5 Calisthenics Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

Written By: Todd Kuslikis
February 26, 2016

Social media is an insatiable monster that cannot be stopped. Some people haughtily claim, “I don’t even use social media,” as if that would quell the beast, but that only makes it hungrier for the rest of us. Also a lot of those people are liars.

Social media serves many purposes. It can help you get a job, a date, or keep up with your favorite celebrities’ complete misunderstanding of what Pandora is. On the whole, it’s mainly a platform for sharing information about whatever you want. Most people choose their dinner.

But aside from goofy SnapChat filters, do-it-yourself crafts from Pintrest and Tinder fail screenshots, there are some places you can go to better your calisthenics training. We’re going to show you a few from the world of Instagram.

If you’re unfamiliar, Instagram is the most popular photo and video sharing site on the internet. Like the rest of social media, you can pretty much find anything on it, from really stupid tattoos to men who got dragged to the mall.

But many of our favorite bodyweight trainers are active Grammers, and there are some pages solely dedicated to the calisthenics movement. So in an effort to spare you the hours of scrolling past your friend’s third selfie of the day and some old high school classmate’s cat pictures, here are 5 Instagram accounts to give your training a boost.

Ido Portal

What better place to start than with the world’s most foremost movement expert? Whether you’ve been a fan of Ido Portal for years or are reading his name for the first time, his Instagram is chock-full of videos showcasing has mastery of the human body and is sure to get you motivated.

Raw Calisthenics

Los Angeles-based movement coach Danny Michnowicz also has his own page worth checking out, but Raw Calisthenics is a great collection of some of his best maneuvers as well as amazing calisthenics athletes from all over.

Al Kavadlo

Major points to our old pal Al Kavadlo and his awesome account, which highlights his one-of-a-kind personality and calisthenics expertise (we’re pretty big fans of Al). Our one gripe with his account? You can’t tell us he couldn’t incorporate some form of You Can Call Me Al in his user name.

Frank Medrano

Another favorite athlete of ours, Frank Medrano’s page is loaded with inspirational posts and those famous pull-ups of his. Medrano could probably type this sentence on his phone mid-pull-up, and If you don’t believe us, you haven’t seen the guy work.


This collective of calisthenics experts are here to give “daily advice, inspiration, workouts, and more”. Their page is a mix of highly adva-nced calisthenics and words of encouragement, with some great humor mixed in. One of their most recent videos is a Tyrannosaurus Rex attempting pull-ups, dips and gymnastics rings. If you’re still here it must mean you didn’t read that last sentence correctly. Go. Watch. The T-Rex.

Knee Health Score 2

When balance meets strength ? Who you think can pull this off? ? @muscle_up_juan #barstarzz A video posted by Barstarzz (@barstarzz) on

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  1. Jodelieh Blue

    Love the post, but I miss the woman… I often miss them and they are there. Loads of posts feel like they are just for amale audience, but there are actually some amazing atlethic woman. Not me, not yet at least.

    • Todd Kuslikis

      Great point Jodelieh. Some of the most awesome athletes on Instagram are women. I’ll try to make the article male gender balanced in a future update. Hopefully you’ll be on it someday 🙂

      – Todd

      • AMG

        Hiya, it’s been three years – any women worth following yet? 😉

  2. Luke

    Todd, is ashotofadrenaline on Instagram? If not any plans to go IG?

    • Todd Kuslikis

      Hi Luke,

      We’re not on IG, but that may change in the future.

      – Todd

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