5 Spotting Mistakes That Could Kill Your Gym Partner

Written By: Todd Kuslikis
October 29, 2011

If you’ve ever been in the situation where someone asked you at the gym to come give him a spot, you may wonder how to do it. Well, here are a few common mistakes that you should not make while spotting someone at the gym.

How To Be A Good Spotter At The Gym

1. Being Distracted By Cute Girls

This is important because you need to be focusing on your partner and not the cute girl walking by. Do this on your own time. Your number one job is to focus on your partner and make sure he or she is getting a good workout and being safe.

2. Being A Bit Too Enthusiastic

This can be discouraging for some people. Check out this dude in the video. I would probably have punched him out if he was doing that to me. When spotting someone either in the bench press or any other weight lifting exercise, make sure to maintain at least a bit of dignity. Be encouraging but not annoying.

3. Not Always Keeping Your Hands Below The Bar

This is key and is a very common spotting mistake. You should always have your hands below the bar. If something happens, like in the below video, you need to have your hands their for support.

4. Forgetting To Clip The Weights On

Also another common mistake. Those clips are there for a reason. Make sure to clip the weights on.

5. Lifting The Bar Unevenly

This happens often when you have a weak spotter. He or she can’t lift the entire weight up so they focus on just one side. Then they lift the bar up unevenly and the weight go crashing (if you don’t have the clips on). The solution is to have them find another spotter. Helping someone with a spot if they are lifting a large amount of weight can end up injuring you. You don’t want that.

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