Leave No Muscle Behind Workout

May 30, 2016

Leave No Muscle Behind Workout infographic

This week’s workout is designed to target as many muscles as possible.

Today we’re not going to leave any muscle behind.

Your body will be so sore after this, you’ll wonder what’s wrong with being a couch potato anyway.

But you know better, you know the pain is good for you.

You will love and embrace the pain. You will allow it to make you healthier and cleanse you of weakness.

So go ahead and watch my friend Dmitry doing the workout, get inspired, then download the workout sheet below and break a big sweat.


Do each exercise for 30 seconds then immediately move to the next exercise. Once you finish one round, rest for 1 minute. Do 5 rounds total.



  • Instead of regular pushups, you can do diamond pushups or one arm pushups
  • Instead of pike press push-ups, you can handstand push-ups (assisted or free)


  • Instead of pike press push ups, you can do a plank
  • You can do the exercises for 20 seconds instead of 30.
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