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Welcome To The Adrenaline Alliance…

Picture 6 Welcome To The Adrenaline Alliance...Shot of Adrenaline (SOA), at first glance, may appear to be just an exercise website. And yes, we will help you get stronger, lose weight, etc.  But we are also so much more than that.

Here at SOA, I (Todd Kuslikis, King Shot Administer) am passionate about chronicling on the principles of greatness in the areas of sports and fitness. The tagline “Higher Performance, Higher Existence” was chosen because it is our belief that we have a power inside us that drives us to the highest levels of performance. And this higher performance results in a higher level of existence.

A Shot of Adrenaline is a community of focused, determined, committed, tough as nails men (and women) dedicated to achieving greatness in health and fitness. We settle not for second place. Though second place is not necessarily determined by an outward source. It is determined by our own set of standards.

Criteria For Joining (Tenets of SOA)…

10. You don’t believe in partying or “horsing around” because you know that someone out there, somewhere, is working harder, getting smarter, becoming greater.

9. You have dug deep down inside yourself and asked the question, “WHO do I want to be?”

8. You trust yourself and your direction no matter what anyone else thinks or what may be trying to steer you away from your goal.

7. You consider yourself a maverick and frequently “break the rules” in order to discover new paths in achieving your purpose.

6. You are willing to fail. You consider each failure an opportunity to learn from your mistakes and get you closer to where you need to be.

5. You don’t listen to nay-sayers. Most people project their own fears on to you. Don’t pay any attention to them.

4. You don’t believe in the word IMPOSSIBLE.

3. You know that you are NOT what you were yesterday but what you believe yourself to be today.

2. You have a clear, passionate, written out vision for what you are trying to achieve in life.

1. You believe in working HARD, every day. Only through the pain, will we see the glory.


Who SOA is NOT for

-Those not ready to change.
The battle against the mind for greatness is one of the fiercest battles you will enter. If you are not ready, we can not help you. You must make the choice first.

-Those looking for only an outward change.
We are on a quest to inculcate principles of greatness. We are looking to discover the very foundation of what makes a person perform at the highest level, and then follow their path.

-Those dominated by a destructive mindset and not willing to change.
The mind can quickly destroy any progress you make toward personal greatness. A flaccid and untrained mind is like a garden filled with weeds. It takes time and effort to pluck out negative mental habits that destroy opportunities. And it takes care and effort to plant and water seeds of potential.

Come join me on a higher path…


King Shot Administer

“Everything you want is out there waiting for you to ask. Everything you want also wants you. But you have to take action to get it.”Jack Canfield

P.S. To see my personal story of transformation, click here.

 Welcome To The Adrenaline Alliance...

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