30 Greatest Bodyweight Workout Plans That Won’t Cost You A Penny

Written By: Todd Kuslikis
August 24, 2015

After writing the article on “How To Choose The Right Bodyweight Training Plan”, I started to get a lot of questions. The most common one being:

Where can I find good bodyweight training plans, Todd?

You can find simple, good, and free bodyweight training plans online.

To make life easier for you, I decided to write this article where you are going to find a list of the 30 best bodyweight training plans that I have found online.

In my search for good bodyweight plans, I found out that most of the programs are hybrid and do not focus on one quality only.

For this reason, the workout plans are categorized into two categories only:

  • Maximal strength
  • Strength endurance and conditioning

You are going to lose fat and build muscle regardless of which category the routine belongs to.

However, you should know that the strength training plans are better for muscle mass while the conditioning circuits are better for losing fat.

If you’re willing to make an investment in a bodyweight exercise program, you can do it here.

With that said… let’s start!

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Strength-Focused Bodyweight Workout Plans

bodyweight workout plans plyo

In this section belong all the programs whose main target is to become stronger or to build a stronger foundation.

Since it is required to do lots of reps as a beginner to build a solid foundation, some of the programs here might seem that they fall into the endurance category, if we judge them by their parameters. However, I have included them in the strength category because endurance isn’t their goal.

The workout plans are divided into two categories based on the difficulty level:

  • Beginner level routines
  • Intermediate level and beyond routines

Beginner Level Bodyweight Workout Plans

Bodyweight Plan #1: 31-day Beginner Bodyweight Program

This is a very simple and easy plan to follow designed specifically for total beginners.

By following this plan, you will be able to increase your reps in some of the basic bodyweight movements. If you can’t do regular push ups (or any other exercise), you can use an easier progression and then test your abilities again at the end of the 31 days.

You can follow multiple monthly cycles of this plan until you are able to train with some of the more advanced training plans that you can find later in this post.

Bodyweight Plan #2: Reddit Community Recommended Routine

This plan is also for beginners, however, you should have a solid foundation already built before starting this plan.

With this plan, you are going to train 3 times per week.

If you are interested in achieving gymnastic skills, later on, this plan might be one of the best options you have.

A specific deload principle isn’t stated directly in the post. I would recommend you to follow monthly cycles by having a deload week every 4th or 5th week.

Bodyweight Plan #3: Neat Strength’s “From Zero to Hero: Beginner Bodyweight Workout Plan”

This is a great plan for total beginners.

Even if you are not able to do a single push-up, if you follow this plan you are going to achieve it.

This plan is designed so that you are going to gradually move to more advanced movements and thus be able to master the basics (push-ups, pull-ups, squats) and build a very solid foundation.

Bodyweight Plan #4: Four Week Bodyweight Program

This is a very straightforward training plan.

The main goal is to build strength. This program isn’t only for beginners and if you find that it works well for you, you can follow it as you become more advanced too.

Another benefit of this program is that it doesn’t require a lot of time commitment.

Deloading is built into the program by cycling through easy, medium, and hard workout sessions.

Intermediate Level and Beyond Bodyweight Workout Plans

bodyweight workout plans handstand

Bodyweight Plan #5: Bar-barian Forum Beginner Bodyweight Plan

Even if this plan is titled a beginner workout, by a bar-barian member, I believe that it’s better suited for intermediate athletes.

To follow this plan you should have already mastered some hard moves that are definitely not on the beginner level (e.g. wall assisted handstand push-ups).

This is a split-type program. Meaning that you are going to have days dedicated to different areas of your body.

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Lastly, if building muscle is one of your priorities, then I would suggest you give this plan a try.

Bodyweight Plan #6: Start Bodyweight Basic Routine

This is a very simple and straightforward plan with the main goal being to get stronger by achieving harder and harder calisthenics movements.

In this plan, you are training mostly for strength. However, the short breaks and the higher progression standard are going to help you build a ton of muscle and lose fat at the same time.

With this program, you are going to train all the basic movement patterns by progressing in exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, handstand push-ups, pistol squats, leg raises, etc.

This is a routine that you can follow for a long time and still get stronger and stronger.

Bodyweight Plan #7: Antranik’s Bodyweight Training

If you want to achieve both regular advanced calisthenics and gymnastic skills as well, this may be the best available free plan online.

With this plan, you are going to train in 3-day cycles, where

  • Day 1: pushing strength
  • Day 2: pulling strength
  • Day 3: Leg and core strength

It doesn’t say it on the post, but you can have 2 cycles per week with one rest day. This way you can organize the plan in weeks.

This plan can be followed by beginners as well, but it might be difficult to understand some of the concepts presented in the article.

If you are a newbie, I would recommend that you get familiar with gymnastics by following bodyweight plan #2 and when it becomes easy, you can progress to this one.

Bodyweight Plan #8: The Ultimate Bodyweight Workout Routine

This is another split routine where you are going to have days dedicated to different muscle groups.

This plan is mostly focused on building muscle rather than strength.

Bodyweight Plan #9: Calisthenics Workout Plan

This is a 6-month training program that aims at getting you stronger.

Following this program is also going to help you build a lot of muscle.

This program is tough.

The first months are relatively easy (depending on your level), but as you move on it becomes really challenging.

If you are able to go through this program successfully you will be seriously strong afterward. Both physically and mentally.

Bodyweight Plan #10: Beastskill’s Training Routine

This is a very advanced personalized training routine.

I wouldn’t expect you to follow this program.

So why did you include it, Todd?

Knee Health Score 2

Even if you can’t follow the routine Jim follows, you can get a lot of value by reading how his routine is structured and why his doing it that way.

Jim is a very advanced calisthenics athlete and you can learn a lot by studying his training routine.

Bodyweight Plan #11: Ring Muscle Up Training Plan

This is a 4-week training plan with the sole purpose of helping you achieve the muscle-up on rings.

This is not a complete plan, meaning that you will still have to add some leg and core work to balance it out.

If you have access to the ring and you want to achieve a clean muscle-up, this is a great plan to follow.

Bodyweight Plan #12: Gymnastics Bodyweight Training Plan

This is a very well-designed gymnastics training plan.

This plan isn’t only focused on strength, but rather you are going to practice a lot of skill work and flexibility drills as well.

This is a 12-week program.

Endurance & Conditioning Focused Bodyweight Plans

bodyweight workout plans running

Here you are going to find the bodyweight plans that are focused on strength endurance and conditioning.

The exercise plans are divided into two categories based on their difficulty level:

  • Beginner level
  • Intermediate level and beyond

Beginner Level Bodyweight Plans

Bodyweight Plan #13: 30 Days Of Change

Description from the website:

30 Days of Change program is designed to change your exercise habits as well as the way you look and feel – in a month. It is completely 100% equipment free. Different daily programs will ensure that your body doesn’t adapt to the same routine so you’ll see progress a lot sooner than with any other program.

This program puts a lot of emphasis on aerobic and anaerobic conditioning along with endurance.

Even if I put this program in the beginner section, different progressions are offered so that you can apply this program even if you are an intermediate-level athlete.

Bodyweight Plan #14: The Home Workout For Beginner’s

Description from the website:

This is for anyone who wants to lose the most amount of body fat possible, but has no access to a gym or equipment.

Other than helping you lose weight this 30-day routine is going to help you increase both your endurance and anaerobic conditioning.

Bodyweight Plan #15: Basic to Beast Complete Bodyweight Workout Program

This is a hybrid workout plan that is going to help you increase your maximal strength, your endurance, and conditioning. You are also going to burn fat and build muscle as well.

This is a monthly plan where you are going to train 3 times per week alternating between workout A and workout B having a rest day in between.

After you have finished a full month you should take a week off and then start the next month’s training with the same or the more advanced variations.

This plan is for people that are still on the basic level and want to build all-around strength and become more efficient in bodyweight movements.

If you are a total beginner, then this plan is not yet for you as it requires some basic movements to be already mastered.

Bodyweight Plan #16: 6 Week Bodyweight Training Plan

This plan is for people who have mastered the basics and want to reach the next level in conditioning and endurance. If you want to lose fat, this is a very good program to follow.

The plan is 6 weeks long. In the first 4 weeks, you are going to train 4 times per week and during the last two 5 times per week.

Since this program requires little time commitment if you don’t have much time available this is a great plan to follow.

Bodyweight Plan #17: Full Body Weight Workout Routines, NO GYM? NO EXCUSES!

This plan is designed in a way that it’s easily implementable for all levels of fitness.

If you decide to follow this routine, you will have to train 6 times per week and take a break on the 7th day.

The program is designed in weekly cycles. After the end of each week, if the week was easy for you, you can progress to the next level.

You can use every 4th or 5th week as a deload week too.

Bodyweight Plan #18: 30 Day At-Home Workout Challenge

This is a very simple plan aimed mostly at beginners.

To follow this plan you should not be a complete beginner, but have a fair amount of training already (e.g. being able to do 10-15 push-ups).

Bodyweight Plan #19: 4-Week Sample Bodyweight Only Training Program for Your Strength Training Workout Routine – by John Sifferman

This is a very simple 4-week bodyweight workout plan.

There are two main workouts consisting of AMRAP type circuits, which you are going to alternate every other day.

This plan is for people that are at the beginner-intermediate level and not complete beginners.

Intermediate Level & Beyond Bodyweight Plans

bodyweight workout plans

Bodyweight Plan #20: 4-Week Bodyweight Workout Program #1

This is a 4-week bodyweight program that consists mainly of bodyweight circuits and HIIT-type workouts.

Following this routine is going to help you lose a lot of fat.

You should already have a solid bodyweight strength foundation before attempting to follow this routine.

Bodyweight Plan #21: 100 Push-Ups In A Row Step-by-step Plan

As the name suggests the whole purpose of this routine is to reach 100 consecutive push-ups.

With this program, you are going to follow a 3-day cycle:

  • Day 1: Achieve the desired rep number using the least sets possible.
  • Day 2: Achieve the desired rep number spreading the sets through the day.
  • Day 3: Rest

Even if you don’t have this specific goal in mind, this plan can help you build a lot of endurance.

This plan is not complete by itself, meaning that you will have to include other exercises into the mix or adapt your current program around the 3-day cycle. If you train with this program, I recommend you to include lots of pulling exercises to balance out the patterns and have some leg and core exercises as well.

Bodyweight Plan #22: World Record-Breaking Pull Up Routine

This is a crazy routine to follow.

Kind of similar to the 100 push-up plan (#1) but way more brutal (depending on your goal).

Even if the main purpose of the plan is to increase the total number of pull-ups you can do in a day, it will also help you increase the number of pull-ups you can do in a row.

This plan is for intermediate and advanced athletes that are able to do at least 10 consecutive pull-ups.

In the routine, a deload phase isn’t stated, but I would recommend that you have one every 4th or 5th week to recover properly.

Similar to the previous plan (#21), this isn’t a complete routine and you should include some other exercises into your training.

Bodyweight Plan #23: 30 Days Without Weight For Ultimate Strength, Conditioning & Fat Loss

This is an excellent 30 days program that you can easily introduce into your current routine if you want to take a break from pure strength training and move a little more into endurance and conditioning.

With this plan, you are going to target both aerobic and anaerobic conditioning.

After 30 days, you can return back to strength training or keep using this program.

Bodyweight Plan #24: Men’s Advanced Bodyweight Workout Plan

This program is for advanced athletes.

It is a 12-week routine, where you will have to train 5 days per week having 2 consecutive days for rest.

This plan consists mostly of high rep bodyweight circuits.

Because the reps required by the plan are pretty high, this plan is mostly aimed at advanced athletes who already have developed great strength endurance but still want to reach a higher level.

Bodyweight Plan #25: The U.S. Navy Seal Workout

This plan is designed for advanced athletes who have plenty of work capacity.

This routine contains swimming as an exercise, so if you want to follow this plan fully, you will need access to water.

Lastly, this program contains lots of running.

Bodyweight Plan #26: Prison Workout: The Jailhouse Strong Routine

This plan is based on a 4-day cycle:

  • Day One: Upper body (push/pull)
  • Day Two: Lower body
  • Day Three: Total body
  • Day Four: Rest
  • Repeat

The main focus of the program is on building endurance.

There are a lot of different routines shared in the post. This makes the plan more flexible and you will be less likely to get bored.

In addition, some of the routines will help you build more muscle as well.

Bodyweight Plan #27: Max Capacity Training 12 Week Plan

With this routine, you are going to train 3 times per week. The sessions are mostly Tabata circuits and other types of circuit training.

For this reason, this plan is mostly targeted towards conditioning.

Training with this program is going to help you lose a ton of fat.

Also, most of the workouts require little time commitment, and as such this maybe be a good option if you have a busy schedule.

Bodyweight Plan #28: The Ultimate 90-Day Bodyweight Training Plan

This is a plan that I have recently created.

The program is based on monthly cycles:

  • 1st Month: El Diablo Month
  • 2nd Month: The Shredder Month
  • 3rd Month: The Total Annihilator Month

In the first 2 months, you are going to train 3 times per week. In the last one, you are going to train 4 times per week.

No equipment is needed for this training routine.

Bodyweight Plan #29: 4 Week Butt Workout Plan for a Brazilian Butt

This workout plan is aimed mostly at women.

All of the workout sessions of this plan are focused on the glutes.

This is not a complete program and as such you will have to add more exercises into the program to balance it out.

Bodyweight Plan #30: The 3 Month Bodyweight Butt Workout Plan  

Similar to the previous one, this program is mostly aimed at women.

The workout sessions are really short and easy to implement on top of another routine.

This is not a complete program. Make sure to add other body part training into this one.


All of these workout plans are available to you for free!

If equipment and resources used to be an excuse for you, now they no longer are.

With the Program Guide and this list, you have everything you need to start working towards your fitness goals.

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. ~ Arthur Ashe

Which of the training plans fit best to your current training goals?

I would love to hear your answer in the comment section below! 

– Bodyweight Todd

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    Just what I was looking for; I want to do bodyweight workouts, but I need structure, and a structure/workout plan I can believe in (i.e. that makes sense to me).

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    One bodyweight protocol that I used a few years ago that was pretty effective (if redundant) was SimpleFit: https://www.simplefit.org/

    It relies on only pull ups, pushups, and bw squats, done three times a week. The part that I enjoyed was how the third routine of the week served as a gauge that determined how you progress the next week.

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