6 Inspiring Success Lessons from Top Athletes

Successful athletes have faced an onslaught of difficulty in order to make it to the top. Their determination has allowed them to experience more than the person that decided to give up at the first glance of hardship. These top professional athletes and fitness professionals have reached the pinnacle of their careers. And in the process learn lessons of success of great value. All six are truly inspirational and we owe a great deal to each person for teaching us these lessons.

6 Inspiring Success Lessons from Top Athletes

Rule 1: Do Not Fear Failure- Michael Jordan

Michael way have been the greatest basketball players to ever live. Though he did not make it there by always succeeding. Here he shares his failures.

Michael Jordan Failures:

Missed More than 9,000 Shots

Lost Almost 300 Games

Missed 26 Game-Winning Shots

Rule 2: Work Hard- Jerry Rice

Here, Jerry Rice talks about a lesson he has learned in hard work through conquering a conditioning hill simply know throughout the NFL community as “The Hill.”

Rule 3: Never Give Up- The Rocky Story- as told by Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins shares an inspiring story about Stallone in the difficulty he had to go through to get Rocky made. The success lesson here is to never, ever give up.


Rule 4: Trust Yourself- Arnold

Arnold has proven over and over throughout his life that he is a credible source for lessons of success. In this video he actually gives 6 Rules of Success that he has learned throughout his career.


Arnold’s Rules of Success

  1. Trust Yourself
  2. Break Some Rules
  3. Don’t Be Afraid to Fail
  4. Don’t Listen to Nay Sayers
  5. Work Your Butt Off
  6. Give Back


Rule 5: Have Passion- Jack Lalanne

Jack Lalanne has battled adversity in the fitness community all his life. Though time and time again he surmounted it and has risen to the top of his game. Little known fact is that the “Jumping Jack” was named after him! In this video

Fitness guru Jack Lalanne on spreading his message


Rule 6: Have Confidence- Muhammad Ali

No one can say Muhammad Ali was without confidence. Although, some may argue Ali bordered arrogance, we can learn that having confidence in oneself is critically important. Watch this video to learn more.


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