Hindu Pushups

Written By: Todd Kuslikis
October 11, 2011

I first learned this exercise from Matt Furey.  He is a great inspiration to everyone that loves body weight exercises. He created the “Core 3,” which consists of this exercise (the Hindu Pushup), the Full Bridge, and the Hindu Squat. You can get totally ripped on using just these three exercises if you really wanted to .

How to do Hindu Pushups:

Start off with your feet wider than shoulder width apart and your hands underneath you. With your butt in the air arc your body downward with your nose toward the ground, then arcing your body up toward the ceiling. Then push yourself back to starting position. Repeat.

Muscle group worked:

Chest region and shoulders primarily but also works the rest of the body too

Target Repetitions for Muscle Growth:


Target Repetitions for Muscle Tone/Endurance:


Why Hindu Pushups works:

The reason the Hindu Pushup works so well is because of the tremendous strain put on the upper body region as your body is arcing downward. Then you incorporate your shoulders by pushing back to starting position.


Don’t slack off in terms of getting a full arc. Try to move the a full range of motion.

Knee Health Score 1


Breath in as you arc downward and breath out as you push back to starting position.

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  1. ahmed taha

    Hi Todd

    i bought you overload programme and i want to start soon

    t read pdf book

    but i want to know what is

    (Half Plank Tiger Bends) excerise i search on your exercise list but i didnt find

    secont i weight 108 kg and i am 176 cm

    is your overload programme will work with me to lose weight
    and after 6 week programme what i have to do

    thank you

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