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Welcome to the archives of A Shot of Adrenaline. Below you will find all the past articles I have written on fitness, fat loss, motivation, high level performance, etc. If you have a topic that you would like me to cover in a future article, feel free to contact me.

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Muscle Building

The 2 Most Important Principles of Bodyweight Bodybuilding Does Bulking Hinder Muscle Growth?
How Bodyweight 21s Will Help You Build More Muscle
5 Chin Up Modifications To Help You Get Bigger Biceps
How To Burn Out Your Pecs With Body Weight Exercises
How Poor Breathing Can Stunt Your Muscle Growth (And How To Avoid It)
How Much Protein Do We Really Need To Build Muscle?
The 5 Irrefutable Laws of Calisthenic Muscle Building
6 Simple Workout Techniques To Help You Grow Faster

Strength Building

3 Tips For Building Strength With Body Weight Exercises
How To Increase Your Strength By Removing The Crabs In Your Life
The 10 Minute Towel Isometric Routine To Help You Build More Strength
How To Build Strength At The Office Without Looking Like A Freak

4 Step Method for Improving Your Grip Strength
3 New Variations To Interval Training That Will Help You Build Strength & Mass
Train Like a Fighter: Master Your Own Bodyweight
How To Master 9 Of The Hardest Body Weight Exercises Imaginable (Full Video Tutorials)
How To Smash The Military Physical Fitness Test Using Only Body Weight Training
A Simple & Easy-To-Follow Guide To Mastering The Pull Up
Top 100 Hardest Body Weight Exercises Of All Time & How You Can Master Each Of Them
Top 25 Hardest Ab Exercises Ever Created
20 Hardest Shoulder Exercises without Weights
15 Hardest Bodyweight Leg Exercises In Existence
10 Hardest Pull Up Exercises Of All Time
10 Hardest Pushups In The World

Fat Loss

3 Unique Bodyweight Exercises For Fat Loss
6 Tips for Dropping Body Fat Quickly
3 Simple Truths You Can Immediately Use To Get Six-Pack Abs & A Rock-Hard Body
How To Use Bodyweight Exercises To Accelerate Fat Loss

Bodyweight Techniques

The Interval Cardio-Resistance Training Method for Dropping Body Fat
4 Effective Bodyweight Exercise Alternatives To Sprinting
A Complete Guide To Bodyweight Angular Training
A Simple Technique To Help You Get Your Handstand Faster
How To Do A Bodyweight Drop Set
The Problem with “Time Under Tension” and How To Fix It
Two Bodyweight Techniques That Will Leave You Feeling Sore The Next Day… Guaranteed!
8 Ways To Improve Your Jump Rope Skills
How To Maximize Time Under Tension While Using Body Weight Exercises
The Ultimate Body Weight Progression Guide
Why You Need To Work The Chest From Multiple Planes & How To Do It With The “Around The World” Push Up Routine
27 Different Types of Pull Ups
How You Can Do A Double Arm Lever Today
Plyometrics Training Drills – A Full Video Guide
How to Use Dynamic Tension as a Muscle Building Technique
High Intensity Interval Training Workouts

The Bodyweight Omni Set for Muscle Growth


How to Go On Vacation Without Sabotaging Your Diet
Bottoms Up! The Energy Maximizing Rainbow Juice Recipe
6 Innovative Techniques That Will Help You Kill The Sugar Monster In Your Life
Is Your Protein Shake Killing You?
How To Make Quick & Healthy Coconut Fruit Porridge
A Step by Step Guide To Making Healthy Cauliflower Crust Pizza
Dr. Seuss’s Secret Green Eggs Breakfast Recipe For Maximum Vitality
What To Eat In Order To Gain Muscle Mass (An Easy To Follow Guide)


3 Great Bodyweight Exercises To Stop Shoulder Pain
How To Heal Your Low Back After A Muscle Strain
How To Do A Full Splits: The 4 Stretches You Need To Know
An Official Guide To Recovering From A Sports Injury For The Impatient Athlete (Plus A FREE Downloadable 62 Page Stretching Guide)


Meet Mark and Learn From His 12 Week Ultimate Transformation
Read How Bodyweight Exercises Helped Daniel Lose Over 80lbs and Transform His Physique


Why Your Goals Should Be On Steroids
My Vision for the Future of Calisthenics
Life Above The Bar: Why I Pursue Bodyweight Mastery + An Update On My Progress
18 Of The Most Inspiring Feats Of Human Endurance

Why Preparing For A Workout Should Be Like Preparing For War

5 Life Lessons From The Greatest Sports Coaches Of All Time & The Importance Of Having Your Own Coach
How To Achieve All Of Your Dreams Using A Fullproof Process Called Vision Mapping
How To Overcome Fear: 13 Top Hollywood Stunt Doubles Share Their Secrets For Kicking Fear In The Face

Impossible Is Nothing: An Epic Collection Of The 50 Most Inspirational Tributes, Montages & Training Videos Of All Time
18 Of The Greatest Athletes On Earth Share Their Insights On The Sacrifices It Takes To Get To The Top
24 Elite Navy Seals Reveal The Secret To Their Toughness & How They Made It Through Hell Week
How To Create Your Own Fitness Manifesto That Will Inspire You To Greatness
The Battle Of The Mind: 25 Olympians, Extreme Athletes and Other Top Performers Reveal Their Secret To Staying Strong When The Going Gets Tough
10 Obstacle Course Races You Have To See To Believe

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