How To Sculpt Lean Muscle Using Just A Bar (Official Bar Brothers Interview)

Written By: Todd Kuslikis
July 29, 2015

Friends and creators of the worldwide fitness movement known as ‘Bar Brothers’, Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic have been able to make crazy strength gains and build physiques that you would swear could only be gained through hours of weight lifting.

They have inspired people all over the world to commit to healthy lifestyles and progressive calisthenics workouts centered around a pull up bar.

Bar Bros Salute 1

To quote their Facebook page, “Bar Brothers is a Family!

One big worldwide Movement of brothers and sisters helping each other to become the best that they can be! Calisthenics is the Workout. Street Workout is the Sport. And Bar Brothers is the Lifestyle! We are here to motivate you to reach all your goals in life! All day every day!”

I had the great opportunity of asking them some questions to help the SOA tribe improve their physics using calisthenics.

Bar Brothers Interview

How did you first get started in calisthenics?

Lazar Novovic: I got introduced to calisthenics 4 years ago in Serbia by Ivan Markioli. After that, I left Serbia to come to the US and did not train because I wasn’t that motivated. Then I met Dusan Djolevic and introduced him to calisthenics.

Dusan: It wasn’t too long after that we started team Bar Brothers, and it grew worldwide movement really fast.

Who are your fitness influences and what do they mean to you?

We motivate each other every day. The people that motivate us the most are our fans. To hear how we changed their lives truly touches us each time and inspires us to work even harder.

What does a “day in the life” look like for you? Do you have any habits or daily rituals that you attribute to your success?

Dusan: It sounds cliché, but we really do wake up early and go to sleep late. We grind day in day out for our goals. We try our best to stay consistent with our nutrition and workout very hard.

Lazar: It’s tough sometimes, but we’re driven by the lives that we touch. When things get tough, we raise each other up. I believe consistency is the biggest key to success. Because if you quit, then there was no point of starting. Each day is a small building block to eventually get where you want to be in life.

Knee health score 3

To develop the strength necessary to perform extremely advanced freestyle calisthenics, did you follow a strict fitness routine, or did you constantly alter your workouts based on your goals and needs?

Never give up

Lazar: We constantly made our workouts more challenging, and we worked on the moves at least 2 times a week. All it takes is will power and the passion to accomplish the move.

Dusan: Many people give up when it gets hard but that is the biggest mistake. You have to believe in yourself and know that you can push past any obstacle.

How can an average, working person with a day job find the time and motivation to achieve results similar to yours?

Dusan: You don’t have to find time, you have to make time.

Lazar: Yep

Dusan: We believe that not having time to workout is just an excuse lazy people made up. If you really want something bad enough you will find a way, if not you will find an excuse. So get out there and start putting in the work. Take average to extraordinary.

It is amazing that you are able to do so many intense variations on the bar. What is your best advice for the person that can’t do a pull-up?

Backwards pull-up

Dusan: Best advice we can give is for them to remember any expert was once a beginner. All you have to do is make a decision that you will do whatever it takes to become better. Then start with progressions. From there the rest is easy because you put your mind to the task. Next you just have to put in the work. Best part is that our family is full of positive minded brothers and sisters that motivate each other. So we all move forward together.

Obviously, you must have amazing diets. What is your go-to post workout snack?

Lazar: Our favorite post workout snack is bread with peanut butter and sliced bananas. Good source of carbs, protein, and potassium.

The Bar Brothers has turned into a world-wide movement. Did you envision this from the start? Where do you see it heading? Touring? Gyms?

Dusan: Yes we definitely saw it from the beginning. We plan on taking it very far and many people believe in the vision too now. They see how hard we work and want to be part of the movement as well. There will be events, indoor facilities, more products to help our supports reach their goals, and many more things to come, but we can’t give out all the surprises yet. ☺

If you could offer just one rule to live by, what would it be, and why?

Dusan: Be the best YOU can be. This is the Bar Brothers slogan. If you can apply this to all the aspects of your life you should have no regrets. Because if you are giving 100% effort in any given moment, then there is not much else you can do. So you deal with the results, make changes, and become better day by day. Always reaching your full potential and motivating those around you. That is what our worldwide movement is all about.

Never Give upWant to join the Bar Brothers family? 

Check out their official site at .

A challenge from their Facebook page, “Represent Bar Brothers in your country by completing our requirements!

Bar Brothers Requirements

 “7 Muscle Ups, 25 Dips, 10 Wide Grip Pull Ups, 25 Push Ups, 10 Leg Lifts, 7 Muscle Ups.” In under 5 minutes or less!”

Give it a shot!

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  1. Colton lewis

    Bar brothers 3 month program is excellent I couldn’t do most of the workouts from the beggining I’m on week 12! And did my first muscle up yesterday! Keep pushing and always remember where you came from that is what motivated me to push through a platou

  2. Oscar Briones

    Is this program for beginners who cannot do a pullup?

    • Todd Kuslikis

      Hi Oscar, yep. In the program, Lazar and Dusan teach progressions to the pull up as well. So you’ll learn the proper sequence of exercises to build enough strength to do your 1st pull up and beyond. 🙂


    Where can i get/start a Calisthenics program? I really want to get into it! someone shoot me a link? I’m here for a new change, and a better Future! Salute!

    • Todd Kuslikis

      Hi Acshredz, see the image toward the end of the interview.

  4. Branden

    I am beginning week 3 of ” The System” and I have never had a program build so much noticeable strength and endurance in just the first few weeks. My aim is to complete the bar brothers challenge by the end of my 12 week program! Also, Thank you Todd for your information and book it is a huge benefit to my routine! Keep kicking ass!

    • Todd Kuslikis

      That’s awesome Branden. Its an incredible system. Keep us posted on the progress. 🙂

  5. Tony McCarley

    Todd, your website, content, and especially these interviews make you one of my top go to inspirations for bodyweight calisthenics! Keep up the great work and I can’t wait to see where SOA goes! Hats off to you sir!

    • Todd Kuslikis

      Thanks so much for saying this Tony. I’m committing to “Expert Calisthenics Interviews” every Wednesday so be on the lookout. 🙂

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