The Concrete Foundation Workout

The Concrete Foundation Workout infographic

This week’s workout is all about laying a firm foundation for you whole body to rest on.

Your body is only as strong as its foundation, meaning your lower body. It’s critical to have a sturdy support for any structure, and that includes you! Ignoring it just makes you look weak. That’s why people who regularly leg day just aren’t that impressive, no matter how jacked they are up top.

I want you to be the Empire State of fitness, the Taipei 101 of muscle, the Burj Khalifa of strength.

This workout will get you there using five high-intensity, lower-body focused exercises.

So watch my friends Dmitry from Russia and Eli from Holland doing the workout and getting a strong foundation. Then, go ahead and grab your copy of the workout sheet below and get a strong foundation yourself.



Do each exercise for 30 seconds then immediately move to the next exercise — that’s right, NO REST. Once you finish one round, rest for 1 minute. Do 5 rounds total.


Listed below are the exercises you will be doing. Click the link for a video tutorial on how to perform each one, as well as a link to some of our unique programs where you can find each exercise (and a lot more!).


  • Instead of regular bodyweight squats, do pistol squats
  • Crank your lunges up a notch with crazy lunges
  • Add a hop to your Bulgarian split squats
  • Go to failure with each exercise before moving to the next


  • If the mountain climbers are too punishing, you can skip them
  • Do the exercises for 20 seconds instead of 30
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  1. Ridwan Mao

    Will definitely be adding this to my training routine! I appreciate the clear images, videos and the downloadable tracking sheet 🙂

    • Todd Kuslikis

      You’re welcome Ridwan. Let me know how it goes.

      – Todd

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