5 Most Painful Arm Wrestling Matches Of All Time

October 27, 2011

The sport of arm wrestling began from the mind of a young journalist named Bill Soberanes in 1952 in a salon in Petaluma, California. Matches happened quite frequently and it began to take off. Bill and his friend went on to form the World’s Wrestwrestling Campionship (1962). I’ve always been amazed at this sport. Ever since watching Stallone in the Movie “Over The Top” (See video below). Yet when did painful arm wrestling matches start? Not sure, but these videos are guaranteed to make you cringe.

Stallone “Over The Top” Arm Wrestling

I have often wondered about the point at which the pressure presented on the arm will force it to break. If you think about it, you are applying tremendous torque against the radius and the ulna bones of the forearm, kind of like a shearing motion. So weather you are built like an ox or a shrimp doesn’t really matter because the force is on the bone. The important thing that prevents the bone from breaking is the density of the bone, not the strength of the man.

Tips To Not Have Your Arm Break When Arm Wrestling

1. Use Dynamic Tension Exercises to Strengthen the Bone

Dynamic tension exercises helps to strengthen the bone better than any other type of exercise. Here is a link to an article written on dynamic tension exercises but in general, the reason it works well is because as you do the exercise you tighten each muscle as it wraps around the bone. Kind of like the layers of an onion. This pressure on the bone forces it to build calcium deposits and increase density.

2. Eat Foods High In Calcium

This seems obvious but may not be to everyone. I would recommend not drinking milk. The way milk is pasteurized, because of the heat, it bonds the calcium to the phosphorus. Which means your body can’t absorb and use it. Here are some foods with high amounts of calcium.

3. Take Calcium Supplements

In this day in age, if you are an arm wrestler, you probably can’t get enough calcium, just from the food you eat. The foods  nowadays are so depleted of nutrients. If you are a pro arm wrestler, you make think about taking supplements. Here is a good resource for quality calcium supplements.

Current Top Arm Wrestlers

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Alexey Voyevoda

Ion Oncescu

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Most Painful Arm Wrestling Matches

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