Animal Exercises Vs Human Exercises…Is there A Difference?

Written By: Todd Kuslikis
October 23, 2011

I’ve always found it so interesting that animals tend to be so much stronger than humans. For example, I’ve heard that a gorilla has the strength of 10 olympic body builders. Is it that they were made that much more differently or is it that they are always active and are continuously developing their muscles in way that keeps them in top condition? Well, I tend to think the latter but who knows? I do know that people have been modeling their exercise routines of animal movements for quite some time. The below animal exercises are really cool to watch. Go ahead and try a few of them and notice how strong you will feel afterward. All of them are body weight exercises and can be used for developing tremendous strength.

Animal Exercises Vs Human Exercises

In general, humans tend to create their workouts around whatever they can do to look better. Just think about the worldwide fixation on 6 pack abs, or chisel chest muscles, or a tight butt. Animals on the other hand don’t even think about workouts. They think about functionality. I think that people need to get off this craze of being so focused on their looks and start exercising like the animals, using body weight exercises and doing it for strength above looks.

Why I like Animal Exercises

I’ve been using animal exercises for awhile and they work well because the incorporate whole body movements. I’ve never seen an animal doing an isolated bicep curl while sitting on a tree trunk. No, they climb up the tree to the tip top in order to develop their biceps. Animals naturally build strength and incorporate every muscle in their bodies to do so. That’s why I think their so fun and effective. No longer do you need to isolate over and over to get a great workout. You can incorporate full body movements that strengthen every part of your body.

Coolest Animal Exercises Ever

Dragon Crawl

Panther Crawl


Dolphin Pushup


Crab Walk


Bear Crawls


The Chimp


Crocodile Walk


Scorpion Crawl


Tiger Crawl


Spider Pushup


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