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Welcome fellow extremist to A Shot of Adrenaline! A community that thrives on pushing each other to the outer limits of what we know as possible.

My name is Todd Kuslikis and I am the King Shot Administer around here. I administer high dosages of adrenaline to accelerate your intensity on the path to greatness.

I look forward to hearing your comments and feedback. Messages sent through the below form go straight to my personal inbox. Though I know message boxes can feel a bit impersonal so feel free to use my direct email to ask any questions:

Here are a couple commonly asked questions that I get:

1. What is the best workout for getting ripped?

I have a page where I put all the workouts so you can check that out.

Also, if you are looking to lose body fat, I highly recommend you check out this page. It will teach you the most important part of losing body fat and getting six pack abs. 

2. Can I write a guest article for SOA?

I do accept guest posts but have some very specific guidelines. Email me with the exact article title you are thinking and several bullet points for the article. I do not accept standard “how-to” articles.

In each article, I strive to incorporate motivation, inspiration and an “extreme” element. Remember that we are not looking for run-of-the-mill content here. Here at SOA, we are exploring the outer edges of the possible and driving our lives with commitment and determination to that point.


Come to the edge
We can’t. We’re afraid
We can’t. We will fall. Come to the edge
And they came. And he pushed them
And they flew.
– Guillaume Apollinaire

King Shot Administer

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