Interview with Calisthenics Kingz Founder Hit Richards – How Calisthenics Is Becoming The New Age of Fitness

Written By: Todd Kuslikis
September 26, 2012

Calisthenics Kingz have taken the internet world by storm. In this FIRST episode of the Adrenaline TV, I interview the founder Hit Richards on how to build muscle using calisthenics, the proper nutrition to build mass and and his perspective on the future of the sport of body weight calisthenics.

Links Mentioned In The Interview:

Calisthenics Kingz Workout Program (aff link)- This is a 9 downloadable video set for $80. Hit teaches you the exact workouts to do to develop a body like his along with a proper nutrition plan that fits your lifestyle.

Calisthenics Kingz Facebook Page – If your looking for a body weight calisthenic community, look no further. Hit has established a group of tens of thousands of followers that are huge fans of calisthenics.

Calisthenics Kingz YouTube Channel – I’ve included some more videos below of Hit working out and you can click on this link to subscribe to his channel.

Calisthenics Kingz Twitter – And yes, of course you can follow Hit on Twitter. Here’s the link. – As Hit mentions in the interview, having a good weight vest is important to push your calisthenics to the next level. Although a weight vest is not essential for developing a strong, ripped body… it will help you develop faster because you are stressing the muscles to a greater degree. I have a vest from and it fits like a glove and increases the intensity of my workouts 10 fold.

Show Notes:

If you don’t have a full 30 minutes to watch the interview, use the guide below to skip to parts you are interested in…

1:00m – What inspired Hit to do calisthenics?

2:23m – Why Hit hates weight lifting

3:40m – Why did Hit start Calisthenics Kingz?

Knee Health Score 1

9:15m – How does Hit put his workout routines together?

13:14m – What does Hit do for lower body?

15:00m – Why are some people that do body weight exercises so lean and others are able to get huge?

18:20m – How should beginners in body weight exercises create their routines?

19:40m – What is Hit’s perspective on nutrition?

22:00m – How often does Hit do competitions and where are they? Where is the sport headed?

24:13m – Hit talks about his full downloadable workout program


Here is a Preview of Hit’s “Chiseled in 30” Workout Program:

More Videos of Calisthenics Kingz:

Do YOU use calisthenics in your workout routine? Post your answers in the comments box.

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  1. Tom

    Hi. I’m twenty four years old and I from Poland. I started calisthenics when I was twenty two. I think a little bit too late, because I wasted huge occasion to make myself bigger. It’s funny, because when I was 19, I had wider shoulders and slightly bigger chest, but less kilograms. Then I had 3 years without exercises and running. And now I am really skinny person (my height is 187 cm, so almost 6’2” and my weight is only 73 kilograms/about 163 pounds). I have serious problem with gaining weight. It really decreases my self-confidence. I’m definitely ectomorph. I have some questions. Do calisthenic exercises like wide pull ups make my shoulders and body wider again? Can these exercises help ectomorph get muscle mass?

    By the way I like this site. Really good work. It’s good to see people, who can propagate calisthenics and street workout by their own example.

    And sorry for my english.

  2. stephen green

    i am fifty one years old been training for some time now use to do karate and kick boxing.however i am not pleased with my physiquee i still have a potruding belly and over weight.i used now only bodyweight exercises and is fairly good at them i do handstand pushup against the wall one foot squats wheel roll out standing and l sits to name a few. what can i do to improve my physique

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