A Week In Calisthenics

March 20, 2016

Meckanimal does some mobility work


Matt Schifferle reveals 7 keys to fitness progression


Anthony Arvanitakis releases a new book


Grace Kavadlo partners up


At AShotOfAdrenaline

On Monday, we left it to chance to decide how much gains you make


Find the workout here


On Tuesday, we talked about muscle ups. It’s pull ups and dips with a lot of wrist dexterity, the ultimate upper body exercise

pull ups

Find the article here


On Wednesday, we talked about seven pioneers of bodyweight mastery


Find the article here


On Thursday, we showed you how to get lean and ripped using calisthenics


Find the article here


On Friday we talked about the master balance exercise, the handstand


Find the article here


On Saturday we continued on the same subject with a full calisthenics guide to balance


Find the article here

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