How to Use an Online Interval Timer in Your Workouts

Online Interval Timers are a great way to make your workouts more efficient and effective. There are several sites that allow you to use their online interval timer for free. I recommend bookmarking a good one and using it often. Below is one of my favorites.

There are 2 major benefits to using an interval timer in your workouts.

2 Online Interval Timer Benefits:

1. Keeps Your Workouts Focused

By using an interval timer you can keep your workouts moving. You don’t waste time chatting with people at the water cooler because you are being timed.

2. Increases Intensity in Your Workouts

Because the timer is pushing you along, and you set the amount of time you will be resting, you eliminate the tendency to wait too long between sets.


My favorite online interval timer:

You can even make your own routines and save them.


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