The Interval Cardio-Resistance Training Method for Dropping Body Fat

Picture this for a moment –

You, stuck in traffic with places to be and people to see. It’s Monday, and you just so happen to be running late for everything that day.

Now, being that you can only allot so much time for each activity during the week, you end up having to sacrifice your workout in order to make your next obligation.

Talk about starting the week “off the train-tracks.”

This is a guest post from my friend Jason Klein, creator of Lean Body Revolution.

Now, everyone reading this is probably similar in the fact that if you miss an important workout, it can really throw you off if you are used to a daily routine.

But it doesn’t just throw your schedule off.

It will throw off other important things such as energy level, mood, immunity, and sleep quality.

Not to mention – fat loss and lean muscle gain.

Ever experience this?

Knee Health Score 1

You were probably frustrated because deep down you truly knew how essential your workouts are in order to achieve your ideal body.

Unfortunately, what started as one missed opportunity to boost metabolism and burn fat, turned in to a common re-occurrence…

Overcoming The Time Factor

Several years ago, I was in the same position. I simply just didn’t have a strategy for overcoming the time factor and life’s unexpected events.

What I needed was a system to cure this issue (it was NOT long, slow, boring cardio).

As a matter of fact, this is consistently the top reason why people fail at both general “every-day” goals, as well health and fitness goals.

When we find a system to keep us on track, however, things start to fall into place.

I want to let you in on a little secret within the fitness world. Trust me, it would have made things so much easier if I came across this earlier.

There is a method out there that is helping others like you and me lose fat at a much faster rate than traditional cardio workouts.

Talk about a done-for-you system. The blueprint to a lean body.

It’s so much easier when you have a map of where you are going?

We all know this.

Now obviously, this method is not for people who want a “magic bullet”. It is for those who love reaping true, long-term benefits from enjoyable challenges.

What Is Interval Cardio-Resistance Training?

Picture getting some of the most effective workouts you’ve ever done in just 15-minutes without having to feel guilty about not making time.

This method is called the 15 Minute Body™ method, and has already impacted thousands of folks worldwide.

This 15 Minute Body method uses an innovative form of training called Interval Cardio-Resistance Training™ (ICRT ™).

ICRT ™ combines a methodical form of strength training with cardio sets, which in-
turn builds lean muscle and burns fat at a way faster rate than you are used to.

I literally stumbled upon the 15-Minute Body method about 2 years ago, as I was personal training in college.

I have spent the past year digging up the scientific evidence behind this new method.

You see, this is not your AVERAGE type of training. I tested this on Marines and housewives before making this available to the world.

Below is just one of the research studies from my Master’s degree and explains exactly WHY people are experiencing big results with the 15 Minute Body™ method.

Knee Health Score 1

A 2012 study from the European Journal of Applied Physiology tested two groups of males; one group participating in long 45-90 minute cardio and one group participating in FAST, SPECIFIC resistance and cardio intervals.

RESULTS: The group that participated in short, higher intensity cardio-resistance workouts achieved exponentially greater results, in far less time.

(European Journal of Applied Physiology. Vol. 112 (5). MAY 2012. 1907-1915)

Don’t know about you but that seems pretty awesome to me!

The other awesome fact is that it is 100% bodyweight. I didn’t spend a penny on equipment.

You see, the main goal here is fat loss through lean muscle growth.

Now keep in mind, these workouts do NOT produce bulky muscle. It’s the lean, athletic physique that the 15 Minute Body™ gives.

Here are the exact steps on how you can get these results in as little as 15-minutes:

  1. Interval Cardio-Resistance Training

Strategically combine resistance movements with cardio movements.

This pairing technique is commonly known as a superset. The only difference is that I created ICRT for one reason, to burn fat and stimulate lean muscle simultaneously.

(I’ve got a video below that breaks down exactly how this is done.)

  1. Strategic Rest Periods

Most people are not aware of the fact that changing something as little as the rest period from 60-seconds to 20-seconds can dramatically alter how the body is shaped over the long-term.

Can you say, “silly putty?”

  1. Have the Goal of Elevated Metabolic Demand

Would you rather

1) burn calories just during the time that you spend in at the gym,


2) burn calories for up to 48 (or more) hours after you leave the gym?

If your answer was #2, the video below will be extremely helpful for you. Take a couple minutes and do your fat loss results a favor and give it a shot!

Jason’s Interval Cardio-Resistance Training Workout:

1) Alternating push-ups: 25 reps

Start in push-up position with hands and ankles touching. Reach out with the right hand a right foot and complete the push-up. Move to the left side and then right.

Knee Health Score 2

2) Lumberjacks: 25 reps

Start in jumping jack position. Bend the knees and perform and jack.

3) Mountain Ab Climber: 26 reps

Start in plank position. Drive the knees to the elbows and then alternate.

4) Lumberjacks: 25 reps

5) Stick Squats: 25 reps

For every 5th squat, go to 90 degrees and hold for 3 seconds.

6) Lumber Jacks: 25 reps

7) X Mountain Climber : 26 reps

Start in plank position. Drive knee to opposite elbow. Alternate.

8.) Lumber Jacks: 25 reps

9) Alternating Reverse Lunge Prisoner: 26 reps

Begin with interlocking the fingers behind the head and squeeze the shoulder blades. Reach backward and lunge/ alternate.

10) Lumberjacks: 25 reps

11) Close Grip Push-ups: 25 reps

Begin in push up position and touch the elbows to the sides of the body.

12) Lumber Jacks: 25 reps

So, if you are sick of long, boring workouts that leave you empty handed, you probably want to give the 15-Minute Body workouts a shot while you still have time.

Jason Klein is former Fitness Instructor for the US Navy. He is also creator of the Lean Body Revolution workout system which uses Interval Cardio-Resistance Training to help individuals drop body fat in 15 minute workouts.

To learn more about the Lean Body Revolution system, click here.

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  1. David

    I did not pick this up in the video if the case, but are you supposed to do two rounds of this routine to get to 15 minutes?

  2. Keith

    I am doing the 15minute ICRT workout 3-4 days a week and think its awesome. Can I add a day or two of some of your exercises for specific areas like my upper body and abs to help hit those areas or would that be the wrong thing to do? And the new website looks great!


    • Todd Kuslikis

      Glad you like the website Keith! Of course you can add some of my exercises. Just keep an eye on your energy levels. If you are feeling really low energy you might be over training.

      • Keith

        Great thanks Todd. And keep up the great work.

  3. Danny Nenno

    This ICRT program rocked. Good heart pump. The lumber jacks were kinda awkward. The 104 degree desert heat, just intensified everything. Couldn’t you get same cardio effect doing aggressive jumping jacks? Curious

    Danny k

    • Jason Klein


      The answer is YES & NO.

      Yes, because of the plane of motion and cardio-vascular dominance.

      No, because when you bend the knee, your quad complex will contract. This is what I call “intention.” We introduce “intention,” in an attempt to contract more sectional muscle to ultimately shape more muscle the way we want it.

  4. Alejandro

    Hi, first of all I want to thank you for the training program, I´ve downloaded it and Im very happy with the results. I want to say as well that HIIT cardio workout works great, before doing muscle training, I was really fat and Interval cardio was my effective way to reach my ideal weight. The routine above is great, but I just want to add that There are three kinds of HIIT workout, Tabata, 30-30 and 60-60. You can do this even running, in an elliptical bicycle or with the exercise you feel comfortable, not only with that kind of routine.
    But Jason has a really interesting method, its even better than the one I did, and the variations make it funny, not tedious like and elliptical machine, or just running.
    Greeting from Ecuador, and again, thank you.

  5. Vladimir

    Hi, Todd I tried to fill the form above – the answer is “already subscribed!” –
    so what – I’d searched my comp for these materials – none.
    Can one get the free materials without this upsetting procedure?
    Hell if i get your emails is it not clear that I AM subscribed?! Why to demand it every time?

  6. Jason Klein


    Hey Mike, please email me at
    I’d love to send you a detailed abstract on the study mentioned in my article :).

    Talk soon,


  7. Mike

    Hi Todd – checked out the reference given in the above article. It doesn’t seem to be the right reference as it compares 3 protocols on a cycle all of 10 minutes duration. Would be great to see the actual study referenced.


    • Todd Kuslikis

      Hi Mike,

      I’ll tell Jason about it and see if he can get us the right one. Thanks for the catch!

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