Harvest Your Health Bundle Sale

Written By: Todd Kuslikis
October 08, 2013

I was approached by an individual named Todd Dosenberry several months back and he asked me if I had any interest in participating in a bundle sale.

I said, “What’s a bundle sale?

Its where you get together with a ton of other like-minded folks and “bundle” your ebook with theirs’ in order to give people a wickedly sweet deal.”


I was like, “Yeah, that’s a really great idea. I’m in!

After looking at the other ebooks I got really excited.

Many of them are paleo-based. And although I have not talked a ton on the paleo lifestyle I fully sport it as a strength building and muscle building diet plan.

Later in the week I will be going more in depth into how you can build muscle with the paleo diet.

For now, feel to check out some of these ebooks.

Below is an image of the ebooks included in the sale and further below it is a detailed description of all the books.

If you’d like to go straight to the page to meet the authors and order a bundle, click here.

What is the Harvest Your Health Bundle?

-71 ebooks with a total value of over $1,000!
-On sale for 7 days – October 7 to October 14
-Sale price of only $37 – 97% off the total value!

Important notes:

The sale ends on Monday, October 14 at 11:59 PM EST.

Click on the links to the ebooks to learn more about them.

Due to the unique nature of this sale, no refunds will be offered. With the bundle containing 71 ebooks at a cost of 97% of their normal price point, everyone is bound to find immense value well worth $37.

FREE Isometrics Strength ebook (My latest ebook) for whoever forwards me their receipt for the bundle purchase. My email address is todd@ashotofadrenaline.net.

The following is the list of all the eBooks, meal plans, online magazine subscriptions and discount codes included in this once in a lifetime offer. Use the links to obtain more detailed information on each specific category or book.

What’s Included in the Bundle?

Cooking/Preparing Paleo Food

Cooking/Preparing Real Food

Meal Plans

  • 3 months of Paleo Meal Plans ($29.97) by Deliciously Organic
  • 4 months of Plan to Eat Meal Planner ($19.80) by the Plan to Eat team
  • 2 months of PrimalPal Membership ($9.99) by Chad and Chris (with several contributors)

Personal/Home Care (Skin, Hair, Teeth, Cleaning)

Fertility, Pregnancy, Babies, Children, Motherhood



  • Bodyweight Overload ($19.99) by Todd Kuslikis (Your’s truly) 😉
  • Run with No Pain ($17) by Ben Greenfield
  • Sandbag Training ($6.99) by Ben Hirshberg
  • Dog Yoga with The Lightfoot Way ($10) by Allison Culver
  • Everyday Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness $20 (1 month for 1 penny) by Sarah & John Fragoso and Jason Seib

Intentional/Simple Living



Online Magazine Subscriptions

  • Paleo Magazine (12 months – 6 issues) ($29.95) by Cain
  • Paleo Living Magazine (3 months – 7 issues) by Jeremy Hendon
  • Healthy Recipes Magazine 3 Month Trial (7 issues) by Jeremy Hendon



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