Top 5 Ab Bodyweight Exercises

April 28, 2016

Beach season is kind of like tax season: everyone knows when it’s coming, and for months leading up to it, people promise themselves they’re going to be ready for it. But then when the season arrives, they find themselves completely unprepared and end up trying to cram months of work into a few weeks.

With tax season, we’re talking about W2s, 1040 EZs and all the other lovely forms the government requires us to fill out by April 15. But in regards to beach season, we’re talking about getting fit.

You hear it all the time. When summer is just around the corner, it seems like everyone wants to get “beach body ready”. But the truth is, fitness isn’t just a seasonal thing. If you’ve neglected your health since autumn, it’s going to be a mighty tough challenge getting the body you’ve been hoping for.

Now, that being said, ANY time is a good time to start getting in shape. You don’t need to wait for beach season, the new year or any other special occasion. The best time to get in shape is now, now matter when now happens to be.




But if you’re looking to get an awesome beach body, surely one area of focus is your stomach. After all, most people’s stomachs are rarely on display any other time than when in a bathing suit. It’s for this reason we get a lot of emails asking what the secret is to getting shredded abs.

First thing’s first — and we can’t emphasize this enough: You can’t have a poor diet and expect to get a chiseled core simply because you regularly work your abs during workouts. It doesn’t work like that. A balanced diet is literally just as important (if not more so) to a flat stomach as exercising your abdominals. Proper diet and exercise go hand-in-hand.

If this is an area in which you could use some help, we’ve got a great program that provides exercise plans, a nutritional guide and a lot more, which you can check out here.

But on the exercise side, there are a lot of different ways to activate your core and help build those abs that pop you’ve been trying to get. Some of them are very effective, some not so much. We’ve sifted through all the ab workouts in the fitness universe to bring you our absolute favorites. And per usual, there’s no need for a gym membership. All you need for these workouts is your body.

These are going to activate every part of your abdominals, which, if you’re unfamiliar, are all listed here. So give these a try and see if you can incorporate them into your workout program. They’re not going to be the only thing you need to do to get that beach body, but they definitely put you on the right track. And if you’ve got any other abdominal workouts that you think are especially killer, let us know if the comments!










2) L-SIT





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  1. Udayan

    Hey Todd!
    One exercise I find really helpful when it comes to adding core strength. I’m not sure about the name. I train at the local park mainly on the monkey bars. I lock my legs on the bar and then lean back; kind of like those hanging crunches. But instead of crunches, I prefer a static hold where the body comes in a straight line. To make it harder, extend your arms above your head to increase the torque.

    • Todd Kuslikis

      That actually sounds awesomely brutal.

      – Todd

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