A Week In Calisthenics

February 13, 2016

This week in calisthenics…

17 months after his bicep surgery, Adam Raw feels he has overcome the injury and says “real training is starting now,” and there’s no better way to test your bicep than a set of one-arm pull-ups.


And some 264 lbs weighed dips to make sure the triceps are doing equally well.


The Tapp Brothers have been releasing one quality video after the other, mixing calisthenics and parkour.

To celebrate their success, they shared some tips on how to grow your youtube channel. If you’re an aspiring fitness coach, you’ll want to watch this

Matt from RedDeltaProject continues the series of videos demonstrating his interesting take on the Convict Conditioning Veterano program. If you want a high-intensity, whole-body program, you may want to follow along.

Street Workout athlete Lee Wade Turner just celebrated his 40th birthday with a bunch of muscle-ups, and the video is stunning.

Here at AShotOfAdrenaline…

We started the week with a football-inspired workout. We got people literally Monday morning quarterbacking.

Find the article here

On Tuesday, we did a profile on Daniel Vadnal from FitnessFAQs. We love the kid and so should you.

daniel vadnal

Find the article here

On Wednesday we did the hands-feet workout, 50% on your hands, 50% on your feet. If you haven’t done it already, do it now.

hands-feet workout

Find the workout here

On Thursday we talked about one of the most difficult bodyweight exercises, the front lever. If you can do this, you have it made.

front lever 1

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On Friday we told you how to become an Olympic champion with one simple workout. We’ll have to wait until August to see if this will work for anyone.


Find the article here

If you have any suggestions for topics you want us to talk about, please let us know. We’re always open to suggestions.

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