ari says

        The reason is because in the army they make you develop more of a swimmer’s body rather than a bodybuilder’s body… Which includes doing many hundred pushups.
        So i decided to run for 50 min with sprints 3 times a week, and swim twice a week, and this but with dips and pullups more for arms..

  110. Ric says

    Hi Mark, I will be starting this program today. Currently 17 and hoping to gain some muscle mass. I started lifting last year and my biceps have gotten a small increase in size. I was wondering if this program would be the ideal program for me, and if so what program would I continue with after I finished this ? I have an endomorph body type.

  111. Ric says

    Sorry about my previous comment, I made a mistake with the names.

    Hi Todd, I will be starting this program today. Currently 17 and hoping to gain some muscle mass. I started lifting last year and my biceps have gotten a small increase in size. I was wondering if this program would be the ideal program for me, and if so what program would I continue with after I finished this ? I have an endomorph body type.

    • says

      Hi Ric,

      No problem on the name confusion. I think you’ll enjoy the program greatly. Also, I have a 2nd 3 month program that you can do after you’re done. Just check the workout page at the top.

  112. Joe says

    Hi Todd

    Was going through the workout to put it altogether and i’ve noticed there is some exercises missing…..? As I aint heard of many of them without a video tutorial can not do them.

  113. Anders says

    Hej Todd

    I have decided to try out your program. I thought i might head start and take 2-3 times, hvere im learning the exercises from Youtube. I am a tall skinny 18 year old guy, who have decided to get curves on my body 😉 My goal is not to get that super body builder look, but just to have a nice firm athletic muscled body, that i can be proud of. But i tried the excerises, and some of them i can barely complete (might have been because i trained two days ago for first time in like half a year or so, and my muscles are still sore), that being i am as far from being flexible as it can get. Next to i could barely breathe towards the end. My question is, should i get a base strength, get flexible, and have a base condition before starting the program ?

  114. Yck Vigie says

    HI Todd,

    I follow this programm from now on 1 month , so i am in the last days of my active rest week now. I noticed that i gained muscle mass ( and of course a lil’ bit of fat ) during this period. My question are , is this “normal” ? I mean is this the point of the active rest week ? And , how do you recommand me to eat during my second month to gain muscle mass but without ( or with the less possible ) fat ?

    Otherwise, i really wqnt to thank you for your programms , it’s been a longtime i searched 100% bodywheight programm and yours is kind of perfect, it work for me a little bit like HIIT because the heart rate is very high. I’m French( so sorry for my bad english ) and here in my college , i convinced a lot of guy to do this programm , just to say you have a international impact haha :)

  115. Haydn Jones says

    I am very excited to start this workout but I had one question; for week one it says for upper body exercises:

    Exercise Routine
    5 Upper Body Exercises
    Barbwire Pushup
    Condensed Pushup
    Deep Pushup
    Diamond Kiss Pushup
    Frog Pushup

    Am I supposed to do each of these exercises each time I do the routine or am I supposed to choose just one or two? Thanks in advance!

  116. Mateo says

    Hey, I found your website looking for new bodyweight excercises and I stumbled into this. I had been running for a month before, and doing pushups and some other excercises but this looks really good, so I’m going to be trying it.

    I guess I should say that I am a hardgainer, so I’m really trying to eat a lot more, especially carbs to withstand the running and proteins for muscle buildup. I try to keep the fats in check, a bit of olive oil and stuff like that. Tons of fruits lately and milkshakes, lean meat and eggs. I think I’m doing alright, building mass is my main goal.

    Thank you, I’ll keep you updated if you can make a couple of recommendations. Cheers!

      • Mateo says

        Thanks for replying, Todd. I kept at it, I’m about to start month two. I had some trouble with an excercise I couldn’t really do correctly, the Gracie Drills, but I generally did all the excercises, though I had to rest more than the routine says.

        I have found that diet is pretty much one of the main things, I had grown a bit throughout the month but then had a few days when i didnt eat like the others and lost it again, but I’m gaining again I think.

        The excercises are extremely intense, and considering we’re in summer over here, I sweat a lot during them. I think I did gain a bit more mass, but being a hard gainer, it’s not all that much. I hope that by combining this rutine with a good diet I’ll be able to meet my goals, I’m 1,70 m. tall and weigh about 57, I’m trying to get it up to 60 first and then hopefully to 68, or so. Cheers, thanks a bunch!

        • says

          Thanks for the update Mateo! Yeah, diet is definitely one of the hardest things to get down. You have to over eat on healthy foods in order to gain mass. Make sure you’re getting enough protein and healthy fats in.

  117. Bijan says

    I want to start this program soon but am worried it is unbalanced because of the lack of pull ups/dips. What is the best way to incorporate them (the different grips, etc.) What months should I put them in?

  118. Antonio says

    Hi Todd, congratulations on the site and the work that you did and are doing! Can’t wait to start the program. I hope in the end of the three month’s will look better. What do we do when the 3 month’s as past? And do suggest nay workout log?

  119. Anders says

    Hey Todd i have been working out for a little over a year and i have got some good muscle. Im still not quite gratified i really need to put away some fat so i can be ready for summer. Im looking to get a little more mass and then try to cut as much fat as i can. Should i lift in the gym for a couple of more month before starting on your program. Or should i just start right away and maybe combine some pull ups and bench press, dumbells.. in to your workout?


    • says

      Hi Anders,

      No need to workout in the gym before hand. Just jump on in and push yourself. The workout will adapt to your level. Of course if you want to add some weights and pull ups that’s totally fine.

  120. Anders says

    Hey Todd i have been working out for a little over a year and i have got some good muscle. Im still not quite gratified i really need to put away some fat so i can be ready for summer. Im looking to get a little more mass and then try to cut as much fat as i can. Should i lift in the gym for a couple of more month before starting on your program. Or should i just start right away and maybe combine some pull ups and bench press, dumbbells.. in to your workout?


  121. Travis says

    Hey I was wondering, i’m going into the Air Force in April and yet I have no idea how to do majority of these exercises. do you have a diagram of how to do them, or should i just google each one individually?

  122. Zach says

    I have been doing the extreme body weight workout for 3 weeks now, and am seeing excellent results. I did add several types of pullups to the routine as well, just to make it a little more difficult for myself.

    I have followed your guidance of performing more reps each time you work out, and it is a very challenging workout. However, how many reps should I be doing for each exercise? I was reading your statements from your body weight overload program, and in Sin #1, you state that you need to stay in a low rep range to build size. How does that statement apply to this particular workout? Should I be using lower reps or keep increasing my reps with each workout?

    Your feedback would be much appreciated.


  123. Marc m says

    Hi there. I am looking to gain about 20 pounds is that achieveable with this sort of workout if i eat 4500 healthy calories a day? I am 16 years old so maybe i need even more since i am still growing. Oh and would swimming once a week impact my results? Please reply asap :-)

  124. says

    Love this workout. I have been doing it for the last couple of months but in the last month managed to get myself side tracked with your body weight overload program. I can definitely say that putting the two together is too much but still great fun!
    Thanks for starting me on the bodyweight journey, I’m already feeling, and even better, looking better.

  125. Jon says

    Hi Todd, I just started your 3 month extreme body weight program. I really enjoyed the first week of the program. I was wanting to know though if I can build muscle mass on this program. My Overall goal of the next three months is to build muscle but I also need to lower my body fat percentage. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  126. Ogive says

    Hi, I’m pretty excited to start this routine. I’m already in a good shape but was injured and had to stop for 5 weeks. Starting tomorrow your program. Do you have some experience with eating Paleo? Thanks!

  127. Tyler Zeigler says

    Should I do this before my 7miles and agility or after I am doing this to train for snitching in a sport called Quiddich!

  128. Leo says

    Hi Todd. I tried your program today for the first time and it did not seem to take that much time? Am i doing something wrong? I did push myself to the limit as you mentioned. I do feel exhausted in my triceps( i performed the workout 20 minutes ago) but since i didn’t take a lot of time i was just wondering if it still will be efficient since when you work out in a gym you do it for linke an hour or more.


  129. Chris says

    This program seems decent but one thing doesn’t quite make sense. I understand you have to push your body more and more for it too keep challenging itself but your saying max rep on every exercise. The first one you will obviously drain out and have an insane amount of reps compared to the 2nd exercise this makes the program have a flaw because you will be only recieving crazy progress on the first exercise and much less on the other ones

    Example I do 30 reps of regular push ups
    Well my next set is diamond push ups
    Do you really think I will be able to push my body to how much its actually able to do on diamond pushups
    Ofcourse not

    Please explain the logic behind that

  130. Don says

    Hi Todd! Thanks for the workout advice and videos. Quick question: the 1st day kicked my butt. I fatigued on the diamond kiss after banging out 20-10-10-7 on all the others. Can I cycle through upper, lower and core exercises so I Can do more? Say I do barbwire 1st followed by Hindu squats then dolphins. After that I do condensed push ups, crazy lunges etc. Is that allowed? Or do I have to do all 5 upper body routines in succession followed by lower body and core? Cheers mate!

  131. EK1337 says

    Hi I just want to know can I lose body fat percentage with this program?
    Im currently 23% body fat and I want to go down to around 10%.Is this possible?
    And tell me please if i need to change anything about my diet I dont follow any specific diet the only thing I do is that I cut out fast food,candy,chips,chocolate… Oh and I only drink normal water.Is this a good diet?

  132. Pedro Mendes says

    hey todd
    nice workout , been doing it for the past 2 mouths , holy shit XD

    I was just wondering…what should i do after the 3 mouths have past ? just start over from the beginning ?

  133. says

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    You managyed to hit the nail upon the highest and outlined out the whole thing wih no need side-effects , folks
    could tak a signal. Will probably be back to get more. Thank you

  134. hardik says

    i am 5.7″ with a weight of 75 kgs.!!
    will this workout help me out for gaining mass in my body!
    and can you please help me with some more information on diet (Vegetarian).. which i can have after this workout..

    Can you help!

  135. says

    Hi! This is kind of off topic but I need some advice from an established blog.

    Is it very difficult to set up your own blog? I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out
    pretty quick. I’m thinking about creating my own but I’m not sure where to
    begin. Do you have any points or suggestions? Thanks

  136. Olivier says

    Hey Todd,

    Thanks for the program! I like the “no excuse” factor : wherever you are, you can do the program, so you HAVE to stick to it and go! I sometimes use a weighed jacket to increase intensity.
    I have a question regarding the order of the exercises though: wouldn’t it be more productive, given the fact that you’re advising going for max reps on each exercise, to alternate upper body/lower body rather than going through all upper body exercises then all lower body? I feel it would give time to the upper body to rest a bit while performing the lower body one, and therefore put more reps on the next Upper Body exercise. By doing the program as presented, the last upper body exercise are less efficient, and reps are low.
    Or maybe I have to grind and go for it…? :)


  137. Tom says

    Can you explain me a bit more? if i’m doing 5 days a week is it better?
    How does an average training day will dure by doing this exercise? Just wanna know if i’m doing it right

  138. Jean says

    Hello, Todd
    I am in the second month right now. I am very happy with the program, but i can’t weit to see the results after 3months.. Do you have any photos?
    thanks a lot

  139. Alison says

    Stumbled across your site while searching for some bodyweight routines. I’m not a gym person, and after a year of DVD programs like the P90X series I’m ready to just do stuff on my own! I am using your routine as a guide and I thank you so much for putting this out there. Lots of good moves I have never seen before (the frog pushups were amazing).

    I am going to add in pull ups and dips (one variation of pull ups following each push up, then dips after the last push up set). I will do this M, W, and F – and yoga on T and TH. Also going to add some burpees to the end of each workout because I’m a glutton for punishment.

    Once again, thanks!


  140. Bernard says

    Which month do you believe is most important, so that this way if somebody wanted to do only one, that they’d be able to still get stronger and have a better body in just one month.

  141. says

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  143. David says

    This workout is insane it will make you push reaally hard im starting to see results just in the first week its insane, just thinking Its routine day makes me feel nervous cuz I know it will be hell for 20-25 minutes haha.

    One question though, what do you recomend to do on the days you dont do the routine, should doing some cardio or some light weight lifting be ok?


  144. says

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    email. I’ve got some suggestions for your blog you might be interested in
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  148. Klaus says

    Do I lose muscles while i’m doing this training plan? I mean, I know im going to lose fat, but with it, im going to lose muscles too?

    • Harish says

      Hi Klaus,

      I am also new to this bodyweight training plan. But, in general whenever you lose fat from your body the testosterone level increases. The testosterone is responsible for developing muscles. So, if you do any workout plan properly which I mean with great intensity, then with the fat loss you will increase the muscles.

      I am sure this is a high intensity workout plan so go for it.

      Also, diet is more important. I would recommend you to intake more foods which increases the testosterone level and try to eliminate any kind of processed foods because it increases estorgen level.

      I hope these comments are of little help to you.

      Try to cut out the intake of sugars as much as possible since it reduces testosterone level in our body.

  149. nico says

    what is the recomend amount of sessions a day you should do im just about to start your program thanks

  150. Brandon Radford says

    Wow. This was insane did first day and having to work the same body group in a row killed me, I only could do 1-Diamond Kiss, where usually I would easily get 10. Awesome workout. Question though I’m considering doing multiple sets of the workout a day, because this was like a 12 minute workout for me and just doesn’t seem like enough. Would you recommend that? Also what about going 4 times a week, then 5 times a week for last month? It was tough, and I’m sweating but in 30 minutes I feel I could rock through it again

  151. Sean says

    Hey there Todd. I am a skinny guy hahah but with doing this workout,will it build any muscle or just cut the muscle I have?

    • says

      Hi Sean, I’d highly recommend checking out the archives and reading some of the nutrition articles. This super important for gaining size not just working out.

  152. John Naoum says

    Hey Todd!! First of I would like to thank you for this great workout! I will be starting tomorrow and see how it goes!
    I have two questions though: Will this develop my biceps and triceps too because mine are a bit…you know 😉
    Also, do you suggest this workout for a 14 year old, do you think it will have a good effect?

  153. Morten says

    Hey Todd.

    Every time i train, i never last more than a week, because there is to much to think of. It’s overwhelming and i start to think it doesnt work, because i dont see any progress. So my question is how long does it take for there to be a noticable effect on the body and how do you stay motivatet? An could you possibly mention some things, that are good to eat when you want to get ripped? i really want to go through the whole session this time 😉
    really good website! I’m really motivatet to get this done!

  154. says

    Normally I don’t read post on blogs, however I would like to say that this write-up very forced me
    to take a look at and do it! Your writing taste has been amazed me.
    Thank you, quite great article.

  155. Morten says

    Hi Todd

    im really loosing motivation because once ive done my barbwire pushups, my arms are so tired that i have to take a break every time ive taken 2-4 condenced pushups and then it gets even worse on the next exersice… so im thinking if its better to take on exersice from upperbody, then one from lower body then a misc and then start over?
    also even though i take as many reps as i can my body doesnt ache the day after so im concerned if it even works…

    please reply
    Cheers Morten

  156. Latoya says

    I just started your program 2 days ago. Yesterday I was so sore, I could barely walk. However, today I am still sore. Should I do the next workout today in spite of the soreness, or should I take another day rest untill my soreness is gone?

  157. Ryan says

    I am about to finish the second month, what a workout!!! After the 3rd month, do I start over or move onto something else?
    Keep up the good work

  158. sidhanth says

    hey todd the following is my diet plan i am looking to get toned and ripped , i am obese right now
    wake up: aloe vera juice
    post workout( i have started following your above mentioned plan with 3 week fat loss workout): oatmeal with 5 raisins
    breakfast: 2 bread pc with 2 egg whites with 1 whole egg or cottage cheese with a glass of orange juice.
    afternoon: 1 plate fruits mix
    lunch: 2 indian bread with pulses
    evening: cofee with 4 pc multi grain biscuits
    dinner : salad

  159. sayan says

    hey Todd i am thinking of starting this workout.i am a 20 year old skinny guy(120lbs)looking to build size..will this workout help? and since there is no direct bicep work in this workout can i also incorporate your 1 month bigger bicep chinup plan along with this workout?

  160. Zak says

    Hi Todd,

    I just have to say that this workout is awesome. I needed a little something to get me back in the swing of things. I have been reading from this website for a couple months now and have begun to love doing bodyweight exercises. I feel that I have seen more results from doing this then from lifting.

    Thank you for the motivation!


  161. Eric says

    Hey Todd, I just did the first day of the first week of the workout this morning using the 45/15 HIIT method, and it was intense. Gonna keep plowing through it though, and on the non strength training days during my 5 to 6 day workouts use 30/30, and jumping jacks, and high knees to get the fat burn going. Best workout i’ve had in about a month. i was doing a dumbbell based routine, but I’m giving this a go.

  162. Tanner Nandra says

    Yo Todd! Just downloaded your training guide. I am currently 5’8″ 120lbs. I want to gain a decent 10lbs of mass. Will your program work for me? My diet is quite good, no problem with that, just want to know if the program will work for me. Thanks and keep up the excellent work!

  163. Eric says

    Todd, since 2015 is gonna be a new year I’ve decided to do this challenge, and see just how strong and jacked I can get with bodyweight. I watched a video by Elliot Hulse about doing a workout plan for a year, and well I’m tired of flitting from program to program. I may not be fat, and have a little more muscle than I did two years ago, but I realize now is the time to act. So on January 1st, 2015 I start this workout, and I am stoked, and to be a glutton for punishment, I’m adding in Inverted Rows and Prisoner Squats, and going two rounds to failure. That’s right two rounds to failure. I need to cure my workout a.d.d

  164. liam says

    how would you go about doing this program again with reps? wouldn’t eventualy become to much to do or do you stick with your maximum amount from the first go

  165. Wojtek says

    Hi Todd,

    I have a few questions, maybe I write it in points that was clearly written.

    My data:
    – I am 24 yo
    – 176 lbs
    – 6’04”
    I trained for three years rowing, but now I’m stop.

    – I found a lot of plan workout, where every day is divided into different muscle group and everywhere say that training should be divided into a series. Why your plan is better?
    – After 3 months what can you expect more? Mass, strength or endurance?
    – I would like to develop lean muscle, uncover my abs and enlarge the chest.
    – One day between this workouts days is not too litle rest?

  166. Kishan says

    Hello Todd
    Thank You very much for this Training Plan but i would like if you can tell me how i can tweak this program to make it more focused on core.

  167. Matthew says

    I’ve started your routine and love it.
    However can you confirm that each exercise is to be performed at 1 set and each exercise is to failure?

    I am looking to gain in mass as well as strength. I know ideally this puts me in the 6 – 8 rep.

    What are your suggestions?



  168. Peter Parker says

    Hi Todd,
    I’m an ectomorph, skinny guy. I’m about 5’8 and weigh 60-63kg.
    I WAS active as I played football (soccer) anywhere from 3-7 times a week. My goals are to gain weight, muscle mass, strength, speed, agility and balance. I have done the research for each of these attributes and am willing to put the work in as I know what I need to do to become a professional in this sport. I was wondering if this plan would make me lose weight? As I want to gain weight but still remain agile and fast as my position in the feel required me to do so. I’m always told I’m skinny.

    The main reason for me giving up on most of my plans have been my diet, I get lost in this area quite a lot and don’t know what to do. I don’t really have a nutritional plan as I come from an Asian (pakistani/indian) family I do not know what food is being made, usually the spicy dishes with chicken and lamb Etc therefore it is hard for me to calculate calorie intake, protein, carbs, fats etc.

    I feel that I have two large meals a day and won’t eat anything else, I really want to get into the habit of eating 5-6 meals

    I usually have a cheese and onion sandwich or cereal with a bottle of water for breakfast and won’t have anything until 4-5 pm
    Then I will have a normal indian meal and won’t eat anything else for the rest of the day

    I was wondering if you can give me a plan as I know this is where I fail and this is 100 times more important and harder than the workout itself.

    Also I want to increase my speed and acceleration and as a football (soccer) player I practice my shooting technique, dribbling, new skills, control of the football… All these basic drills as I feel training the basics are the fundamentals of going anywhere in life.im more used to sharper and faster movements and quick reactions due to an opponent reading a specific move I make so I need to react and change direction or come up with a skill to beat him. So I was wandering if I can do this while doing this workout.

    I originally joined the gym exactly this month a year ago. I was consistent enough for the month until it was ramadhan (fasting period) so I had to stop. As a beginner at that time I was using free weights and machines and saw an improvement on my physicality. I weighed 53kg last year and was 5’8 but after my whole month of training I was 65kg.

    I still consider myself to be a beginner as I was on and off for the whole year and I don’t believe in a beginner going in for 3 days a week since I have the motivation and motto of “go and do something like a professional, if it’s not hard enough it’s not good enough”
    I know when I’m sleeping there’s someone else out there training. I have a plan right now which I’m yet to start due to seeing this plan. That plan is 6 days
    Monday-biceps Abs 100 push ups
    Tuesday- chest and shoulders
    Wednesday-triceps Back and legs
    Thursday -biceps, Shoulders, abs and push ups
    Friday-chest triceps back
    Saturday-legs abs 100 push ups
    I can keep consistent with this but know I don’t eat enough therefore I don’t have enough energy which causes me to start that “on and off” pattern. I know CONSISTENCY IS KEY. It can’t be more true and nothing is better than hard work.

    I just need somebody to help me and this is the first time I’ve asked for it, last year in February I was doing insanity and after month 1 I saw drastic change in my speed(I feel need for speed and always want to get faster as I’ve never been the fastest kid) but I noticed I was getting very skinny and I already was pretty skinny so I stopped which caused me to do join the gym. That’s basically my life story.

    Your thoughts?

  169. Kody Black says

    Hey Todd was just wondering for the misc exercises you do those as well as sort of like cardio? Btw, if there is any way to add pulling motions for the back when do you think it would be a good day to include it in. Even though most of the upperbody exercises you can defiantly feel that back being activated thanks!

  170. Iliass says

    Great workout plan Todd ,, Thanks a lot …
    But just to clear things out ,, Do the exs listed on top really work your hole body? where are the “Biceps” and ”forarm” exs???
    Another question .. concerning the Karate squat ex .. i tried it .. and it is really boring and it takes a lot of time to get tired from it?? should i just skip it?
    Also the misc exs.. they don’t seem to work any muscles? right? are they just like cardio exs or what? is it fine if I skip them and do other exs instead???

  171. says

    I have always been thin. Even when I did weigh a lot, 285# 6’1″, people couldn’t believe o weighed so much. (I am now 5’11” tall, lower back and neck surgery, and range anywhere from 155# – 170#. I am healthy and fairly agle. But nothing has ever worked for me in the area of bulking and cutting. I have had definition in arms and legs, a bit of bulk in the pecs and neck, but nothing in the waste or hips.

    I had surgery several years ago, being sliced from side to side about two inches below my naval. Today, I have a roll that hangs over the scar. Again, nothing I have tried has worked to remove this or even significantly reduce its size. (When teased about it, I say this is what happens when you put a 6’1″ guy in a 5’11” body.)

    Here is my dilemma. Growing up, I was a tiny. I was fifteen before I reached 5′ and still didn’t weigh 100#. I joined the Navy at 17, weighing 125# at 5’9″. I was 22 before reaching my full heigth. I have always wanted to be cut. I began trying when I was fourteen.

    Today, I am three months shy of my 70th birthday. I am active, healthy and am allergic to rocking chairs! To boot, my wife, who used to hang with Navy Seals, is 42. She doesn’t have a problem with my physic necessarily, but she does like ripped abs. So do I.

    To make an even longer story short, I know I can endure physical training. I would, however, enjoy “seeing” as well as feeling positive results.

    I know you make your living from training. However, this is not something I can afford. What I would like to know, considering my body type and my age, is there a possibility to reach my goals. I am not interested in wasting my time or what money I have on a pipe dream. If the possibility is there, I will go for it. If not, I will continue what I presently do to stay healthy and fit.

    Thank you for you patience in reading this.


    Ken Pepper

  172. says

    Hey Todd,

    Just started your workout this week. Done it twice… man am I ever sore.

    I’ve got a quick question… I’m not really interested in any sort of growth or loss except that which happens naturally from this type of workout. What I’m more interested is growing into some skills.

    I’d like to get to a point where I can do muscle ups, flags, pistol squats, and move slowly from plank to hand stand. I want the body control and the strength that comes with it, if that makes any sense.

    Right now I’m very skinny, 120lbs. 5’10”. 29 years. I can already do 15-20 regular pull ups (never tried to go to failure on those), but when doing this workout, the pushups destroy me, I can do about 15 of the dive bomb pushup… then I’m so torn up from that I can barely eek out 2-3 of each of the rest of the upper body workouts. So I know that part of the workout is going to really cause growth.

    My first question is actually on the lower body workout. I can do 40-50 plus of things like the hindu squat and then 15-20 of each of the subsequent ones (I imagine I could do 50+ of whichever one I chose to do first). You mention that if you can do a high number of something, you should switch it out for something more difficult. Do you have any recommendations for that? Or just stick with it as it is? Cause it definitely causes burn when you go to failure even if failure is a high number… just takes a while and seems like I might be better served to do something more difficult on lower body.

    My second question is hard to ask, cause I don’t really know how to say what I mean. I want to progress to the more difficult body control exercises. So I’m gonna follow the plan as you have it, but I just don’t quite see how I go from having a pushups be so hard to being able to lift your body into a handstand position from a pushup position. Kinda seems like people who are doing that are defying the known laws of physics. I guess my question is how to you progress from here to there? Is there a second 3 months after this one that gets one closer to doing the advanced moves?


  173. Charlie says

    If I wanted to build muscle strength I should be fatigued at around 8-12 reps, right? So, if I can do more than 12 reps on an exercise should I wear a weight vest? Also, as I get down to the 4th and 5th upper body exercises I can only complete 4 reps until fatigue, so should I A) lower the weight in my weight vest for the 4th and 5th exercises. B) keep the weight the same. or C) Find an easier alternative for those exercises.


  174. Phil says

    Hi Todd,

    I’m now in week 2 of your program and seeing increased reps in almost every session which is great. I’ve seen that taking notes is key so you can compare what you did and strive for at least one additional rep the next time.
    I like your program for it needs no additional equipment which is great especially when we go on holidays soon where I will have most likely nothing except some ground/beach.

    One question though: The side planks, are they meant to be made on the elbow or on the hand? I do them on the hand and my major problem is that my arms become wobbly before my core starts exhausting.

  175. Mark says

    I noticed this problem. Also noticed that some of the details of each exercise were missing. To alleviate that I just goggled alternate sites of these exercises each time directing me to the exact same videos.

  176. Anon says

    Most of the exercises are on the page here: ashotofadrenaline.net/body-weight-exercises/
    If you can’t find them, just put them into YouTube and the same videos by A Shot Of Adrenaline are there. I only needed to search for one video. Use the “Finder” tool on your browser (Control+F or Apple+F) to find the exercises on that link, they can be a little hard to find on your own.


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