6 Tips for Burning Body Fat Quickly

Written By: Todd Kuslikis
November 25, 2013

A few days ago I received an email from someone saying that dropping body fat and weight comes down to calories in/calories out. From a superficial physiological standpoint it makes sense. Your body needs a certain number of calories to main its weight. If you go under it then the weight will drop.

However, there are a whole host of changes that your body makes when you drop calories including metabolic shifts, hormonal shifts and others. The body fights to maintain a “set” point that has been established and will change physiological processes in order to keep that set point.

So how do you drop body fat?

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6 Tips for Burning Body Fat Quickly (In order of importance.)

1. Eliminate all simple sugars from your diet. Yes this includes fruit sugar. You need to keep your blood sugar levels even so that your body doesn’t dump the excess sugar into fat storage.

2. Eat things in their original package only. “Original package” means things closest to how they are normally found. Think nuts, seeds, vegis, meat, etc. The further things are processed the more difficult it will be to stay lean.

3. Increase lean muscle mass. There is a ton of research that shows a correlation between increase in lean muscle mass and lower body fat levels. And this isn’t just because someone working out will burn the fat.

4. Increase meal frequency. I know that there is a lot of controversy around this subject but from all of my research I have found that eating 5-6 smaller meals each day is the most effective for fat loss.

5. Increase water consumption. What?! How could water be important for fat loss? The simple answer is that when you are well hydrated your body systems can function properly. There are systems in the body such as fat metabolism by the liver that function more effectively when you are well hydrated. Here is a deeper look into why water if important for fat loss.

6. Decrease total calories. Of course, dropping total calories will help you drop fat. The reason that I put it in the bottom of the list is because it is not THE most important. If you JUST drop total calories and not change any of the above you will not see results unless you were to drop calories significantly and in an unhealthy way. Once you apply the above steps than you can play around a bit with your total calories and begin to drop that number a bit.

What do you think? Are there any other methods that you have found helpful for dropping body fat?

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  1. Carl

    See come comments to the contrary but eating small meals/snacks more frequently helps me keep the cravings down . I can pick snacks that are low in carbs/calories and it helps a lot. As for eating less calories, YES, if you burn more than you eat, you will eventually start to burn the fat.

    For me, as a frequent world traveler, i have found that what i eat matters as much as how much i eat. In some countries i tend to gain 5+ pounds in a month and in others, i could lose 5+ pounds in a month. Not a lot of difference in my physical energy and i neither a fanatic about exercising or a couch potato. In short, fresh food, frequent low calorie-low carb snacks tend to be the best diet for me.

    Good article and good feedback

  2. al

    #4 – meal frequency has NO affect on EE (energy expenditure), DIT (Diet induced thermogenesis) OR ADMR (Average Daily Metibolic Rate) making it the LEAST effective for fat loss.
    #6 – Calories is the MOST important factor in weight loss, according to Ancel Keys’ 1945 Minnesota Starvation Experiment.

  3. Missit

    6 meals a day? I thought you had modern ideas and not that old bro science… that’s already been debunked, just a myth.
    You don’t have to eat 5 o 6 small meals through the day,; if you’re saying this because calories matter, and this way you gonna eat fewer calories at the end of the day, well,,,, i think it’s more satisfying when you eat 2 or 3 BIG MEALS, so you can stay full for longer… lots of fats, lots of protein, little or non carbs.
    That makes you feel full for longer and you dont have to struggle with smaller meals ALL DAY LONG (that’s kinda tiring, too).
    It’s just my opinion.

  4. nick

    Hey Todd, Thanks for the article. A lot of good common sense advice. I would add alcohol consumption and sleep to this list.

    In my opinion if you aren’t sleeping right nothing is going to work no matter how on point it is. Just an opinion, add some booze to the mix and “fa get about it”

    What’s your take on intermittent fasting? “IF”

  5. Trevor

    I’ll incorporate them… I’m hoping that this time. I’ll burn it.

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