9 Most Daring & Amazing Fitness Stunts Of All Time

Written By: Todd Kuslikis
October 25, 2011

People have been doing stupid stuff since the dawn of the age. In the area of fitness, it is no different. I put together this list of daring fitness stunts that should be quite entertaining. Although not exactly “fitness” related exactly, it should still be fun to watch. I think I am writing this post because of an experience I had earlier today. I was driving home from class and stopped quickly at a red light. I happened to be behind this dude on a motor cycle. He preceded to get off his bike and walk over to me. He was ripped and had a old looking helmet with fumes rising from it. He came over to my car, so I rolled my window down just a crack and he chewed me a new one. What the F%@* are you doing getting so close to me! Get the —insert explicitive here—! I told him I was sorry and he huffed off and sped away. I thought, sheesh!

So anyways, I couldn’t help but think about this dude’s size and riding away on his motorcycle. I think that’s why a bunch of the below fitness stunts have vehicles in them in some way.

Why People Do Fitness Stunts

I’m not sure if its just that some people have more testosterone or what but some people like to live on the edge. I am not one of them. I think the craziest

9 Most Daring & Amazing Fitness Stunts Of All Time

9. Stationary Squats On Back Of Motorcycle


8. Car Surfing While Going Over a Bump


7. Rope Swinging From Building


6. Red Bull Cliff Diving

5. Jumping Over Cars

4. Goining Toe to Toe On The Street With a Bodybuilder


3. Balancing On Top of A Crap Load of Chairs

2. Frenchman Climbing The World’s Tallest Tower


1. High Speed Motor Cycle Wheelies


Have you ever done a crazy fitness stunt like any of the above?

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