What’s Your Back Up Workout?

September 11, 2014

plan b

My dad used to ask me the same question that’s been asked by millions of parents around the world…

“What if it doesn’t work?”

“What’s your plan B?”

He would frequently ask me this question during my high school years.

medium_2894406894Most of this time was spent locked away in my basement, jamming with my two best friends; Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan. I spent hours building up callouses, hunched over my guitar.

My vision? To be the greatest guitar player the world has ever seen. But my dad had other thoughts about my future.

As much as we joked about how amazing it would be to drive down to New Orleans and become street musicians, we both knew it would never really happen.

How did I answer his annoying question?

“I have no plan B, dad. Having a plan B would only distract from my plan A.”

My dad would then shake his head and leave the room.

Don’t Believe The Lie

There’s a motivational saying that’s popular right now:

“When pursuing your dream, you must burn all your bridges so that you don’t have the option of retreat.”

The saying comes from Hernán Cortés, who told his men to burn their ships after they landed in Mexico. This way, they would have no option of retreat. I too understand the importance of giving a worthwhile goal 100% of your effort.

However, in life, I think it’s a good idea to WORK your plan B until your plan A succeeds. I believe in small incremental steps toward success.

In fitness, it’s very important to have a plan B.

In particular, a Plan B Workout.

What’s A Plan B Workout?

Everyone likes to have a fitness plan laid out.

When we see it for the first time, it’s shiny and pretty. The excitement level is high and we can’t wait to get started.

medium_118971723Then life steps in the way. The kids are sick and you have to take care of them. You’re asked to travel to New Jersey for the week on business. You’re depressed about your girlfriend dumping you.

Life happens.

For whatever reason, you just can’t seem to fit your workout in. This is why having a Plan B Workout is so critical.

A Plan B Workout is a short and sweet workout that keeps you in the habit of exercising. A lot of the time, when life gets so busy we can’t even get a typical workout in, it’s better to do a little something rather than nothing.

When Plan A is impossible, at least do Plan B.

Here’s My Plan B Workout

  • 25 Jumping Jacks
  • 25 Bodyweight Squats
  • 25 Pull-ups
  • 25 Push-ups

Total reps = 100

I rarely miss a workout nowadays, but when I do, I like to have a back-up plan so there’s never a day where I don’t do something.

It’s important to note, however, that a Plan B Workout is not the same as deloading. Deloading is scheduled active recovery.

Plan B Workouts are inherently designed to be easy. The main purpose is to keep you in the habit of exercising, because momentum is a crucial factor in your fitness success.

Here are some other Plan B Workouts:

The 2 Minute Shower Workout

While taking a shower…

  • 20 Bodyweight Squats
  • 30 Second Isometric Press into the Wall
  • 30 Second Isometric Hold Body Squeeze

The Brushing Your Teeth Workout

While in the bathroom brushing your teeth…

  • 10 Lunges to the Right
  • 10 Lunges to the Left
  • 1 Minute Wall-Sit
  • 20 Bodyweight Squats

The Washing Dishes Workout

  • 2 Bodyweight Squats every time you wash a plate or cup
  • Keep your abs tight the entire time.

The Cookie Dough Ice Cream Workout

medium_3093454532Obviously I don’t endorse eating unhealthy ice cream, but you can turn almost any negative into a positive.

  • After every single bite of ice cream, alternate between 5 push-ups and 5 bodyweight squats.

Write Your Plan B Workout Down

If you don’t write your back up workout down, you won’t do it.

This is a workout that you’ll only pull out when you can’t get to your Plan A. In a perfect world I could give you the advice you need to push through every challenge that could come your way. I could tell you to get your workout in no matter what.

But this isn’t a perfect world. Sometimes we find ourselves depressed, lonely, or just plain exhausted.

Don’t let your negative actions pull you deeper into the blues. Pull out your Plan B Workout and get the blood pumping.

Keep that fitness habit alive!

Do you have a Plan B Workout? If so, what is it? Share in the comments!



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