10 Body Weight Experts That Defy The Laws Of Gravity

Written By: Todd Kuslikis
August 10, 2012

It’s a bird. It’s a plane! It’s… Denis Minin???

Lately, I have been doing a lot of research on bodyweight masters. There are a ton of them!

These guys can do tiger bend pushups, full planches, and many other extreme bodyweight exercises. They seemingly defy the laws of gravity.

Why Is This Important to You?

When we have a model that we look up to we are more likely to achieve success.

When I was studying martial arts, I was a fanatic about Bruce Lee. Who wasn’t? The guy transformed how we view martial arts and what the human body can perform. His one-inch punch showed people that power came from the body as a whole, not from momentum or simply muscular strength.

What Bruce Lee did for the martial arts community, these bodyweight experts are doing for the exercise community.

Why are we exercising our bodies in “parts” when real power comes from the “whole”?

Many years ago when I was in my “heavy” lifting phase I used to help my dad work on cars. One time I remember clearly was about 10 years ago. On this specific instance, he asked me to “put my muscles to good use” and crank on this wrench to loosen up a nut. I took my best grip and reamed on the thing as hard as I could… nothin. The nut wouldn’t budge.

My dad then said, “Watch how a man does it.” He then gripped it and cranked on that sucka and with a heave and a ho popped that nut loose.

Afterward I was disappointed in how my hard earned muscles had failed me in terms of practical strength. I thought, “Why have big muscles if you can’t use them for real-life practical strength?

Knee health score 3

The reason was because I had not trained my muscles to work as a unit. Sure… they could lift a 50lb dumbbell up and down a few times but could I climb a tree a hundred feet in the air or throw a massive log? Nadda.

The below experts show that when we work out using bodyweight exercises we are more likely to develop practical strength.

They also provide us with tremendous inspiration to achieve our own goals.

10 Body Weight Experts That Defy The Laws Of Gravity

Antwone Coward – Founder of ProphecyWorkout.com

The dude is a bad mamma jamma. At 6 foot 5 inches tall and 255lbs he is a force to be reckoned with. He states that he works out seven days a week sometimes all day long. (Hmmm….)

To learn more about him check out his website. Here’s a hilarious and inspiring video of him.

To Follow Prophecy check him out on Facebook & Twitter.



Al Kavadlo – Founder of AlKavadlo.com

Al is one of my favorite body weight exercise gurus. He’s got a great personality and knows his stuff. One of the greatest aspects of his site is his tutorials. He has clear instructional videos for elbow levers, finger strength and lever holds. And if you don’t like any of that stuff, you at least have to love him for his wicked beard he’s got going on.

To learn more about Al check him out at Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.



Frank Medrano – Co-Founder VeganCalisthen-X.com

Frank is rippppppeed! The cool thing about Frank is that not only is he a calisthenics master but he is also vegan!

You can learn more about him by checking out his above website or visiting him on Facebook or YouTube.




Dan Attanasio – Vegan Bodybuilding

Dan is a beast. He started off his training using regular weight lifting but soon found out about extreme calisthenics. After experimenting with many different diets, he has also adopted the vegan lifestyle. Dan also incorporates raw superfoods such as maca, cacao, goji berry, hemp seed, and spirulina into his diet.

You can connect with Dan on Facebook or YouTube.




Warren James Li – BarHolics.com Team Member

Warren has astounding agility and strength. He is most noted for his behind the back clap pull ups and triple clap push ups.

To learn more about Warren, check out his Facebook and Twitter Pages.




Kenneth Gallarzo – Barholics.com Team Member

Kenneth preaches the Shot of Adrenaline philosophy all the way. He states that true fitness should be achieved in a balanced manner. Totally agree!

To connect with him on Facebook or Twitter, click the links.




Raymond Bartlette – Member of CalypsoTumblers.com

Raymond is the S&*$!! You have to check him out on YouTube. He does some amazing high flying stunts that will take your breath away. He doesn’t use just body weight exercises but incorporates bw’s into his acrobatics so I had to include him in the list.

To see a video of Raymond in action on YouTube, click here.


Lord Vital – BeastMode

Beast is insane. He is one of my favorite body weight experts around. The guy truly fits the description of “Beast!”

Learn more about his on Facebook or check him out on YouTube.




Hannibal For King – The Epitome of BW

Here in the U.S. you could say that Hannibal is the “Michael Jordan” of Bodyweight Training. He is one of the most enjoyable experts to watch as he performs some of the coolest stunts.

You can learn more about him and view his videos on Facebook,  Myspace, (apparently he still uses it) and YouTube


Knee Health Score 1


Denis Minin – White Hannibal

And now we come to my favorite body weight expert of all time. Denis is inspiring to watch, eats clean and is jacked!!! If you have not heard about him you’ll definitely want to do some research. He has created an entire movement in the Ukraine called Street Workout. Here’s his official site and here’s his Facebook page.


Well there you have it! Hope you enjoyed my list of 10 Body Weight Experts That Defy The Laws of Gravity.

I am working on a body weight exercise resource page that will include many, many other body weight experts for you to check out and learn from.


King Shot Administer


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  1. Blitz

    HIT Richards-founder of Calisthenics Kingz??

  2. Slav

    I believe you forgot one – the best Zef Zakaveli 😉

  3. Karl MacPhee

    Thanks for the list Todd…I have been bookmarking sites for the past month and have a big list, but still have yet to finish looking…also thanks for the time you have put into the site, I know it takes a lot of work.


    • Todd Kuslikis

      Hey Karl,

      It certainly has been but is well worth it. I love fitness and motivation so it gets me fired up as much as anyone.

      Thanks for the comment.


      • Shy Man

        May I be so bold as to ask why Hit Richards is not on this list?!!

        Have you seen his clap handstand push ups? They’re insane!

        • Todd Kuslikis

          Hey Shy Man,
          Hit is the man and should be on there. I interviewed him a little while back and am in awe of the man. Definitely need to rework this list.

  4. Russell Pilling

    How do you find out about these guys? Like where did you find them? I’m having a hard time finding really great bodyweight exercise masters. Thanks for the list! It should help out in my search!

    • Todd Kuslikis

      Hi Russell,

      I just did a bunch of Google searching. You can find a whole bunch of body weight experts on the “Resources” tab of the site.

      If you find more in your search feel free to share them! 🙂


  5. Danny

    How come all these guys, yourself included, have their shirts off in these photos? Kinda homoerotic and narcissistic, no? Yeah sure it’s a fitness site but why’s it mandate to not wear a shirt. Pretty sure every time I workout I’m fully clothed

    • Todd Kuslikis

      LOL! Danny, that is too funny. It’s cuz their muscles won’t fit inside a shirt of course.

      Whether I am working out inside or outside I don’t wear a shirt. Gets too hot unless in the winter.

    • Unleashed Training

      Danny, if you got it flaunt it

      • Todd Kuslikis

        Hooyah UT! 🙂

        • Patrick N

          Great to see you included Denis Minin, Todd! 🙂 And shirts off is for men that have nothing to hide brother! 😀

          • Todd Kuslikis

            Yeah Minin is the man! He’s by far my favorite to watch and aspire to. Shirts off unite!

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