5 Minute Abs Wedding Workout Plan

Written By: Todd Kuslikis
October 04, 2021

5 Minute 6 Pack Abs Wedding Workout Plan

Get that sexy six pack and trim waist line for that special someone before your wedding. This wedding workout plan is meant to be started 1 month before the wedding to give you those washboard abs that everyone desires on their wedding night. Follow the program below and your six pack abs will be showing in full bloom.

5 Foods That Kill Abdominal Fat

Please realize that if you have excess fat over your abs no amount of working out will make your abs show. You can NOT spot reduce. If you are overweight, you will need to begin burning off the calories along with utilizing the ab workout plan below in order for you to get your six pack before your wedding night. Though there are foods that actually boost your metabolism and burn off fat quicker. For losing fat fast, it is essential that you understand which foods to eat AND which foods not to eat. Click on the video called 7 Foods That Kill Abdominal Fat to learn these important foods.

Wedding Workout Plan Description

This wedding workout plan is meant to be done 5 days a week for 4 weeks up until your wedding. If you have more or fewer days, then simply adjust the total days that you do the exercise plan. Basically, you should be doing this routine every weekday. Then give your abs the weekend off to rebuild and recuperate. There are 5 exercises below. You will do each exercise for one minute each with no break in between. Use a stopwatch or timer and set it for 1 minute. If you reach fatigue before the end of the exercise, take a break for NO MORE THAN 5 seconds, then hop back into the exercise until the minute is up.

Downloadable Routine

click here to download FREE pdf of routine

click here to download FREE excel of routine

Wedding Workout Plan Exercises

Each of the below exercises you will do for one minute each. Immediately move on to the next exercise after you complete the full one minute. Keep track of your reps on the FREE Downloadable Routine Guide and each time you do it, do at least one more rep.

Exercise Routine

Hip Dip Exercise (30 sec each side)

Helicopter Exercise (30 sec each side)

Frozen V Sit Exercise

Imaginary Walking Exercise

Grand Father Clock Exercise

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  1. Beka

    I would love to have strong abs for my wedding — but the links to PDF/ Excel of this workout are broken, and the names of the exercises do not link to descriptions. Please help!

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