3 Simple Steps To Choosing A Good Body Weight Workout Plan & How To Get The Most From It

Written By: Todd Kuslikis
October 09, 2012

Choosing a good bodyweight workout plan is actually simpler than you think. There are really only 3 main criteria that you need to judge if a plan is right for you. I will walk you through these steps so you can be better equipped to choose the right plan for you.

Step 1: Know Your Starting Point

The first step is to know where you are starting. It seems that some people are so ripped it makes you think that the first breath they took outside their mamma was followed by push-ups on the delivery room floor.

I’m not kidding. My wife used to teach kindergarten. I helped chaperon a field trip to the zoo for her class and two of the kids looked like mini Arnolds. They had the physiques of a Greek god at the tender age of 5. This is not me and probably not you either.

If you are a beginner, choose a plan that is tailored toward beginners.

Here are two easy tips to tell if a plan is for beginners:

1. How long is each day’s workout?

Although some beginners may like long workouts and some experts know how to do effective shorter workouts, IN GENERAL beginners should start with shorter workouts. I recommend about 25-3o minutes a day, 3-5 days per week.  Major changes can occur in this amount of time and beginners will be more likely to quit if it takes too much time.

2. How difficult are the exercises?

The SOA community is known for doing hard bodyweight exercises. Beginners, however, should start with basic moves… push-ups against a couch, lunges, etc. If a workout plan says that you’ll be doing exercises like Aztec Push-Ups, Tiger Bend Push-Ups, or One Arm Handstand Push Upsit’s probably NOT for you.

Step 2: Analyze Who Created It?

Who designed the plan… some dude in his living room dosed on Coke or a qualified fitness trainer? I don’t want to emphasize this too much because there are many qualified trainers in the field. Though it seems almost everyone has their CPT, NASM, ISSA letters behind their name. Being able to pass a test is VERY different than knowing how to help others become successful.

Knee Health Score 1

Here’s my tip for this… search for them on YouTube. If they are worth their salt they’ll have a YouTube channel and you can get a feel for their genuineness and ability to connect through video.

Here’s a bonus tip… scroll down into the comments and see what people are saying. Obviously, a successful trainer will not be able to answer all the questions but you’ll be able to gauge REAL responses from people that have been affected by this trainer, whether good or bad.

Two of my favorites are Hugo Rivera who is a natural bodybuilder (His YouTube Channel) and Scooby who does a ton of workouts at home (His YouTube Channel). Neither of these guys is solely bodyweight but it will give a good idea of two trainers that are killing it on YouTube by staying genuine, providing quality video content, and connecting with their audience.

Step 3: Make Sure It Fits Your Schedule

One of the biggest reasons people quit their routines is because they don’t find one that fits their schedule. Experts argue about whether morning routines or night routines are better for burning fat or building muscle. The truth is that the best routine is the one that fits your schedule.

If you are a morning person and can get up 30-45 minutes earlier to get your routine in, do it. If you are like my wife and only get up for two reasons: shopping and vacations… then do your workout at night.

Find a routine that fits your schedule and you’ll be sure to follow through with it.

I Still Don’t Know Where To Start… What Do You Recommend?

There are a ton of good programs out there. If you are someone that likes to work out at home using bodyweight exercises and only has 30-45 minutes at the max to workout, I recommend a 6-week program created by my friend from Bodyweightcoach.com named Adam Steer. It’s called ShapeShifter and it incorporates a ton of useful tools to make it easier to get your workouts in and achieve success.

I’ll lead you through why I like this program.

1. Program Layout Is Super Easy To Follow

Below is a picture of the back-end after you join the program. Each day of the week is laid out for you in a way that is easy to follow.

The program gives you a day-by-day workout, diet, and lifestyle guide for you to follow along with and incorporate into your daily life. It also includes,

-Guides for how to get started

-Video exercise database

-Workout videos

-Meal Plans/Recipes

-Personal development information

-Bonus material from other experts

Personally, I think the three components of (a.) workout, (b.) lifestyle and (c.) diet is where the real value lies. Incorporating these elements into your life will drastically change your body makeup.


2. The Program Brings Results Quickly

This is a picture of a woman named Deb who completed the 6 Week ShapeShifter Program. The results are great, as you should expect from a program if a person follows the plan.

Knee Health Score 2

Remember the program won’t work for you unless you work the program. 😉

3. It Incorporates Community

The Shapeshifter Program has a hopping community that is led by Adam and Ryan (creators of the program). You can get your questions answered and stay motivated to continue to do the workouts.

Last Thoughts…

This program is literally one of the thousands of effective programs out there. Find one that will fit your schedule, has a creator that is well qualified, and meets your needs. The one I recommend above is great for people that are beginners or intermediate bodyweight enthusiasts that like to work out in their own home and don’t have a lot of time… yet still want to see results.


Train hard, my friends.


King Shot Administer

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