Karate Lunges, Hindu Squats and Frog Squats (Day 4 of Week 3 of the 700 Workout Plan)

Written By: Todd Kuslikis
October 13, 2021

I’m sure by now you are pretty sore from all of the workouts. We are finishing up the last week of the plan I would like to congratulate you for making it this far.

Many people don’t make it this far in a workout plan in their entire life so if you are finishing up week 3 than you have accomplished something great.

For today’s workout, we’ll be doing 3 different body weight exercises. Here they are:

Karate Lunges-

This body weight exercise is great at developing not only leg strength but also increase your overall balance. It’s definitely not easy.

Hindu Squats-

We’ve done these before. Make sure that if your knees are hurting, stop and try something else. You could do wall sits or chair pose.

Frog Squats (Bear Squats)-

I’m still not totally sure what to call this exercise. It kind of looks like both a bear and a squat. As I mention in the video make sure to get the form right otherwise you probably won’t get that much benefit out of it.

Today’s Shot of Adrenaline

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I would like to incorporate more motivational aspects into the posts as well as the workouts. So here is today’s shot.

Knee health score 3

In exercise, we have to battle how we feel. In today’s workout, there were several times when I wanted to quit but I didn’t. We “feel” like we can’t go on but we KNOW that we can.

Push through.

You can do it.

Today’s Workout: Karate Lunges, Hindu Squats and Frog Squats

As always, keep me updated on your progress.


King Shot Administer

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  1. Randy


    You really should consider a WARNING or at least a cautionary note with this one. This is a mean leg routine. All kidding aside, I am seeing progress. The great problem now is, I AM SO HUNGRY. Literally, hunger will wake me from a dead sleep! I crave sweets. What is up with that?


    • Todd Kuslikis

      Hey Randy,

      LOL! Yeah, I am just now getting over the soreness and I shot the video on Thursday (so basically 3 days).

      That’s great that you are seeing progress and really exciting. Hopefully you are doing before and after pics. 🙂

      You could be craving sweets for many different reasons. What’s your ratio of protein/carb/fat intake currently. If you are eating a high carb diet you’re body will continue to crave this type of food.

      I am happy to look at a 7 day nutrition log of yours’ and provide any tips…


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