10 Finger Push-up Workout

Written By: Todd Kuslikis
September 22, 2014

Welcome back to Mad Monday!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend.

I just came back from an Ido Portal seminar and it was astounding. There were so many insights that I can’t wait to share with you! Be on the lookout Thursday of this week. 😉

Here’s the workout for this Mad Monday…

10 Finger Push-up Workout

  • Right Uneven Five Finger Push Up
  • Left Uneven Five Finger Push Up
  • 10 Finger Push Up
  • 20 Close Feet Squats

Do the above set 3 X total.


In today’s workout we adjusted the standard push up so that it targeted different muscle fibers than the normal push up. You can do this with any exercise, just use some creativity.

Bodyweight exercises can be fun. You don’t have to do the same old push ups and squats over and over again. Experiment.


-Todd Kuslikis


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  1. Roy Allen Walker

    I’ve been using these variations for just over a week now and I’m so sore it’s unreal.
    Using this protocol is far more challenging than the standard push ups I’ve been doing for years. Thanks for this excellent video!

  2. ROCCO

    Awesome, love the pushup variation

    • Todd Kuslikis

      Great Rocco! Glad you liked it!

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