Calisthenics Interviews

Do you aspire for greatness?

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a champion? 

I believe in the power of modeling greatness. Come take a journey with me as we look into the minds of some of the top calisthenics and fitness professionals of our time.

Interviews with the Giants

Behind the Scenes With Two Top Cirque du Soleil Acrobats

Giant: Kevin and Andrew Atherton – Performance Artists

What You’ll Learn: What elite acrobatic training looks like with the top performance company in the world.

Young Champion Michael Conlan Talks About his Boxing Success and Plans for the Future

Giant: Michael Conlan – Boxer

What You’ll Learn: What it takes to reach the top at such a young age.

Meet Denmark’s Favorite Acrobatic Trio: No Limits

Giant: No Limits – Acrobatic Trio

What You’ll Learn: Where it all began for the talented trio, and the power of chillies!

Olympic Trampolinist Steven Gluckstein Talks Training, Nerves and Competing on the World’s Biggest Stage

Giant: Steven Gluckstein – Olympic trampolinist

What You’ll Learn: What it takes to become an elite trampolinist, and how it feels to represent Team USA at the Olympics.

Founder of BarStarzz, Eduard Checo, Talks Training, Nutrition and Founding an International Calisthenics Movement

Giant: Eduard Checo – Founder of BarStarzz

What You’ll Learn: What makes the man behind one of the biggest calisthenics movements around tick.

Two-Time World Champion Freerunner Tim Shieff Talks About Life as a Professional Freerunner and Animal Rights Advocate

Giant: Tim Shieff – Freerunner

What You’ll Learn: What it’s like to live as a ‘professional kid’, and what really matters to the two-time world champ.

Renowned Circus Acrobat Willy Weldens Answers Questions About His Training and Lifestyle

Giant: Willy Weldens – Circus Artist

What You’ll Learn: What life is like on the road, performing incredible calisthenic routines for the public.

Learn About the Philosophy Behind the Body Practice System, and How Steve Atlas Balances His Bodyweight Training

Giant: Steve Atlas – Founder of The Body Practice and one half of the Atlas Brothers.

What You’ll Learn: What it takes to achieve and maintain elite calisthenic skills.

Read How Ryan Hurst Uses Skill-Based Calisthenics for Physical Fitness & Everyday Life

Giant: Ryan Hurst – Co-founder of Gold Medal Bodies.

What You’ll Learn: The importance of developing practical fitness for real life.

al kavadloNow We’re Working Out with Al Kavadlo

Giant: Al Kavadlo – The dude that’s always smiling.

What You’ll Learn: The critical principles of success in calisthenics.

danny kavadloHow The Calisthenic Forerunner, Danny Kavadlo, Still Considers Himself A Student

Giant: Danny Kavadlo – Bodyweight Exercise Master

What You’ll Learn: The ever important principle of having an empty cup especially as it pertains to bodyweight strength training.

Ranjit BhachuLearn The Art Of Calisthenic Freestyle

Giant: Ranjit Bhachu – Elite Calisthenic Expert

What You’ll Learn: Why lifting weights is boring and not needed for building mass and how to do it with calisthenics.

How To Master The Bar

Giant: Sven Kohl – Founder of Calisthenic Movement

What You’ll Learn – Sven will teach you the importance of having a solid plan and working your butt off each day until you achieve your goal.

How To Dive To The Depths Of The Ocean On A Single Breath

Giant: William Trubridge – The top free diving champion of all time. Has broken 15 world records and is the leading authority on free diving.

What You’ll Learn: You’ll learn the importance of breath and how to breath in order to become a better free diver. You’ll also learn how proper breathing is important in your daily live.

How To Become a Beast With Calisthenics

Giant: Jim Bathurst – Founder of

What You’ll Learn: Jim is a minimalist when it comes to learning specific calisthenic tricks. Learn why by clicking on the interview.

Learn How to Scale Walls and Leap Over Chasms

Giant: Brad Short – Expert at Parkour

What You’ll Learn: Parkour has become a national phenomenon. Learn how parkour master Brad Short trains to become a parkour legend.

Go Calisthenic Beastmode!

Giant: Juice – Top Youtube Calisthenic legend

What You’ll Learn – Juice is a monster and uses only calisthenics. Learn how he builds size on the bar.

How To Become The Strongest Version Of Yourself

Giant – Elliott Hulse – Online Strength Coach and Internet Sensation

What You’ll Learn – Elliott and I talked about how Yin/Yang and internal energy related to strength gains. Yep, we went esoteric on ya.

How To Create A Body Like A Fortress

Giant: Pavel Rudometkin – Calisthenics Expert and Fellow Believer

What You’ll Learn: Pavel is an amazing guy and unloads a ton of information about building strength, muscle, losing fat and mastering some of the hardest calisthenics moves out there.

Why Strong Is The New Sexy

Giant: Kellie Davis – Top Fitness Model and Strength Coach

What You’ll Learn – Many women limit themselves because they think strength training will make them bulky. Kellie explains why this couldn’t be further from the truth.

How To Become a Street Workout Champion

Giant: Kevin Soler – Top calisthenic champion

What You’ll Learn – Kevin shows you his method for developing strength and doing moves such as the human flag, planche and pistol squat.


How You Can Run A 100 Mile Marathon

Giant: Karl Meltzer – Elite Endurance Athlete

What You’ll Learn – Karl teaches you how he trains and performs extreme distances such as the Hardrock 100 and other races.

The Power of Believing In Yourself

Giant: Hugo Rivera – One of the Nations’ Top Natural Body Builders

What You’ll Learn – Hugo will teach you how to overcome challenges in your life and the power of believing in yourself. He’ll also teach you his system for building muscle the natural way.

How To Build Muscle Without Gaining Fat

Giant: Lee Labrada – Former Mr. Universe & Body Building Superstar

What You’ll Learn: What inspired Lee to go into body building and his exact strategies for building muscle quickly.

How To Master Your Own Body Weight & Become A Calisthenic King

Giant: Hit Richards – Founder of Calisthenics Kingz

What You’ll Learn: The exact diet and workout regimen of one of the greatest body weight sensations one YouTube.