12 Hardest Races In The World – Racer Beware!

September 27, 2011

Below you will find my list for the hardest races in the world. These races will leave you wondering how the human body can endure such extreme distances, temperatures and fatigue. Comment below on which you feel is the most extreme. I am always amazed at what the human body can perform. Whether that be during a race through the desert like in the Badwater 100 or in biking across america like  in RAAM. Training for a hard race like this is intense. It takes years of dedication and commitment before you can even think about racing in one of these competitions.
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Below you will find the Hardest Races In The World

12. Pike’s Peak Marathon

Vertical race that climbs over 7,700 feet to the top of a 14,114 foot peak.
Location: Manitou Springs, Colorado
Distance: 13.3 miles
Pikes Peak Marathon

11. Jungle Ultra Marathon

Multi Stage Footrace through the Amazon Rainforest.
Location: Peru
Distance: 230 km
Jungle Ultra 

10. Savageman Triathlon

One of the most savage triathlons on the planet.
Location: Deep Creek Lake State Park, Maryland
Distance: 70 miles
Savageman Triathlon

9. Primal Quest

A race in South Dakota where teams of four will run, bike, paddle and navigate across 600 miles of the most diverse terrain on the planet.
Location: South Dakota
Distance: 600 miles
Primal Quest

8. La Ruta De Los Conquistadores Mountain Bike Race

This races traverses Costa Rica from the west coast of the Pacific to the east coast on the Caribbean. There are four extreme stages where the racers can expect everything from intense heat to frigid cold.
Location: Costa Rica
Distance: 240 miles
La Ruta De Los Conquistadores

7. Barkley Marathons

100 mile race in Frozen Head State Park, Tennessee. Has 54,200 feet of accumulated vertical climb.
Location: Wartburg, Tennesee
Distance: 100 miles
Barkley Marathons 

6. Hardrock Hundred Mile Endurance Run

Crazy intense 100 mile race through the San Juan Mountains.
Location: Silverton, Colorado
Distance: 100 miles
Hardrock 100 

5. Antarctic Ice Marathon

Crazy cold race takes place just a few hundred miles from the South Pole.

Location: South Pole
Distance: 62.2 miles
Antarctic Ice Marathon 

4. Norseman Xtreme Triathlon

One of the most intense triathlons on the planet. Some say even puts Ironman to shame.
Location: Norway
Distance: 140.4 miles
Norseman Xtreme Triathlon

3. Badwater Ultramarathon

Described as the world’s toughest foot race.
Location: Death Valley, California
Distance: 135 miles

Badwater Ultramarathon

2. Marathon Des Sables

The MdS is a six day extreme endurance race across the Sahara Desert.
Location: Sahara Desert in Morocco
Distance: 151 miles
Marathon Des Sables
*My LinkedIn buddy, Bruce Sherman (https://www.gymvalet.com), was the second American finisher in 1990.

1. RAAM–the Bicycle Race Across America

RAAM is a very intense ultra marathon bicycle race across the United States.
Location: USA
Distance: 3,000 miles


Above are 12 of the hardest races in the world. If you know of any others. Please share them below.

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  1. Chris

    The Dragon’s back is way harder than a number of the races above. Based in Wales it runs almost from coast to coast, has very few marked trails; i.e., it is in open fell land and rough to very rough underfoot for 5 days. Oh, it’s 200 miles and 50,000 ft of ascent too.

  2. Nuno

    hardest race:

    redbull x-alps

    hiking and flying paragliders across the alpine mountain chain
    900km from Salzburg to Monaco

    • Todd Kuslikis

      Haven’t heard of that Nuno but will have to check it out! Thanks for the comment.

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