Learn How To Gain 100lbs of Muscle In 2.3 Seconds

So, maybe it’s my naivety but I was searching on Youtube and I saw the below video. My first reaction was like, “Holy Smokes! That guy is HUGE!” On further inspection, I realized that he used a common technique used to increase his chest and other body parts to Goliath proportions. The technique is called Muscle Video Morph. Essentially it’s just using Photoshop to elongate or contract specific body parts to make you look bigger in a picture. It’s kind of a fun idea to see what you would look like if you were Jay Cutler or Ronnie Coleman. Photoshop is used not only for men though. Many marketing divisions use it to airbrush models to look near flawless to help sell a particular product. It’s a common practice. There are a bunch of examples below of muscle video morphs. Check em out! They are pretty fun to watch.

How To Not Get Fooled By Muscle Video Morph

It’s pretty easily, to tell you the truth. Since the software that you use simply elongates the pixels in the images, just look for items in the background also elongating. For example, look in the video below. You’ll see this guy’s stove and drawers getting all wacked out. Look close enough at any video and you’ll see some aspect of it distorted.


Here Are Some Other Cool Muscle Video Morphs

 Turning Into The Hulk

All Of Them Except For That Last Dude Are Real

This Dude Get’s Huge Biceps With Muscle Video Morph

When To Just Back Away Slowly

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