The Animal Within All Fours Workout

Written By: Todd Kuslikis
September 11, 2021

The Animal Within All Fours workout infographic

Bipedalism is a huge advantage humans have over other animals. Having our hands’ free means we can do a lot of things that other animals can’t do, like eating ice cream and doing the Macarena. But today we’re having none of that bipedal nonsense, today we’re going primal, today we’re going savage, today we’re bringing the animal within.

How to unleash the animal within:

Do each exercise for 20 seconds at your normal pace then immediately move to the next exercise. Rest for 20 seconds after each round. Do 5 total rounds.


Tiger mode:

You can take this to the next level by not resting between rounds. You know why because a true tiger needs no rest, so why would you? Well, actually tigers sleep for about 16 hours a day, which is about the exact amount of sleep your body will need to function again after this brutality.

Kitten mode:

If the workout is too much for your little paws, you can reduce the amount of time for the exercises. Just try to be consistent, meaning try to do all exercises for the same amount of time.

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