Does The Perfect Workout Really Exist?

October 24, 2011

I find it fascinating how so many people are in search of the “perfect workout.” There are  33,100 people searching for the key words “perfect workout” on Google each month. I’m not sure if this is due to products such as the “perfect pushup” or the “perfect pull up” coming out. But this blog post is designed to help us explore why people are searching for the perfect workout and if one really exists.

3 Reasons Why People Are Looking For The Perfect Workout

1. Time Crunch

So many people seem to be in a time crunch and they feel like they can’t fit a workout in their busy schedule. So they search for a workout that claims it can give you “Six Pack Shortcuts”, “10 Minute Workouts” or whatever other “secrets” are on the market nowadays.

2. Fear Of Failure

People don’t want to feel like they are doing the wrong thing because they don’t want to fail. They want to get healthy and look great so they try to maximize the efforts by searching for the “perfect workout”.

3. They Just Plain Don’t Like Working Out

This may be the clincher. Most people don’t like the feeling of being uncomfortable. I’m sorry to say that if you are exercising properly, you’re gonna be uncomfortable. I find it kind of sad when I go to the gym and I see people day in and day out jumping on the elliptical, with no resistance, just zoning away watching their morning television shows for 30 minutes, than hopping off without a drop a sweat on their brow. This ain’t exercising. You may say, “Be proud of them for at least getting to the gym.” Yeah, I guess. Though remember, this post is about the “perfect workout”. And this type of exercising is the furthest thing from it.

Is There A Perfect Workout?

You may have guessed by now that I don’t believe there is a perfect workout. I believe in scientific principles that need to be incorporated into exercise to create change. Though I don’t believe the hype of companies marketing a workout being “perfect” just to exploit people’s need and desire to have a short workout.

Do You Believe There Is A Perfect Workout?

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