Free Diving Techniques & Training Methods of World Record Holder William Trubridge

Written By: Todd Kuslikis
June 15, 2013


My dad and I have always been into snorkeling and free diving. We have a cottage up north and I remember countless bonding experiences where my dad and I had the great opportunity to snorkel and free dive into the waters of Pickerel Lake in Michigan. We had only a basic idea of free diving techniques in our arsenal but it was still incredibly enjoyable.

The deepest I was able to go was 26 feet on a single breath. It was certainly terrifying from many respects. The deeper you go, the colder and darker it gets. As a young kid my mind would make up imaginary creatures that were waiting to pull me down into the depths. Of course, that never happened (partly because this was fresh water and the animals were far more afraid of me) and eventually my fear turned to enjoyment and I fell in love with the sport.

One of the coolest experiences that ever happened occurred around the 20 foot mark. I dove down and as I was following the slope of the drop off I saw a huge carp right underneath me. Then I looked the left and saw 2 more. I flipped around so I could look above me and saw several more.

I was literally swimming in the midst of a school of huge carp. There were probably 8 or 9 of them all around me. I was one with them and they weren’t afraid of me.

It was a magical experience that I will never forget.


Last Thursday I had the HUGE blessing of interviewing the greatest living free diver William Trubridge. He has broken 15 world records in the sport of free diving and is here to share his free diving techniques and training methods so we can improve not only our free diving ability but also our breathing ability.

If you haven’t heard of William, here is a great video that describes more about him. He is an amazing guy and I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity to chat with him.

The interview I had with him is below. And to help assist you in learning his techniques for better free diving I decided to break up the interview into the questions that I asked him. That way you can skim straight to the question that you find interesting.

Free Diving Techniques & Training Methods of World Record Holder William Trubridge

 How Did You Get Into Free Diving?

 What Draws You To Free Diving?

 What Other Free Divers Have Inspired You?

 What Type of Breathing Techniques Do You Practice?

 What Type of Physiological Changes Occur When You Free Dive?

 What Type of Breathing Do You Do Just Before A Dive?

 Should Free Divers Practice Hyperventilation?

 Do You Do Any Other Types of Exercise?

 How Do You Prepare Mentally For A Dive?

 What Type of Training Frequency Do You Follow in Free Diving?

 How Do You Deal With The Pressure Of The Water Column?

 What Two Recommendations Do You Have For The Beginner Free Diver?

 What Has Been Your Craziest Experience When Free Diving?


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Here are some of my favorite videos of William:

William, I want to thank you so much for taking the time to share these free diving techniques and training methods with the Shot of Adrenaline audience.

If you would like to learn more about William check out some of the links below:

William on Facebook
William on Twitter
William on Youtube

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