Extreme Body Weight Shoulder Workout

Written By: Todd Kuslikis
October 04, 2011

Using body weight exercises is a very effective way to burn out the muscles in your shoulders. You can target the anterior, middle, and posterior deltoids all by using different types of body weight exercises. Use the below body weight shoulder workout to develop tremendous strength in your shoulders…all without weights!

Body Weight Shoulder Workout Description

This routine lays out 7 shoulder exercises that you will do 2 X per week for 4 weeks. Your shoulders will be ripped at the end of the month. The key to this workout routine is that you are using angular training to work different parts of your shoulders and that you are burning them out through maximum repetitions. Do each exercise twice then move on to the next exercise. Use your stopwatch and give yourself 30 seconds in between each exercise.

Downloadable Routine


click here to download the FREE pdf routine

click here to download the FREE excel routine


Body Weight Shoulder Exercises

Letter I Press up

Helicopter Exercise

Falling Pushup

Stare at the Moon Exercise (1 minute)

Missing Arm Hold Exercise

Bear Walk Exercise

Knee health score 3

Bridge Pushup



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  1. Cody

    Your workouts are great, and my favorite part is working out along with you on your videos, especially because you demonstrate the moves.
    There’s no video for this one though! More videos Todd! 🙂

  2. kuzey

    I can build big muscles mass with body weight crossfit

    • kuzey

      Can I build large muscle mass with body weight crossfit

  3. marco

    hi todd
    i can’t download the workout at all.

  4. Marcus

    I dont get the exercise chart. Are there sets? how many times do u do the exercises?

    • Todd Kuslikis

      Hey Marcus,

      Yep, 2 exercises for each set. Click the image and you’ll see how I designed the program.

      Hope that helps.


      • Maxime Drouin

        Hi, I think it’s not possible to download this workout anymore

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