Bodyweight Bundle Sale – 38 Resources from Top Bodyweight Experts

March 24, 2014

Do you love to workout using bodyweight exercises?

Do you like to experiment with different styles of bodyweight training?

Over the past several months I have been reaching out to the top bodyweight experts in the world. My idea was to come together and create an all bodyweight bundle where people could get access to an abundance of material for a low price.

Well, I couldn’t be more excited to share with you!

It is a collection of material that will help you lose fat, build muscle and get in amazing shape… all using your own weight.

We have 38 experts that have decided to jump on board and cover everything related to bodyweight fitness.

This is what is included in the Bundle:

-8 Muscle Building ebooks

-6 Fat Loss ebooks

-5 Bodyweight Play/Trick ebooks

-10 Video/Workout Programs

-5 Nutrition/Recipe ebooks

-4 Warm Up/Rehab/Stretching ebooks

The total price for purchasing each of these ebooks separately is $1,153.26.

Yet every contributor in the bundle has been willing to give a 97% Off Discount!

Click the below image to learn more about the bundle and the benefits of working out with bodyweight exercises.

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  1. Mark Arnold

    If you are a student of fitness, then you know that you cannot get too much information. Just bought the bundle, and some great ideas that I can implement into my training sessions. Some great refreshers on stuff that I used to do, but forgot about as well. A little bit of something for everyone!

  2. Fahad Darwesh

    I bought the bundle…
    So CooooooooooooooooooooL…

  3. Jason

    Ordered your bundle yesterday. Had a chance to look through most of the material and it looks great. Now… I closed the window you recommended I bookmark to view the bundle items (by mistake). Where do I go to sign in to look at the materials again?

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