Hiking The Difficult Kalalau Trail

October 02, 2011

Hawaii is known for it’s beauty and white sandy beaches. It is also an incredible place to hike. This trail is definitely on my bucket list to complete. I have never been to Hawaii and I think I’ll have to surprise my wife at some point with tickets and a plan to complete this hike.

The Kalalau Trail is located on the island of Kauai in Hawaii. The trail is about 11 miles that runs on the north shore starting at Ke’e Beach and goes all the way to Kalalau Valley.

It does require a permit to hike the full trail though the first 2 miles are open to the public and only moderately strenuous. From here, the trail goes another 4 miles to Hanakoa Valley.

Camping is permitted at both Hanakoa Valley and Kalalau Valley.

Time It Takes To Complete: Fit hikers can do the hike in 1 day but for most people it will take 2 days.

Total Length: 11 miles (18 km)

Location: Na Pali Coast State Park, Island of Kauai in Hawaii


Hiking the Kalalau Trail Videos


Queens Bath, Kauai Video

Kipu Falls, Kauai Video

Hikers Trek Kalalau Trail


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