Develop Your Upper Chest With This Decline Pushup, Pull Up & V Hold Workout Routine (IBC Workout – Day 3/Week4)

Written By: Todd Kuslikis
October 19, 2021


Do you suffer from man boobs?

Do you have a saggy chest region?

This workout can help you. A lot of people think they are doomed to let the effects of gravity (and their diet) slowly transform their body into mush. This is totally untrue.

Using Angular Based Body Weight Training you can transform man boobs into pecs of iron, droopy buns into a butt of steel and flabby arms into toned horse shoes a Clydesdale would be jealous of.

Above is a great workout routine for you to try to really tone up. It’s part of the Iron Body Club 700 Workout Routine. If you haven’t joined the club yet, you’ll want to do that here because I’ll email you each day their is a workout. CLICK HERE to do so.

Here’s The Workout:

Exercise 1: Decline Pushups

This is a great exercise for targeting your upper chest region. Again, this hits on the importance of using the angle of one’s exercise to target the area of the body that you are trying to affect. For example, regular push ups strengthen more of the middle part of the chest. When you do decline pushups, you strengthen more of the upper part of the chest and over time that’s how you get that lift.

Exercise 2: Pull Ups-

We have done a lot of pull ups through this 1 month workout routine. The cool thing about this is that you don’t even need an official pull up/chin up bar. You can use common tools that you find around the house.

Exercise 3: V Holds-

Knee Health Score 2

If you are tired of the same old ab exercise you can use this great core strengthener to develop your mid section and oblique. It will also help you strengthen your love handle area. I have to remind each of you here that it is only by eating the right foods that you decrease your body fat and get that 6 pack abs you are looking for.

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