10 Min Abs Workout That Will Give You Abs Of Steel (Bodyweight Exercises Only)

Written By: Todd Kuslikis
October 02, 2021

The 10 Minute Abs of Steel Workout in Infographic form

Here’s an amazing 10-minute ab workout that will tighten your midsection and fire up those abs. This workout uses only bodyweight exercises and is designed to target the entire core region of your body.

How Is This Ab Workout Designed?

Each of the four exercises in this ab workout builds off each other. This is the key to proper strength training. You have to allow the exercises to work synergistically. Ie, they have to work in tandem.

Here’s what I mean.

The first exercise in the 10-minute ab workout is called V-ups. You’ll be lifting the upper portion of your body and the lower portion of your body together in a synchronized fashion. This helps strengthen the rectus abdominus muscles. Of course, these are the core muscles that you want to “pop” when your mid-section is showing. But they are only one part of the equation.

That’s why the 10-minute abs workout is so powerful. Because after you perform V-Ups you’ll move into Plants on Forearm. This exercise is an isometric exercise and brings “support” to your core. Your back, oblique and abdominal muscles will all tighten to keep you in proper alignment.

The third exercise in the workout is Flutter Kicks. You’ll lie faceup to perform it and it will give your obliques and low back a bit of a break but will engage your hip flexors and lower abs. You’ll have your legs extended. The further you extend your legs, the harder the exercise will be.

Lastly… and this is the final “kick it into high gear” exercise that may have your belly fat crying for mercy… you’ll perform an extended plank. Oh, mama mia!! It’s a doozy! This puts your rectus abdominus in a stretched position but still requires them to engage. You’ll seriously feel this exercise especially after doing the other three.

Why is putting your abs in a stretched position so effective for tightening your midsection?

It forces them to work harder. Have you ever tried an eccentric exercise? For example, say you were doing a chin up but went slowly on the way down. Your muscles burn like crazy. That’s what you are doing here with the extended plank. And that’s why the 10-minute ab workout will be your new go-to training plan for abs.

Instructions for the 10 Min Abs Workout:

Do each exercise for the total amount of seconds then immediately move to the next exercise. Once you finish 1 round, rest for 15-30 seconds. Do 5 total rounds.

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V Ups

You’ll hold the V Up exercise for 30 seconds.

Tip: You can bend your knee to make this exercise easier. Keep your knees straight to make it harder. Try to coordinate so your arms and legs come up at the same time. When you control the movement, you challenge your muscles more effectively.

Plank on Forearms

Hold the Plank on the Forearm for 30 seconds

Tip: If your forearms hurt, you can do this exercise on a pillow or thick towel. I occasionally will lift one leg up at a time if I get bored or the exercise gets too difficult. Kind of a mental trick to help me push through it because I am focusing on my legs instead of my burning abs.

Flutter Kicks

Perform Flutter Kicks for 30 seconds

Tip: Although you lie faceup for this exercise on your back, it’s by no means an easy exercise.

Heck, you can even strap ankle weights to your ankles if you are going bodyweight beast mode on us.

Plank Extended

Lastly, do the Plank Extended for 30 seconds. You can switch arms and feet at the 15-second mark or do each side for 30 seconds total.

Tip: This exercise is a fun one and few people know it. It goes way beyond the traditional crunches and sit ups for abs. Not only that, it strengthens the entire body and requires a tremendous amount of coordination.

The above four exercises will get your abs so tight. And the best part? These exercises don’t require any weights. Woohoo! Save that gym membership fee and buy a new outfit after you transform your physique with these calisthenics core exercises.

Advanced Modifications:

You can amplify the pain by not resting between rounds. If you make it to the last round, it’s official, you have a core of steel and the fitness level of Jack Lalanne.

Beginner Modifications:

You don’t have to do the movements for the whole 30 seconds if your core strength is not there yet. Choose an amount of time that you can do with good form (e.g. 10s, 15s, 20s) and stick to it. It’s really important to stay within your current fitness level. No need to push yourself beyond it. Fitness is about improvement. Not beating yourself up. Start slowly and progress onward.

Download & Print the 10 Min Abs Workout Training Sheet Here

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