10 Best Training Montages To Get You Pumped

Check out these best training montages of all time. Some you can’t sit while watching because they’ll motivate you so much. Others may bring you to tears. Use these training montages whenever you feel a lack of motivation, they’ll be sure to stir you to action. It always is interesting to me to think about how connected our emotions are to sound. As you go through this list, notice the emotion you experience through the video.

Most people go straight to the Rocky Training Montage. But some don’t realize that there are other training montages that are just as inspiring. I think another reason we are inspired by these montages so much, other than the music, is because we aspire to greatness. All of the athletes in these videos could considered great in their own right. We love the Michael Jordan’s of the world because as we watch them achieve greatness we have the opportunity to connect with them in their greatness, feeling a level of greatness ourselves. Training montages work well for motivation because they help us realize that more is possible, if we work hard enough. I love the saying that Good luck and perspiration smell alike.

As you prepare for your training, realize that what one man can do, another can do also. None of the below individuals are unique other than that they gave it everything they had to achieve greatness. You can to. Use these great training montages to inspire you to do the same.

Best Training Montages of All Time

10. Lance Armstrong Training


9. P90X Results Video


8. Ironman Motivation


7. Motivation for Sport Video


6. Brock Lesnar Inspirational Workout


5. Muhammad Ali Training


4. MMA – A Champ Is Born


3. Arnold Schwarzenegger


2. Rocky 4 Training Montage


1. Team Hoyt: I Can Only Imagine


The above are my opinion of the best training montages of all time. Post your thoughts below!

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