21 Life Lessons Learned from Our Vacation in Colorado

September 07, 2013

Emma, Allison and I just got back from our week long vacation in Colorado. We had an amazing time hiking up mountains, hanging out with family/friends and just lounging around.

I’d like to share 21 life lessons in picture format below.

Hope you enjoy!

1. Reach The Peak Even When Its Hard

We drove up to the top of Pike's Peak and it was pretty hard to breathe. Even just walking around was a challenge. The elevation of Pike's Peak is 14,114 feet.

2. Walk With Confidence

We visited Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. They are trying to make it the 8th wonder of the world. It is incredible. There are huge rocks jetting out from the ground. Definitely a place to see if you've never been there.

3. If You Can’t Change Your Situation Learn To Make The Best Of It

We visited Whole Foods to do some essential shopping. Emma had been strapped in for a long car ride and would rather be crawling around. Yet, she made the best of it.

4. Choose The Difficult Path

We went to Seven Falls which had two stair climbs. One was 185 steps and the other was 224. It was a killer on the legs and the lungs but the view was well worth it.

5. Enjoy Good Friendships

This is a picture with two of our best friends, Rob and Teresa. They live in Boulder and showed us around Pearl st. and a kicking parkour gym. Thanks so much guys for your hospitality!

6. Be Willing To Try New Things

This was the start of our long hike up the mountain at Chataqua park, one of the most beautiful places on earth. Emma tried out her cousin's baby back pack. Wasn't as comfortable as her own but she got used to it. 🙂

7. Don’t Let Obstacles Slow You Down

On the climb up the mountain there were several instances where we had to scramble up rock. Of course that didn't slow us down!

8. Listen To Your Body & Take Naps When You Need To

By the end of our climb we were all zonked. Emma was already asleep so we let her take an extra long nap while resting against this tree.

9. Venture Outside Your Circle of Friends

We took Emma to the Denver Aquarium and she was quite nervous at first. Being so close to the fish made her a bit uncomfortable.

10. You May Even Find True Love

This fish put the moves on Allison and she fell head over heels for him.

11. Or Maybe Not

At one point Emma had had enough of all these fish.

12. Make Sure To Wear Protective Clothing When Venturing Into The Deep

Emma having some fun trying out a dive suit. 😉

13. Stop To Enjoy The Lord’s Beautiful Creation

This is the top water fall at Seven Falls. At night time they are all lit up and is definitely a sight to see.

14. When You Fall Into An Uncomfortable Spot Don’t Cry Just Get Back Up Again

Emma fell off mama's lap onto the bottom of the car. Although surprised, she actually enjoyed it down there!

15. Escape Every Once And Awhile & Take Some Time For Yourself

Emma and Allison hiding from the camera.

16. Don’t Back Down From A Challenge

There was a peacock at the zoo that was a little aggressive. Yet, Emma didn't want to back down so we held our ground.

17. Its Ok To Be Uncomfortable

Emma's second cousin Alex helping her sit on the gorilla. Its ok Em, he's a police officer. He'll protect you.

18. Don’t Be Afraid To Be Silly

This was at Pike's Peak. Yep, we had a fun time putting different hats on Emma.

19. Set Your Minds & Hearts On Things Above, Not On Earthly Things

Emma and I gazing up at the night stars on the balcony of the restaurant. It was such a beautiful night.

20. Learn To Enjoy The Little Things In Life

Emma crawled into Allison's empty suitcase and was having a blast.

21. Eat Your Vegetables!

Oh yeah, Emma was mowing down on some grass. Got be proud of a daughter that loves her vegis!

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  1. Garrett

    I am actually from Colorado Springs where a lot of you’re pictures were taken. It is such a beautiful place to live and visit. I’m glad you enjoyed it. If you think the Seven Falls stairs were killer, you should try the Manitou Springs Incline next time you are in the area. There is so much here to do and see, it definitely warrants multiple visits.


    • Todd Kuslikis

      Hi Garrett, Sounds intense! We’ll definitely have to try it when we’re there and get together if you’re available!

      What a great place to live!

  2. Scott

    “Be willing to try new things”, resonates with me, because it’s something that you have to remind yourself to do. Like most people, I guess I find it easier to stay with things that are familiar and comfortable. Thanks for the post.

    • Todd Kuslikis

      For sure Scott! Yep, we all get in our routines and its easy to stay there. Though getting out of your comfort zone is one of the best places to grow.

  3. Sphe G

    Thumbs up to you for finding inspiration on a vacation (see what I did there lol).
    Oh, and Emma looks a carbon copy of you, albeit (a lil) smaller:)

    • Todd Kuslikis

      LOL! Yeah, that’s what everyone says. Although she’s got a bit more hair even though you probably can’t tell from the pics. 😀

  4. pheonix1756

    Hey Todd!Welcome back.The pictures are very nice.Glad everyone enjoyed the vacation.good to move around,loosen up in nature.Blessings to you and family.

    • Todd Kuslikis

      Thanks Tony!! I very much appreciate it. It certainly was a blessing to be there!

  5. Paul W

    Looks like an amazing place to visit!!!!!

    Very beautiful!!

    • Todd Kuslikis


  6. Omar A

    Wow, nice! I’d love to visit CO someday…not too far from Los Angeles. Looks beautiful!

    • Todd Kuslikis

      Hi Omar,

      Yes it was very beautiful!!

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