Best Bodyweight Leg Routine

Written By: Todd Kuslikis
October 04, 2011

Using body weight exercises is one of the most effective ways of burning out your legs. Many weight lifters suffer from the top-heavy syndrome. Their upper body is extremely developed yet their legs are little chicken sticks. Using the Best Bodyweight Leg Routine twice a week will add some bulk to your lower half and give you the ability to jump over small homes and kick down locked doors. Ok, maybe not the last couple, but I haven’t done this routine for years on end so just it might just be true, O ye of little faith!

*If you are looking for another true leg challenge, here’s a great one. It’s called the Bodyweight Squats Muscular Endurance 5-Minute Challenge. It’s a killer.

Bodyweight Leg Routine Description

The Insane No-Weight Leg Routine incorporates 9 Extreme Leg Exercises in a way that is designed to totally fatigue your legs. You will do the the first three exercises to maximum fatigure, then rest for 30 seconds then go into the next three exercises, then rest for 30 seconds, and finally finish up the last 3. The 30 seconds in between the three sets are the ONLY times you are resting during this exercise workout. The point is to burn out your legs. Remember to keep track of your total reps, mark it down in the Downloadable Routine and work toward completing more reps the next time around.

Bodyweight Leg Downloadable Routine

click here to download the best bodyweight leg routine in pdf format


Bodyweight Leg Exercises

1st Session

Hindu Squat

Crazy Lunge

One Legged Bird Squat


2nd Session

Karate Squat

Knee Health Score 2

Falling Tower Exercise

Duck Walks Exercise


Catcher’s Squat

Sunken Squat

Squat Thrusts Exercise



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  1. Udayan

    Hey Todd!
    Another epic workout! Totally loved it! As a finisher I also added 25 jumpsquats and 60 seconds of wall-sit. Thanks! I was looking for a good routine for the legs as I need to add strength.

  2. Amy Jackson

    Where can I find descriptions of the exercises?

  3. Aaron

    Hi. Do i burn out on each excercise then move to the next one or do i rotate the three excercises doin them one at a time until im fatigued?

    • Todd Kuslikis

      Hey Aaron,

      Yes, burn them out completely. Must go to full fatigue.


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