Boat Exercise

Written By: Todd Kuslikis
October 09, 2011

Boat Exercise is a movement I learned from P90X Workout Series. The exercise strengthens your entire body and is incredible because it uses dynamic tension.

How to do a Boat Exercise:

Lay on the ground, face down. Bend your knees and grab your ankles. When you have a secure grip on your ankles extend your legs as far as you can. This will lift your upper body into the air. Hold this position.

Muscle group worked:

Boat Exercise strengthens your whole body but focuses specifically on quad strength.

Target Repetitions for Muscle Tone/Endurance: Hold for a count of 30sec to 1 minute.

Why the Boat Exercise works:

Boat Exercise works so well because your quads have to perform the majority of the work simply to lift your body.


It’s important to remember that your body comes up into the air not from arching up but by extending your legs. This is what lifts your body.

Important!: Breath slow and steady through this exercise.

Disclaimer: Talk to your primary care physician before beginning any exercise regimen.

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