A Week In Calisthenics

Written By: Todd Kuslikis
March 27, 2016

On Monday, we kicked off the week with a lot of pushups, nothing but pushups in fact.

nothing but pushups

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On Tuesday, we talked about five exercises you can do if you want to be strong as a lumberjack but you don’t want to actually, you know, lumberjack.


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On Wednesday, we listed five of the craziest and most dangerous handstands ever done. Please do check out the list, but don’t attempt any of it, we’re going to publish some great content in the coming weeks that we want you to read, so we need you alive.


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On Thursday, in the spirit of March Madness, we presented you with a challenge where you either score or do pushups. If you haven’t tried the challenge yet, just partner up and get to it.


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On Friday, we talked about our friend Marcus Bondi. The guy has been doing calisthenics for 40 years, and he looks 35 tops. He’s doing it right. Learn from him!


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Knee health score 3


On Saturday, we shared 10 ways to get big using calisthenics. Yes, that’s possible, very much so.


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