5 Feats Of Strength That Everyone Should Try

Written By: Todd Kuslikis
September 27, 2011

Most people have heard of extraordinary physical feats of strength and endurance like Jack Lalanne swimming 1 mile while shackled and handcuffed, pulling 70 boats at the age of 70. Or maybe you have heard of Minoru Yoshida who did 10,507 pushups without stopping. That’s great for the most crazy fitness athletes alive, but how about you and me? What feats of strength should we be able to perform to impress our friends with our physical prowess?

Below you will find my top 5 list for physical feats of strength and endurance every extremist should learn to do. Some may take a few months to learn how to do it but will definitely impress your friends and show off how extreme you are.

5 Realist Feats of Strength For Your Bucket list

Feat of Strength 5: Compete In a Triathlon

Triathalons are physical fitness feats that combine swimming, biking and running. Distances vary greatly but start off at 750 m swim, 20 km bike, 5 km run and go up to Ultra Distance Triathlons (IronMan for example) at 3.8 km swim, 180 km ride, and a marathon: 42.2 km run. These events require quite a bit of training, especially at the longer distances and are something that every extremist should add as one of their personal physical fitness feats.

How Can I Do It?

There are many training programs to learn how to run a triathlon. Below you will find some great resources from credible sources.

Triathlon Training Resources:

Triathlon Training Tips

USA Triathlon Official Site

Beginner Triathlon Training


Feat of Strength 4: Do A One-Legged Squat

As far as fitness feats go, the One-Legged Squat is a really impressive because many professional bodybuilders can’t even do it. It takes great leg strength but also incorporates balance and flexibility.

How Can I Do It?

You need to first develop your leg strength and flexibility. The best way to do this in preparation for the One-Legged Squat is by doing Hindu Squats. Click here to learn how. After you can do 50 Hindu Squats in a row, start practicing the One-Legged Squat. At first, place your unsupportive leg in front of you with your heel on the ground. Keep a little weight in it. This will help you get back up. You can also keep your foot underneath you. Make sure to work on both legs. After you can do 50 Hindu Squats, it should take you about a month before you can do a few One-Legged Squats. Your balance and strength should be strong enough. It just takes a little bit of time to get the coordination down.


Careful of your knees on this one. Since your knees are going over your toes on this exercise (as is generally adviced and considered improper form) you have to be careful. Don’t do this as a regular exercise in your leg workout routine.

Knee Health Score 2

Feat of Strength 3: Do 100 Pushups In A Row

Pushups are kind of the bread and butter exercise for developing upperbody strength without using weight. You can perform them anywhere which makes them super convenient. No Fitness Feats list is complete without Pushups on the list.

How Can I Do It?

This will take some time to develop. At first, as you work on increasing your number you’ll be building muscluar strength. However, once you get into the higher numbers, it will be more muscular endurance. Start slowly. I recommend increasing your total number of reps each day by only 1. This way, you will reach your goal in less than 100 days. Start your 100 pushup training session by doing your target number in a row. Then, for 5-10 minutes do different variations of pushups. You can find more ideas by clicking on the Exercise Library link on the top tab and navigating to Advanced, Intermediate, or Beginner level and clicking on Upper Bodyweight Exercises. Here you will find plenty of exercises to do during your sessions.

Realistic Feat 2: Hold a Handstand for 1 Minute

This is a really impressive fitness feat . It shows tremendous strength in your shoulders and arms and showcases great balance.

How Can I Do It?

If you have a shoulder injury I would recommend not trying this one. It will put too much strain on them. If you have healthy shoulders, this is how you do it. Start working on shoulder strength by doing an assisted handstand against a wall. Put a pillow at the base of the wall. Place your head on the pillow with your hands next to your head, shoulder-width apart. Kick your feet into the air. Push up so your head is off the ground. Hold as long as you can. Work on being able to hold this position for at least a minute.

Once you can do it for a minute, start working on your balance. This will be trial and error and will take great persistence but after 1-2 months of daily practice you should be able to hold it for a good 30 seconds. Then slowly work up to 1 minute.

Feat of Strength 1: Race In The Sears Tower Stair Climb or Other Stair Climbing Event

The Sears Tower Race is a fitness feat where climbers contend against eachother to see who can make it up the Sears Tower the fastest. The tower is 103 floors. Top competitors make it up in the 13-16 minute mark. Average time to complete the race takes about 30 minutes. Stair climbing has been documented to burn twice as many Calories as running and an event like this is way cool as a topic of conversation at parties. There are relatively few Stair Climbing Events that occur throughout the nation. I’ve provided some resources on training tips and possible events to get connected and signed up for your first race!

How Can I Do It?

The key to completing an event like Stair Climbing is to first strengthen your legs, knees, and calves. The best way to prepare is to walk up stairs. Find an office building where you won’t disturb anyone and start climbing. At first, just do the routine 2-3 times per week. Your knees need to get stronger in order to handle the force of the climb. As times goes on, work up to 4-5 times per week.

Stair Climbing Race Resources:

Stair Climbing Training

Stair Climbing Events:

Sears Tower Stair Climb

Stair Climb for Los Angeles

These are my top 5 feats of strength everyone should try. Which one are gonna try?

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