Day 2/Week 2: The Ultimate 30 Min Leg Workout Using Only Body Weight Exercises


So glad to see you again. This is an intense 30 minute leg workout using only body weight exercises. We will be doing three different types of exercises: sunken squat, chair pose and frog squats.

Total time is 33 min.

Make sure to push all the way through it. If you are struggling with some of the exercises, feel free to modify them. For example, with sunken squat you don’t need to go down all the way. Or chair pose, you can stay up a little higher.

Keep me updated on how you’re doing! As always, if you haven’t joined the IBC yet, you can do it for free by clicking here.

To learn more about this specific 1 month body weight exercise plan, click here.


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  1. Randy

    Day 2 of week 2– Well, I am caught up! This one was punishment!! I will be more carefull about vacations in the future!! Especially if they require walking, or just the proper function of the right and left leg. Ouch! That was one hot workout.

    • Todd Kuslikis

      That’s awesome Randy! Love the comment about the vacation. LOL!

      I totally hear you about the toughness of it. I’m pretty sore too. Gonna be shooting the next upper body video today and am anticipating a doozy. Doing Burpees, Kiss Pull Ups and Flutter Kicks. Ohhhhh!!!


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