What Are The Benefits of Kettlebell Workouts?

One of the best total-body workouts is kettleball training. Kettleball training includes the use of a cast iron weight with a handle, using ballistic movements, combining cardiovascular exercises with strength and flexibility all-in-one. The benefits of kettlebell workouts are due to the center of gravity of the cast iron weight not being in the hand like a dumbbell.

Kettleball workouts focus on certain types of movements to gain strength. Swinging and snatching the weight stretches the muscles. This also requires the muscles to get a deep workout to “begin and end” the swing or snatch without losing your stance.

Those with weak or injured backs, or shoulder problems should avoid kettleball training as the workouts are intense. Like any exercise program, the risk of injury is greater if you have had previous problems.

Benefits of Kettlebell Workouts

There are multiple benefits to kettleball training over other types of workouts and programs. A 30 minute workout with a kettleball is the equivalent to a one hour full body workout at the gym. Intensity is greatly increased due to the use of gravity. Grip strength is greatly increased as they are the only thing stopping a kettleball from flying off in a random direction as you perform swinging exercises.

Kettleball training is not considered a mainstream workout, although over 100,000 people use the workout according to the American Kettleball Club. One great benefit of the kettleball is that swinging the weight requires you to use multiple major muscle groups to keep your body in one place. The workout forces you to maintain balance on your body, while also increasing the heart rate to the point of getting a good cardio workout as well.

A kettleball workout is quicker, taking only about 30 minutes to hit the whole body. The core muscles are targeted and strengthened much faster. The workout gives you the advantage of hitting the treadmill and the free weights in one intense workout.

Perhaps the greatest time benefit is that you can use one ball, of whatever weight you choose, and you do not need anything else. All you need is room to swing the ball. Invent your exercises and tailor them to the muscle groups you want to hit the most. In the end you’ll find you are hitting them all at once.

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I hope you learned some of the benefits of kettlebell workouts. Remember, you should always consult your physician before beginning or changing an exercise program.

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