Invisible Ball Twist Exercise

Written By: Todd Kuslikis
October 07, 2011

Strengthening your body as a unit is an important component to building a healthy body. Invisible Ball Twist Exercise incorporates this principle into the movement. It is a combination of agility training and tai chi movements. The top half of your body will be “holding the ball” which is a standard tai chi move. Your lower body will be stepping back as your upper body twists. It’s great for syncing your upper and lower body so that are more coordinated.

How to do the Invisible Ball Twist:

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Raise your hands up and pretend you are holding a large ball. Step back with your right foot while simultaneously turning your waist to the right. Step back to starting position and repeat on the other side.

Muscle group worked:

Spinal and core muscles

Target Repetitions for Muscle Tone/Endurance:

If you are a beginner, use this exercise to build core strength. If you are advanced, you can use this exercise as a warmup to your other exercises.

Why the Invisible Ball Twist works:

This exercise works because you are uniting the upper and lower body movements.


Don’t hold your upper body too tensely. Keep it relatively relaxed while performing the movement.


Breath slow and steady while performing this movement.

Disclaimer: Talk to your primary care physician before beginning any exercise regimen.

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  1. Lydia

    “It’s great for syncing your upper and lower body so that are more coordinated.”

    You need either a: you, they, its, after the word that

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